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Jane of Volterra

A story abou jane from the volturi proving that shes not really that darn evil. What happened to her? (the whole story is bacically written in Jane's POV)


1. Chapter 1

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There was only darkness. Warm darkness. Too warm. All I felt was a hand in mine, I clutched it tight, but it slipped away, my mouth opened but a voice refused to come. The heat seemed to swallow me up, my tears dried before they even left my eyes. And that's when i saw him again: The beautiful man.

My eyes shot open and i found myself dripping with sweat. Taking a deep breath i closed my eyes, when i opened them again i found myself calm. I let my eyes adjust and examined the room; it was not as if there were a lot to examine, my head turned slowly taking in every inch of the white washed wall; the crack in the ceiling and the bucket under that which collected the water if it were to rain. The moonlight crept through the curtains and made the room almost glow, most people would have called it spooky, but me, i liked it, it was the only time i could think. No one could interupt me i was alone, and free to consider the enigma of the beautiful man.

The beautiful man: he who had the face of an angel with eyes of hell, his hair long and black always blew slightly in the non existent wind; a smile permanently etched on his cold white lips. The stuff of my nightmares. I was never alone, out of the corner of my eye i could always see him, but when i turned my head a soft breeze blew and there was no one there.

I shivered.

knock knock
Startled, i jumped to my feet. Damn it that had made far more noise than i had intended it to.
The handle turned and Alec emerged in the doorway.
"damn you," I hissed.."Leave me alone vermin! I'm trying to sleep!."
He payed no attention to me.He just pulled me by the arm back to my bed, and placing his hand on my shoulder he pushed me down to sit next to him.
"St---" I began to retort, but he just looked at me with those cold eyes and i suddenly had nothing to say.

Alec: Mother called him "The Cold One" His deep dark eyes could ensnare you, causing you to fall deeper into them, like two endless abysses. No one ever knew what to say to him, he had an aura of nothingness about him. We had been so close. But now he hardly spoke-only when it was necessary of him.

So though i was angry, i was curious to know what was going on. Was Alec going to speak to me, he had been so distant lately........

"Jane," he whispered, and then his voice cracked and those dark pools he had in substitute for eyes began to overflow.

I had never seen him cry and had no idea of how to comfort him. I tried to put my arm around him. Was that comforting? I'd seen people do that i was sure. But it made no difference, he shrugged me of and turned his face away; evidently ashamed to be crying in front of me. I hoped that my intention had been clear.

He looked up at me. He tried to keep a straight face as he whispered to me: "Jane, we have to leave, I cant---"
"WHAT?" I broke him off.
"shhhhhhh not so loud," fear was evident in his eyes and his breathing had clearly fastened it pace, for some reason he was absolutely terrified. "I cant tell you why," he spoke quickly, " you just have to believe me."
"Why cant you tell me? are you worried people will hear? if so then why say we have to leave? why should i believe you Alec? You've not spoken to me for almost a month, and then you come waltzing in here at ungodly hours and start crying!? This is some kind of sick joke! you are just heartless Alec! I'm ashamed to call you my brother, if you want to leave then go by yourself. I don't care, I wont miss you." The words just came out of my mouth, once i had started i couldn't stop.

Alec was startled. There was a look on his face as if i had physically hurt him, as if i had cut his heart out and stamped on it. He slowly stood up and turned away from me, in complete silence he walked towards the door. If i had not been sitting behind him; totally stunned and petrified by my own words i would have seen that his face did not alter, it stayed in a constant look of shock, he didn't blink once though tears were pouring down his cheeks and dropping into pools on the floor, to be washed away between the floorboards. Invisible stains of agony.