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Jane of Volterra

A story abou jane from the volturi proving that shes not really that darn evil. What happened to her? (the whole story is bacically written in Jane's POV)


2. Chapter 2

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The rest of that night, i didn't sleep.
I couldn't.
That look on Alec’s face plagued my mind. Could i really have hurt him that much?

The morning came all too quickly. I pulled myself from my bed and made my way to the kitchen. I hoped my lack of sleep was not visible in my eyes.
My mother stood with her back to me; hunched over the fire, i bayed no more attention to her than that. I took a stale loaf of bread and a knife and sat down at the table, i wasn't hungry but i though i might as well cover for myself. There was no sign of Alec. He must be still sleeping I thought.

Then i noticed my mother.Her breathing was faster than normal and she had been set in stone in the same postilion since i came in, and god knows how long before then.


She took a deep breath and turned. She had been crying; the look on her face was a mix between distress and anger. Her whole body shook as she moved towards me.
“Jane,” she hissed my name, “what did you......do?”
Before I could protest her hand made sharp contact with my face. I jumped up; startled. She lifted her hand to strike me again.
My hands flew out to stop her.
I forgot about the bread knife that i still held in my hand.
My hands were suddenly dripping with warm crimson liquid.
She dropped to her knees, a look of horror on her face.
I dropped too and cradled her head in my hands as she fell to the ground, tears pouring down my face; for once i had nothing to say. But she did.
“Why? She croaked. She was obviously in severe pain.
“No, Jane” she breathed, “Why don’t you love me......?”
It pained me to hear her say it. “mother i do love you” i sobbed. But little did i know she could no longer hear me.

My eyes stung with tears. I ran around the house frantically in search of Alec, but he was nowhere to be found.
“ALEC, ALEC!” I screamed. But there was no reply.
Well not from Alec anyway.
“Alec’s not here,” Said a voice, it was so beautiful it almost seemed to sing to me. I stood stone still, totally forgetting my mother who lay bleeding on the floor. All I wanted was to hear that voice again.
I couldn’t help myself. I had to see who that voice belonged to. Would thier face be a beautiful as their voice? If it was I longed to see it ,my imagination would not stretch as far as to see something so beautiful.
So i decided that I would have to turn eventually. I closed my eyes and quickly swiveled round.

And sure enough, there he stood.
His face more beautiful than i ever could have dreamed it.
The face I knew all too well.
In the doorway stood, The Beautiful Man.