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First Day we Meet my Love

Edward turns Bella in to a vampire right away. What will he do now? And will she love him the way he wants her to? Review please....

This took a long time so please review.

2. Chapter 2 New Born

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New Born

It would only be minutes until my personal angel ,Bella, would awake. What would she think of me? Would she hate me? Or would she love me? I highly doubted that, but some part of me thought she would. I calculated it, I certainly did love her.

Carlisle would also be back within the hour. They all went hunting. I had caught them the road saying I had a surprise and they couldn’t come back until Sunday. They believed me, although they would have a rather big surprise. But Alice probably knew what was going on and I hope to god she didn’t tell them.

I walked into the washroom to change. When I came out Bella was sitting up. “Edward?” She asked disoriented. She was pale white with curly dark brown hair, and crimson eyes. She was beautiful. She sat looking at me. She gasped. “You kissed me, then bit me?” Her hand flew to her neck, her eye’s popped open. “Bella I’m sorry.” She put her hand up to stop me.

“No, wait, where am I?” She asked looking around. “Your in my room at my house.” Her eyes popped open. So did mine I had a idea of what she thought, but then I saw she was looking in the mirror across the room. “My eyes, there red and my skin. I can see, so much more clearly!” She looked at me. “Bella I need to tell you something. Something I did.” I looked down. She was silent so I continued.

“Well you know myths. Some of them are true, like vampire ones.” My angel did something that surprised me more than anything, she laughed. I looked up my eyes incredulous “Did-did you just laugh?” I asked. She nodded.

“I won’t age, and somehow I can feel something coming off of you, like waves, you love me?” her smile widened. My eye’s popped open. Did she have the same power as Jasper?!

“Edward do you love me?” The way she said my name was heart wrenching. I wanted to go over and take her in my stony embrace.

“Bella I know it seems sudden but, well I love you and that is sort of the reason your alive. At first I was going to drink your blood and kill you then I realized I didn’t want you to die and well now you’re here.” I all but screamed that. She smiled.

“I know it seems sudden but the first time I laid eye’s on you I knew somehow, I was going to love you.” She looked down and Blushed.
“Did you just blush?!” I asked. She looked in the mirror. Her eyes widened again. “Yes? Is that bad?”
“No, but I think you have two powers, one is to control emotions and the other is, blushing?” I smiled, I would always get to see her beautiful blush. Joy filled me. “We have to wait until Carlisle my father get’s home, he will know all about this hopefully.”
“What about your brother’s and Sister’s do they have powers?”
I nodded. “Jasper the tall blonde one has your power of controlling emotions, Alice his mate the dark haired one sees the future and well the other two Rosalie and Emmett don’t have any powers they are normal. Along with my father Carlisle and my mother Esme.” I smiled but frowned at what I would tell them. Rosalie would be furious and Carlisle would be disappointed.

“Oh Edward, you know our kiss in the forest, well I don’t think that should count as our first kiss.” I smiled and walked slowly over to her. She held her arms open. When I reached her I wrapped my arms around her waist and placed my lips gently on hers. I pulled away when I heard my family walk threw the door.

I started panicking but Bella sent me a wave of calm. She was already a pro.

She chuckled and held my hand. She heard the voices also and walked with me down that stairs. We stopped at the end of the stairs.

“Why Hello, who are you dear?” Carlisle asked Bella.
“I’m Bella,” she said and blushed. Carlisle’s eyes widened. He thought to me.
‘Is she a vampire?’ I nodded.
“Oh, and your power is to blush?” Carlisle asked Bella.
“No that isn’t it, it is also emotion control.” Jasper stiffened at Alice’s side.
“But that is my power.” His eyes were wide.
“I know Edward told me about you all, maybe you could teach me how to use my power better?” My angel requested. Jasper just nodded and walked out the door.

Alice came bouncing up to Bella. “Hi Bella, we are going to be best friends!” She wrapped her small hands gently around Bella’s waist. I chuckled as Bella awkwardly hugged her back. Alice stood beside us.
She turned to Carlisle, “This is Bella, our surprise. Edward was going to kill her so he bit her but then suddenly stopped and now they are both in love , I don’t know why, and happy.” Carlisle’s smile turned into a frown.

“Edward how could you!?” Esme gasped.
“Edward, I don’t think I can allow you to stay anymore.” Carlisle was ashamed.
“NO! Please I would have ended up with Edward either way, so it just got done faster and I love him even though it seems like such a short time. Anyway please don’t kick him out.” Bella pleaded. Carlisle looked at her.
“Very well, you may stay but I am not speaking to you.” Esme and Carlisle walked out of the room. Emmett followed Rosalie out of the room who was thinking unpleasant thoughts if me right now.

I turned to Alice. “Bella and I are going to go hunting, if you don’t mind?” Alice nodded and headed to her room.


Edward and I were completely in love in a matter of days.

And now we were running in the forest, about to go on my first hunting trip. The running was exhilarating! I could see every speck and hear every heart beat of a bug or a animal. I ran faster than Edward.

I screeched to a stop when I heard a large heart beat just from behind a bush. My instincts suddenly took over me and I was on the animal. I sunk my teeth into it’s jugular vain. I drank the warm wet blood, the fire in my throat slowly faded until it was totally gone. The animal was drained as well. I stood up looking around, Edward was on another animal his face buried in a grizzly’s fur. I looked down to see what I had just drank. It was a elk, it was actually quit good.


I stood up finding Bella standing there watching me.

I chuckled as she burst out laughing from the awkwardness of the situation.

“Shall we go back and get to know each other a little but more?” She nodded and started running for home.

She was curled up on my lap asking me questions the rest of the day. I just rubbed her back and kissed the top of her hair.

I wanted this moment to last forever….