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Lucid Dreams

"Bella smiled warmly at me then, unaware of my secrets and the silent threats they made on her life..."
Lucid Dreams
Bella Swan is a highly eccentric art student in Seattle...Edward Cullen is a mind-reading vampire, who is instantly drawn to her creative and colorful thoughts. (Yes, he can read her mind! Sort of.)
. . When devious little Alice catches a glimpse of their future, she'll do anything to get them together, including moving Bella in behind Edward's back! This story is rated Adult for drinking, violence, crude language, etc. etc.
This Bella is very OOC. You have been warned.


2. Two

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“So, Edward, I see you’ve met my friend, Bella!” Alice chirped.

I gave her a curt nod, a threatening look in my eyes.

“What are you up to, pixie?” I threw the words at her with a quickness and pitch that was guaranteed to elude the human at my side.

Her mind was carefully occupied with things of no consequence or logic. A deviant flash crossed her features before she turned to Bella, all smiles.

Alice linked Bella’s arm with her own, dragging the girl away from me, and sent me a sly wink over her shoulder. I noticed Bella didn’t shy away from Alice’s touch, nor had she mine.

Bella looked back at me wide-eyed in surprise, half-smiling, and raised her free hand in a small wave.

I moved to sit beside Jasper on the worn leather couch, still unable to peel my eyes from Bella’s form. I felt Jasper radiating amusement beside me, most likely at my expense, but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to care.

I needed to be near her…

I longed for the physical contact I had given up only moments ago. When my arm wrapped around her waist, her thin T-shirt lifted up slightly… When the soft, balmy skin of my mini-sun pressed against my own dead flesh, my entire body tingled and warmed.


At that, Jasper broke into a fit of hysterics.

My teeth snapped shut. I wanted badly to backhand him… but a man being thrown through a brick wall was sure to derive unwanted attention in a public place.

Instead I focused on Bella and Alice chatting away at a nearby table. Bella’s delicate form was curled atop her chair… Her flowing skirt hid her daintily tucked legs, elbows resting on her knees, engaged in conversation.

Bella was undeniably excited about whatever Alice was saying. Her mind was bright and expectant as an amazingly pleasant feeling -almost fizzy - radiated through her. I’d have to ask her about that later.

Or not. Damn it!

What an amazing ice breaker.

So, Bella, I was listening to your thoughts earlier and I was wondering if you could explain something for me.

I face-palmed myself, chastising the fool I had become.

Yet I felt compelled to know everything about this ethereal creature. Her beautiful mind sang to me, taunted me with its secrets… It captivated me in ways that I could have never imagined.

The colorless and often repugnant workings of average minds had been forced upon me near a century. A silent mind I would be grateful for, yet spoken words would destroy that otherwise perfect static...

…But her mind! To see such tantalizingly beautiful images was to be given the sweetest drug… one designed just for me.

I looked back to them, only to have my eyes meet an empty table.


“So let’s do it!”

The pixie bounced in her chair, all smiles.

“Okay. I’ll step outside while you rally the troops.”

“Nonsense, I’ll come with!”

She grinned at me and wrapped her cold little arm around mine.

Outside, the chilly air assaulted my exposed skin. I swallowed a deep breath and reveled in the sensation of internal chill.

I dug my cigarette case from my purse as I asked her if she had any place in mind.

“Yes, it’ll be perfect!” she stated with that trademark mischievous grin.

I noticed she wrinkled her perfect little nose ever so slightly as I lit my cigarette.

There was something about the scent of smoke on a cold night… it was undoubtedly the best thing I would ever smell.

Well, next to Alice’s brother, but that line of thinking was more than a little creepy…

I watched the smoke dance against the night sky as I felt my entire body relax.


Immense relief flooded me when I found her mind buzzing alongside Alice’s, just outside the exit.

I motioned for Jasper to come with me.

Bella jumped when I pushed the door open with a bit more force than intended.

Alice skipped to Jasper’s side, and pulled him down to plant a kiss on his cheek.

Alice looked right at me and said, “We’re going to a club.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed.

Alice and Bella both looked at me with pleading puppy eyes.

Now that just wasn’t fair. Light from the streetlamps danced in her laughing eyes, which enslaved my own, and the world ceased to hold anything else of value. With that, she commanded me, and her wants became my own.


“We’re going to a club.”

Edward laughed, and Alice and I both pulled out our best pouty faces.

Tiny Voice was loud in the back of my mind, demanding to know why I felt so comfortable with that sweet-smelling stranger. She was quickly silenced with Don’t-Ruin-My-Fun-Brand duct-tape.

He just stared at me.

Bemused, I raised an eyebrow. Edward was certainly one for dramatic pauses.

He nodded quickly, turned on his heel, and stalked off.

What did that mean? I watched the retreating form of that strange, moody man … with gorgeously well-defined shoulders.

He was so perplexing. I had the strangest desire to know him, and everything about him. I wished that I could read his mind, or maybe just sit for hours on end and pick at his brain.

