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First Day we Meet my Love

Edward turns Bella in to a vampire right away. What will he do now? And will she love him the way he wants her to? Review please....

This took a long time so please review.

1. Chapter 1 First day

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First Day we Meet my Love

I sat at school with my family at our normal lunch table. Jasper was always thinking about either Alice his love, or blood. Emmett was thinking about 4-wheeling after school with Jasper. Alice was keeping tabs on Jasper and Rosalie –As usual- was thinking about her hair.
I could hear Jessica Stanley’s thoughts. She was a nice girl on the outside but on the inside, evil. She had a crush on me, but I did not feel the same way. It is really just lust. Not love. I am looking for love. I want that girl, who will mean everything to me. Not just someone who likes me for my looks but sees threw me and loves every part. She will be my love. I am just waiting for her to come.

I looked over to Jessica. She was sitting beside a pretty girl babbling about the singer Mika. I laughed at that. The girl she was talking to was staring at me. I quickly looked down. I heard Jessica yelling in her thoughts.
‘Man she isn’t even listening to me! She has the hots for Edward. Tuh good luck idiot.’

I just looked away zoning out everyone’s else thoughts to listen to the new girls’. But I heard nothing. I tried harder, still nothing. I let everyone else’s thought’s fill my head. I was trying to find her name out. Then I heard Mike Newton’s heavy thoughts.

‘Wow that Isabella is hot!'

I almost gagged. He barely new her. She did have a nice name and she was quit pretty.
I sat at my desk in biology. No body sat beside me. I looked up to see the new girl walking over to my table. I moved my books out of the way so she could sit beside me. Though when she perched lightly and clumsily in the chair , I caught her scent. It burned my throat like I was drinking bleach. I let out a low growl from my chest. She didn’t hear it, I thanked god.

I planned my attacks of what was the quickest way to kill everyone then her. But I settled for, asking her to join me for a walk and then leading her off path. She will have no chance to run and she won’t be heard if she screams.

The class bell rang and Mr. Banner released us from this prison cell. I stood and picked Isabella’s
book’s as well as mine. Now to put the plan in action.

“Hello, I’m Edward Cullen, your Isabella?” She sat there staring up at me. “Yes, it’s Bella, just Bella.” I smiled at her. “Well just Bella, would you care to join me for a walk?” Her eyes got wider and she flushed. I fought the monster not to pounce on her now. “Uh, sure.” She got up and walked beside me.

I walked into the parking lot. No one was around, so no one was going to follow us and have to be killed along with Bella. This poor girl her life was mine and she had no say. But she was going to die some way or another. Why not now?

I heard Mike’s shouting thoughts from the school and laughed. “What?” Bella asked me. “Oh Mike Newton likes you.” She looked down and flushed again. “ But I do too.” She looked up and turned a hot pink. My mouth filled with venom.

We were silent the rest of the way until I lead her off the path. “Do you like me?” I asked. She flushed again. “Yes.” She said and flushed the same hot pink. Bella tripped and I caught her In my arms. She looked up at me.

I bent my head down and kissed her lightly but passionately on the lips. When I pulled away her eyes were still closed. They flew open.
“Edward-“ she said and flushed again.

“I’m sorry.” I bent my head to her neck and bit deep into her jugular. She slapped my face but it didn’t hurt. I suddenly knew what was bothering me about this girl. I didn’t want to kill her. She was the one I have been looking for.

I let go about two gulps. Her hand flew to her neck and she gasped. I swept her up in my arms and flew to my house. I lay her down on the black leather couch in my room.

I let all my thoughts revolve around this angel. My personal angel. I was going to put her threw his pain until we could be together forever. I felt horrible at what I had done and debated on just killing her but I just couldn’t force myself to do it. School was going to be over soon. I would have to try to stall my family until the process was finished.

My angel yelped in pain I was at her side. I ran downstairs to get a cool cloth. I placed it on her forehead. Then I placed my hand on her neck. That seemed to calm her down for seconds but she screamed In pain again. Then I remembered the morphine in that Carlisle always had here. I ran to his office. I grabbed a needle and the morphine.

I got back in the room Bella had rolled to the floor. I picked her up and shoved the needle into her vain. It would only take a few minutes until it would kick in and she would calm down.

I took a deep breath trying to relax my self. It was only three days. Calm down.