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Jake and Nessie are early in their relationship when disaster strikes. Nessie is kidnapped and has her memory erased, but meanwhile is slowly falling for one of the Volturi Guard; Demetri. Nessie slowly starts gaining her memory back, and when one fateful mission brings her face to face with her forgotten past, she has to make a life changing decision. Will Jake get Nessie back, or will he lose to a vampire again? Hey everyone! I'd could really use some reviews! Over 300 reads and only 2 review!?! Come on guys, i could really use the input, I need to know whether to continue the story, so PLEASE review! :)


2. A suprise

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 635   Review this Chapter

Jake and I were walking in the forest hand in hand when I heard Jasper and Emmett whisper-calling my name so only I would hear. I loved having something over Jake. Even though I was half human, I still had better hearing than him.

“Let’s go back now, Jake,” I said tugging him in the direction of my grandparents house.

“Why? It’s much nicer by ourselves, all alone, no one to bother us,” he said teasingly. He could be so stupid sometimes.

“Because… umm… I’m hungry.” I said making up a lame excuse.

“Okay… anything for you, my dear,” he said sarcastically. He looked upset and like his pride had been wounded because he gave in to me. Again. We arrived at the house in a few seconds.

The whole house was quiet and seemed normal except it smelled very strongly of werewolf. Jake’s perfect forehead creased in a confused frown. He too, had obviously noticed the strong smell. He thankfully didn’t question it. I opened the front door and it exploded with noise. His shocked face quickly lit up with a brilliant, mischievous grin that took my breath away. He stole a knowing glance my way and then pointedly gave a look at Alice. We both broke up into a fit of laughter. He soon joined us with a low chuckle that gave me butterflies. We linked hands and greeted his pack. Jake gripped his closest friends, Embry, Quil, Seth, Leah, and little Claire, in hugs.

Claire went everywhere with Quil. The two were inseparable. He still had to wait a long time before he was able to take his relationship to the next level. He was counting down the days until she turned sixteen. Jake was constantly teasing him about how he imprinted on a younger human and he’s already in a relationship and Quil still has to wait quite a while.

Jake began opening presents with the Cullen family’s gift first. They bought him a nice 50 inch flat screen television. His pack put their money together and bought him a Wii and and an X-Box 360. They also bought him five games to go along with it. I bought him two plane tickets to Hawaii, to visit his sister, Rebecca. He had been wanting to visit her and his new niece, but hasn’t been able to get the money for it. He hugged me and kissed my cheek as soon as he saw the tickets. If I was human, I probably would’ve cried tears of joy to see him so happy.

We were cutting up the cake for the pack when howling interrupted us. Jake recognized the eerie howl.

“Sam! It must be important for him to phase!” Jake gave me a kiss with tense lips much to my father’s disapproval. He hurried out the door with the pack at his heels and all of my family except for Esme. My father told her to stay behind with me as he rushed out the door.

“What’s happening? Let me go.” My voice sounded murderous and I’m sure my face matched it. The look on dear, sweet, loving Esme’s face proved me right.

“Nessie you can’t go. There might be a fight. We don’t want you to get hurt. Alice also had a vision of you joining the Volturi guard and we don’t want to take that chance. They might come to check out the results.” Her voice and eyes were pleading with me, though she didn’t directly beg or ask me to stay.

“If it’s a fight, Jake could get hurt. Or Alice. She’s so small, and… and…” my voice trailed off as I made up my mind. I was going to go help Jake. I would fight to save my family’s life and would die trying to protect them.