Alice made a delighted squeaking sound and grabbed my arm.

“Come on, Bella! Ride with us!”

I was well acquainted with Alice’s strange brand of affection, which usually entailed dragging me about by the arm. While I might have cuffed anyone else for the gesture, I understood her enthusiastic energy, and was thus able to see it as she intended- quirkily endearing.

Her cool skin reminded me of the winter months, both energizing and comforting.

She led me to a silver car I’d never seen before, and gestured for me to take the front passenger seat.

I slid into the expensive looking sedan, which just happened to smell exactly like Edward, and found myself inhaling deeply.

Such a creep you’ve become, Bella! Tiny Voice had escaped her tape prison.

I can’t help it if he smells like heaven! I grumbled defensively.

You just wait -

Edward’s laughter broke my internal banter, and I turned to him, curious.

He just stared straight ahead, his lips pressed into a thin line, as Alice and Jasper climbed in.

He turned up the stereo, The Stray Cats? Nice… and took off down the road towards the club.

The place to which we were headed was called Halcyon, and it was my favorite club in Seattle.

Though we made it in record time, Edward’s driving made me feel like I was about to vomit up my heart.

I resisted the urge to kiss the ground when I got out, and was immensely proud of myself. Tiny Voice wasn’t as gracious; she threw herself against the blacktop and tongued it like a madwoman.

The thumping bass completely consumed me as I stepped inside, and I was immediately pulled towards the dance floor.

Multi-faceted flashing lights assaulted my vision, streaking and pulsating in rhythm with the song, their blinding colors demanded my full attention, so I danced along with them.

Each thump of the bass line registered somewhere deep within my bones and turned my tendons to jelly. As I danced, I felt my lithe body becoming the physical embodiment of the music.

“This electric stream… my tears in league with the wires… and energy and my machine…

This is my beautiful dream.”


I stifled a giggle as Bella threw herself from the car, looking as though she’d love nothing more than to fall to her knees and kiss the still ground.

Jasper and I took seats near the bar, carefully away from the over-heated, gyrating mass of delicious smelling humans on the dance floor.

As we took our seats, a scantily-clad girl with a mortifyingly perverse mind sauntered over to Jasper. I saw that her devious intentions were going to put a strain on poor Jasper’s self-control, so I gently grasped the hand that was headed for his shoulder and shook it hello.

“Hello, there. My name is Edward, and this is my partner Jasper,” I gave a cute little wave to Jasper, who winked in return, “are you that You Tube star, Chris Crocker?”

What’s-her-face huffed in indignation and stomped off while I pretended to be shocked.

Jasper gave a little flick of his wrist and said in a fake lisp, “You sure can repel the ladies, Edward.”

I looked him right in the eye.

“They’re just jealous,” I perfectly deadpanned.

Two whole seconds passed before we erupted with laughter. Five more passed before we quieted ourselves.

The music shifted, and I recognized the broken pulse of a KMFDM song as it filled the club. I watched intently as Bella’s body swayed in time with the beat.

I admired her mind’s way of interpreting music, the way it consumed her every sense, bidding her body to -

“So, how much do you like Bella?” Jasper waggled his eyebrows at me.

The sudden bluntness surprised me.

“Honestly, Jasper!” I sighed, incredulous.

Are we 12? Do you “like” her or “like-like” her?

In the course of one evening she had destroyed my whole world and replaced it with one of her own divine styling, without ever even knowing it.

The girl had uprooted decades of self-indulgent tendencies with a few beautiful smiles.

She was my sun, the center of my universe. The light and warmth and life—of course I liked her.

Well, obsessed over would be more accurate, maybe even worshiped. Could I have said that, without sounding like a mad-man? “I worship her. I hang on her every thought like a drowning man to breaths of air. And you’re interrupting my stalker-like observations, so bugger off.”


“Come now, Edward. There’s no sense in arguing with an Empath…”

With that, he replayed moments of the night in which I was feeling intense admiration for the girl... Namely any time I was looking at her, or being near her, or thinking of her… beautiful, warm-

How ridiculously presumptuous you are, Jasper...”

When he didn’t respond, I followed his gaze into the crowd.

I saw the object of my affection and Alice dancing together in a way that could certainly not be labeled PG.

Alice was standing with her back to Bella, one arm up, her hand on the side of Bella’s neck, the other hand skimming across her own chest, eyes closed. Bella’s hands were running along Alice’s hips, down to the tops of her thighs, and back up as they pressed against one other, moving with the music.

The music switched abruptly. Caribou Lou blared over the speakers.

Alice grabbed Bella’s hands in her own, placing one in the middle of her chest, one on the swell of her hip, and held them both there as they danced. Bella and Alice undulated in tandem as the music rippled through them. They rolled slowly in sinuous waves from head to toe.

My thoughts were entirely inappropriate, centered on this amazing creature and how I was going to make her mine.

Mercifully the DJ changed songs, and they disentangled themselves.

I watched Jasper, his eyes dark and jaw slack, stand and make his way over to Alice.

