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Lucid Dreams

"Bella smiled warmly at me then, unaware of my secrets and the silent threats they made on her life..."
Lucid Dreams
Bella Swan is a highly eccentric art student in Seattle...Edward Cullen is a mind-reading vampire, who is instantly drawn to her creative and colorful thoughts. (Yes, he can read her mind! Sort of.)
. . When devious little Alice catches a glimpse of their future, she'll do anything to get them together, including moving Bella in behind Edward's back! This story is rated Adult for drinking, violence, crude language, etc. etc.
This Bella is very OOC. You have been warned.


5. Five

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You woke me out of my secret grave.

You let your pretty world in…

My sanctity of sorrow gone,

Forever in its place,

The sacred sweet of you

Is all that’s left to taste.


Get in the car.”

I watched Bella fling herself into the passenger seat and slam the door.

Then my murderous glare fell upon those vile bastards.

I knew their kind all too well, for many a like-minded criminal had perished by my hand.

I felt a menacing growl rip through my chest as I took a large step towards them, lurid thoughts raging through my head.

I would utterly decimate them.

Their slaughter would be as prolonged and agonizing as possible.

I would break every bone in their bodies and render them free of flesh.

I would –

A small hand was placed on my shoulder as pleading words flooded my mind.

‘Bella needs you. Please don’t frighten her.’ Alice’s eyes were filled with pain.

I felt my jaw tighten. She knew that my love’s name was the only thing that could have held me from my devious intentions.

Bella needs you, Bella needs you, I chanted over and over in my head, further forsaking the evil thoughts with each repetition of her name.

‘Jasper and I… we came as soon as we could. The blood…’ She showed me a flicker of a vision in which they arrived with me. With one man still bleeding profusely, Jasper didn’t handle it well…

Take Bella away from here, Jasper and I will call the police. She’s got a lot of questions for you, Edward. Do nottry to lie to her, and whatever you do, don’t come back here. Promise me that you won’t come back.’

So I gave her my word, and summoned every ounce of self-control as I returned to my car.

Intent on occupying my mind with something other than carnage, I focused on my love, who was sitting with eerie composure at my side.

She sat still as stone, unseeing eyes fixed on the road ahead. Her mind was entirely blank.

I began to panic. Was she going into shock?

I gripped the steering wheel a little harder than I should have. I felt it crack slightly under the pressure of my hands.

“Would you say something?” I snapped. Shit. Way to sound concerned, Assward.

She stared at me for a moment.

“I prefer Suite 2,” she said in a hollow voice.

I felt my eyes widen in utter confusion, “I’m sorry?”

She pointed to the radio, where a disk of Bach’s Cello Suites played almost inaudibly.

I stifled a laugh.

“I find your recognition of the piece astounding.” It wasn’t a lie, just another in a long list of reasons that I worshiped her.

To that she had no verbal response, but I could feel her mind turning back on.

I smiled openly at her, she blushed, and I felt the radiant heat of her flushed cheeks warm the enclosed space.

I took a deep breath, luxuriating in her scent and welcoming the burn that followed.

My pain meant that she was close, safe, and alive.

I sat in silent observation during the next few minutes. Her mind was beginning to awaken, unfurling vibrant colors that seemed to dance in the sunlight of her psyche. I was once again shrouded in the warmth of my mini-sun’s imagination.

Her head suddenly snapped to the side, her eyes drilled into me, and I wanted to shrink away from the intensity of her stare.

“How did Alice,” she blinked and shook her head, “why was Alice there?”

‘Do not try to lie to her.’

Well what the hell, Alice?

Was I supposed to tell her the truth?

Omit certain pieces?

Damn pixie!

“I promise to explain later.” I purposely didn’t specify how much later. “But would you please let me feed you first? I’m terribly concerned… It’s only a matter of time before this all sinks in, and it would sit better on a full stomach, I image.”

“What? No, Edward,” she huffed.