Bella…the beautiful vixen would be the death of me. I struggled to keep my thoughts pure as she approached.

She dropped to the seat beside me, pupils dilated, breathing heavily.

She let her head fall back, and fanned her beautiful, silky neck with her hand.

Her amazing autumnal scent assaulted me, amplified by the increased heat of her body.

And did she smell divine.

An array of violent images flashed across my eyes. NO! This is Bella.

I choked back the venom that seeped into my mouth, and tore my eyes away from the tantalizing, exposed, vulnerable, pulsating point of her jugular vein.

I dug my nails into my knees as I felt my muscles coil, my lips pressed tight as they tried to pull back over my teeth, and struggled to gain control over the monster within.

Jasper’s hand was suddenly – firmly – on my arm, as Alice flitted to Bella.

Alice gave me a pleading look.

I’m sorry, she thought, I just saw…

Visions of myself, some doing things I could barely admit to being capable of, were shared between us.

Had I been so close to losing control? Ready to kill this innocent girl at my side?

My mind raced, suddenly frantic and disjointed. I froze in place, unable to move.

Jasper sensed my distress, and sent waves of calm over me.

It was enough for my mind to regain a semi-logical order.

I had to leave.


Alice put her tiny, icy hand on my arm. I smiled at her, and noticed that she was staring at Edward.

The two shared a silent conversation, and after a few seconds, Edward stood.

“I have to go,” he firmly stated.

Before I had a chance to ask, he was gone.

Always two steps ahead, Alice responded to my unspoken question, “He’ll take a cab. Our father called, he needed help with something…”

“Oh,” was my weak reply.

What right did I have to be saddened by his departure?

My thoughts of him border lined inappropriate. Okay, damnit, so they downright mocked the boarder.

“Why don’t we head back to my place? I rented Fern Gully!” Alice giggled as Jasper groaned.

Alice shared a house with Jasper, Edward, and sporadically Rosalie and Emmett, whom I have yet to meet.

The house was situated on the outskirts of the city, on a quiet side street. It was large, beautiful, and clearly decorated by Alice. Furniture of obvious high-end design mixed with the odd antique piece, all of it lightly colored in cream, enclosed in white walls and immense windows.

I’ve always felt at home here, completely comfortable, despite the edge of sterility.

I don’t mean “doctor’s office waiting room” sterile, more in the sense of a showroom. There was an odd, unused edge to the place. The couches, the bathrooms, they felt more like props than furniture and fixtures.

I ignored it as I had in the past, and settled on a large chez lounge as Alice popped in the DVD.

I also ignored Tiny Voice as she questioned Alice’s motives.

Before tonight, Alice was very careful not to introduce me to any of her family members. A car would pull into the drive, and she would whisk me into her room with some vague excuse of “girl time”. Then she’d blast music so loud I couldn’t hear myself think while painting my toenails in a detached haze.

I tolerated it… Only because Alice always seemed to have some sixth sense for appropriate timing, and quite frankly, she was damn scary when you tried to cross her.

I was painfully aware of a certain someone’s absence as the movie flickered in the dark room.

I awoke the next morning without remembering falling asleep the night before.

I was sprawled across the vast expanse of Alice’s guest bed, twisted around a down comforter, still dressed in the previous day’s clothes.

I rolled out of bed and trudged to the dresser on the far wall, thankful for Alice’s prior insistence that I leave a few articles of clothing for days such as these. I pulled out a few things and headed to the adjoined bathroom.

After a quick, but much needed shower, I donned a pair of dark skinny leg jeans and a light-grey sweater. I made the bed, and headed down the hall.

I paused momentarily in front of Edward’s bedroom door.

I was still concerned over last night’s abrupt adieu.

My hand reached to knock at the door, but Tiny Voice shrieked in disapproval.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Rude, crude little girl!

I snarled in response, withdrew my hand, and continued to the arid kitchen.

A pot of coffee was made, a group of mugs beside it.

I wondered when Alice would appear as I made a cup and popped a CD into the stereo.

Emilie Simon’s alluring, breathy voice filled the kitchen as I took a seat at the counter.

The pixie swept into the kitchen with a bright smile.

“Good morning, Bella! Did you sleep well?”

“Morning! And yes I did, thank you.”

“Excellent! Because today I thought we could do a little…” she paused and stood on the balls of her feet, “shopping!” she bounced at the last word.

I wrinkled my nose at her.

“Oh come on. I saw a few things in the window this morning that would look absolutely stunning on you!”

“This morning? Alice, do you sleep, ever?”

She giggled, “Sometimes.”

I heard footsteps fall cautiously behind me, and turned to see the most dazzling man in the world.

Before I could stop it, my face lit up. I felt myself smile as my entire body buzzed with the excitement of his close proximity.

His answering smile was angelic, and I felt the insatiable urge to wrap my arms around him.

Tiny Voice gasped in shock and held me in place by the shoulders.

But then his expression darkened. He looked pained, almost disgusted, and practically snarled at Alice, “What is she doing here?”