I turned to her, my eyes smoldering, “Please?” I cooed.

Her pupils came unfixed, and she nodded, lips slightly parted. Her roaring waves of color ebbed slightly, and I grinned wickedly at my underhanded victory.

I took her to a quiet-looking Italian place, and procured a booth in an otherwise unoccupied portion of the restaurant.

The following conversation necessitated a modicum of privacy, but I desperately needed it to take place in a public setting… She wouldn’t attack me in public- I hoped.

We sat across from each other. I locked my eyes onto Bella as the obnoxious hostess took our drink orders.

Bella smiled sweetly at me and placed her hand on mine. My skin warmed and tingled to her touch.

Her mind was bright and bubbly as she said a quiet “thank you.”

“Anything for you, my love.” My eyes widened in surprise when I realized I had spoken aloud.

Her eyes danced with laughter as our waitress set two drinks and a basket of bread on the table. The waitress identified herself as Kristen or Chrissie or … something… she stared at me until I motioned to Bella.

The waitress’ mind was perverse to the extreme, and though try as I might to block them out, I was still subjected to some of her more salacious thoughts. When images of me tied naked to her bed flashed into my mind, I didn’t know whether to laugh or gag.

Bella ordered ravioli and I followed suit. She could eat mine later, since there was no way in hell I was touching it.

“I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you, Bella,” I breathed.

She smiled weakly, “You mustn’t torture yourself with things you have no control over, Edward.”

I stared at the lips that had just so lovingly spoken my name. Had I imagined the amorous tone in her voice? I silently begged her to say it again, to prove that this wasn’t all in my head.

God, Bella, say it again. Say my name. But that could be taken badly…

Bella smiled at me, and there was a hint of mischief behind it that honestly worried me.

“How did Alice know? Better yet, how did you know?

“I called her.” Shit! Sorry, Alice.

Her hand was off of mine in a flash. She curled it into a fist and slammed it on the table.

Don’t …” Her expression was fierce.

I looked into her mind, where darkened colors thundered and stabbed violently in my direction.

I winced.

Her mind’s version of me looked as pained as I felt. Then the colors began to caress my face lovingly, their hues dulled and shapes softened.

“Please, Edward,” she folded her hands in her lap and stared at them.

The waitress arrived with the plates, and noting the tension, left quickly.

“Please, don’t lie to me anymore,” Bella looked up at me with glassy eyes.


I pushed one of the plates towards her and spoke softly, “You eat and I’ll talk, deal?”

She speared a ravioli with her fork and popped it into her mouth.

“Alice…” I sighed, not even remotely sure where to begin.

“You don’t have to tell me about Alice. We have a sort of,” she looked thoughtful for a moment, “a mutual non-verbal understanding of weirdness. You, on the other hand… How did you know where to find me?”

“I saw Alice’s vision.”

Bella’s face was frozen in shock, with one eyebrow raised and her mouth agape. “Never mind what I said… A… vi-vision?” she sputtered as her hand clenched around the fork.

Shit, where is the bus-boy? I need to get those damn sharp utensils away from her…

I wondered if there was a universal guy-nod for these sorts of situations.

Though slightly more complex than the “Yeah, dude I just got laid” guy-nod, the “dude, do not give my dinner guest sharp metal objects, she’s prone to bouts of physical violence” nod could be far more useful.

I eyed the fork and silently begged, please don’t stab me, please don’t stab me; I so don’t want you to break your hand. Emergency room trips, possibly blood, and all sorts of bad. She’d meet Carlisle, though not in the specific circumstances one might favor when introducing a girlfriend to a father. Damnit! She’s not your girlfriend, Edward.

Not yet.

I stared at her for a moment, memorizing every lovely feature. Why is she looking at me like that?

Oh right, I was in the middle of a conversation. Alice’s visions. Bella in that bar.

“She saw you in that parking lot-” I clenched my jaw, my eyes darkening in ire.

I recalled Alice’s words and the promises I made.

“So Alice can see the future,” she giggled. “That makes sense. I’ve been wondering what crazy gypsy-magic that girl has since day one. Does that happen a lot? The visions, I mean.”

“Yes, Bella. They’re based on people’s decisions, if their decision changes, so does the vision-”

“So what do you mean you saw it?”

I chuckled at her impatience.

“What if I said I could seeyou, Bella?” I placed her tiny hand in my own. “Reallysee you, like no one else ever has?”

Fear flickered through her beautiful eyes before she could stop it. I wonder…

Then she wrinkled her nose and scoffed, “I’d ask you if you’ve been hanging out in the bushes every night like some obsessive peeping tom.”

I laughed whole-heartedly at her response.

I drove Bella back to the house, all the while engaged in a heated debate over differences in natural wood and carbon fiber cellos.

She was stalling… and so was I.

When we pulled into the driveway Bella’s truck was already there, courtesy of Alice.

The pixie bounded out of the house and up to the car before we were even stopped. Alice wrenched open Bella’s door, and swept her into a tight embrace. She screamed at Bella about not putting herself in dangerous situations ever again and how happy she was that everything was okay.

Bella giggled and whispered to Alice about what I had told her in the restaurant.

“Oh it’s true, Bella. I’ll prove it.” Alice’s grin was contagious.

Alice closed her eyes for a second and searched the near future.

She snapped her eyes opened and bounced in place, “Bella, get out your phone. In exactly 10 seconds you’re going to get a text from your mom. It’s a picture of her new kitten, Sparkles.”

Bella made a face, “Sparkles? What the crap kind of name is that for a-”

Her phone vibrated and Alice grinned. Bella flipped it open to a picture of a kitten, with a caption indicating the name.

“Fuck,” Bella breathed. She smiled brightly at Alice, mumbling a soft “I knew it,” that we shouldn’t have been able to hear.

“So what about him?” Bella pointed to me.

“There will be time later! I have a surprise for you!” Alice squeaked and dragged Bella into the house.

‘She needs some time, Edward,’ Alice told me silently. ‘She’s handling all of this very well, but telling her about your gift will mean telling her about the whole… you know, vampire thing. It’s best not to push her.’

I had to stuff the uneasy feeling aside, and trust Alice. Just ignore the feeling that she was up to something.

‘Oh! Jazzy took Tanya out to hunt,’ Alice added. ‘He’s taking her several hours north, so they shouldn’t be back until tomorrow morning.’

I heard Alice and Bella make their way into Bella’s bedroom, and back to the closet.

I watched through Alice’s mind as she threw the closet doors open, revealing several new additions to Bella’s wardrobe.

Bella stood several feet back, mouth agape, mind prickling with surprise.

“So?!” Alice couldn’t contain herself.

“I… Wow. Thank you, Alice. I don’t know what to say.”

“I knew you’d love it,” Alice squeaked, and they both giggled.

“I’ve picked out one of my favorite ensembles. It’s hanging up in there.” Alice ushered Bella towards the bathroom.

I did my best to shut out Bella’s mind, to give her some privacy while she undressed, ever the gentleman and all... I still caught several glimpses of flawless, milky white flesh, despite my best efforts. I bit down on my knuckle, stifling a groan.

Bella was dressed in some very tight dark jeans, and a fluttery cobalt blue blouse. The blue of the shirt set off the rosy hue in her cheeks perfectly, and I suddenly found myself struggling with some rather ungentlemanly desires.

“Please tell me you’re joking,” Bella pleaded. She timidly held a pair of pricey-looking heals as if they were going to bite her.

“Joking? Never with Louboutin,” Alice huffed.

“These look more like weapons than footwear,” Bella mumbled as she aimed the slim, pointy heel at her reflection in the mirror.

‘Maybe we should reveal ourselves to Bella before Jazzy and Tanya get back,’ Alice mentally cautioned. ‘I’d hate to see the poor girl get pissed off at Tanya, and end up trying to attack a vampire with a pair of stilettos.’

“Like that would stop her,” I scoffed quietly from downstairs.


Inside your wicked heart’s still beating

I want you

…You’re saying everything I want to hear

Poison words are dripping in my ear

Blood thirsty, speaking tongues of deception

I can tell when you hold me near
Innocent lines, your violent eyes

…Darling there’s no way to stop you now

I want you.

As I dressed, I berated myself over my less-than-normal reaction to my almost-horrific experience.

I should have been scared out of my mind.

I should have been crying, hysterical, whatever.

I wasn’t… Because as soon as I saw Edward, I knew I was safe.

I breathed in his scent, familiar and sweet, and my mind shut off everything else.

Damn Alice, these jeans are skin tight. I’ve seen latex that was less revealing.

I wasn’t thinking about why I ran away from Edward, or how badly I wanted to set fire to that Strawberry Bitch. Or my truck, the pain in my hand, or what might have happened if they weren’t there… My mind didn’t register anything past Edward’s presence and the safety that it promised.

Remember to thank Alice for bringing your truck back, you ungrateful- I gave Tiny Voice an epic swirly before she could finish.

In the car, Edward was mumbling to himself, something about Alice and promises. I focused on the velvet timbre of his voice as he spoke, noting the agitation buried just beneath that placid façade. I asked him how he and Alice knew to be there, realizing that there was something more to it all…

He ended up taking me to some random restaurant, and told me that Alice could see the future.

I should have been surprised. I wasn’t.

Because I always knew…

I knew that there was something off about Alice and her family.

I knew that there was more weirdness yet unearthed.

I can’t believe she expects me to put these things on my feet!

I’ve got enough issues walking around in flats.

What can I say- I’m easily distracted.

Especially by shinny things. Ooo! And puppies!

Shit, Bella, focus!

I wonder if gypsies ever implemented such weapons to evade capture, I silently mused while staring at the shoes.

So there I was, having just learned that my best friend can see the future, worrying about footwear.

I wonder how someone comes to be like Alice and her family. Their almost inhumane graze, icy cold skin, amber eyes, future-seeing abilities… Hm.

I mustn’t have read enough comic books as a kid. My theories were limited to the mainstream; mostly revolving around radioactive spiders and kryptonite.

We made our way downstairs, and I sprawled out on my favorite couch, wiggling my bare toes in defiance.

Edward came to stand at the side of the couch, his hand outstretched towards me.

“May I?” he asked, motioning to my slightly bruised right hand.

I briefly considered uttering something sarcastic in response. What are you a doctor now? But I found my mind awash with rather, ahem, distracting images of Edward wearing nothing but a white doctor’s coat. His gorgeous lips curved into a perfect crooked smile, and not trusting my ability to speak, I simply nodded weakly.

His perfect, cold hand gently held mine as his long fingers whispered across my bruised skin.

“I’ve fractured my hand before, and the pain is quite minimal in comparison,” I mumbled. “I really doubt that I’ve broken anything.”

With that he seemed satisfied, and released my hand after planting a feather-light kiss on my knuckles.

“You’re handling this whole situation very well, Bella,” Edward spoke softly, as if firm words would break me. “I’m sort of waiting for you to snap.”

Alice and I pulled off a synchronized rolling of the eyes.

“I’m only ever about 80% certain of my sanity at any given moment, anyway, so who am I do decide what’s right? Plus, if this whole thing turns out to be some lunatic’s dream fabrication, I’d hate to be labeled as ‘high-strung.’” I waved a hand dismissively.

Edward stared incredulously at me and I couldn’t help but giggle.

Alice nudged him and muttered, “Why so serious, Eddie?”

Did he just growl at her? Odd…

“So Alice, I hope I’m not putting you on the spot here, but I can’t help but ask,” I leaned closer to her, grinning. “Have you seen anything interesting in my future?”