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Behind the Music

Bella's parents divorced when she was ten, and ever since she's thought it was either her fault, or they didn't care about her. Bella has been writing songs ever since the divorce. Now that bella's in high school, she's put a band to geather. She hides all her childhood pain and anger behind her lyrics. When she meets Edward will she fall for him? Will her see past her words? will everything work out in the end? Most of the songs/Poems in this story I have written my self or with the help of friends... but mostly me.


2. Vincent, Vic, and Lucien.

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Every frigging time I turned around, someone was taking my notebook.

“Umm... I think Victor has it.”

“Oh... VICTOR!!!”

“You called, Bells?”

“Yes, I did. Where the heck is my note book? It's not where I left it, and I can't find it anywhere.”

“Oh, Lucien had it. He said you had wanted him to look over something new.”

Oh, well duh. NOW I remember. I did tell him to look over that.

I walked down the hall to the main room, and sure enough, he was plopped down in the huge arm chair, reading.

“Lucien!” I yelled. He jumped.

“Damn, Bell, you do know how to scare a guy! How do you walk so silently anyway?”

I laughed. “It's called 'time'. So, how is it?”

“Well, I really don't get it... can you kind of, I don't know--explain it?”

I sighed and took the book, and sat down on the mini sofa. I stared at the words scrolling across the page.

“Well...” I started. “Well, what do you think?”

“I, um, it looks like... something a Vampyre, or some kind of dead thing would write..”

“Yes, exactly. It fits with our name. And its depressing. So thats why I wrote it.”

“Okay... um, are you doing alright? I mean, this is kind of...um, different than you're other stuff. Like more... hm. Never mind.”

“You want to hear it? The chords aren't that difficult.”

“Yeah, sure, let me go get the guitar.”

“'Kay. Meet me in the keyboard room. Because I need the piano for it.”

He nodded as he turned to leave. I wonder what he meant. Different? It's at least similar to the rest. Ok, yeah, I do agree that it's creepier, and maybe it's a bit more dramatic. But he seemed to not like it. At all...

“It's very simple. Here,” I handed him the tab sheet.

He looked it over, “Dang, you're right... OK, so, just follow you're lead?”

“Yeah--I start on the keys, and then you follow after I play through once.”

“OK then,when you're ready.” I nodded.

I played the Intro, A slow, Sad tune. When Lucian started, I Closed my eyes and started singing.

You left, I cried, Can't hardly sleep tonight,

The night, So cold, Just like he used to hold

me so close, and now I

Long to feel loved,


A cold, dark feeling, crossed over me,

I am fading, falling fast,

A Bleeding heart will never heal,

Loving, hating, only kills

The sun, So warm,It cannot touch me though,

The night, I live, Though Its not that at all,

He still trys to hold me close,

But now I long to rid of him,

A cold, dark feeling, crossed over me,

I am fading falling fast

A bleeding heart will never heal,

Loving, hating, only kills

Red rose, The grave, Empty and no one knows it,

You tasted, warm blood, And I gave you lasting life,

You died, I lived, But you were not,


The cold dead feeling, is gone from me,

You saved me from loneness's,

And I saved you, from dying alone

Together In the dark of night,

Loving, Hating sealed with a kiss

When I finished, I opened my eyes to see everyone in the room.

“Um, why are all of you in here?”

“Well, gee Bells, you're voice could attract anyone within a mile radius of here. It's a good thing we live out where just about no one else lives... But I've herd that some new people are coming to town. Some new doctor that's supposed to be like the best in the U.S.A.” Vincent was always hearing everything about everyone in Forks.

“Huh. Well, thats interesting. Who in their right mind would want to move here, the alien village where everything everywhere you look is green?” That was the first thing I told everyone when I moved here. I was 14 and sick of my mom either moping around the house or never home out on a new date every-other-night. Or just about anyway.

“I guess someone does,” Lucian was bored again. I could tell by his voice.

“Bells?” Oh, Victor's turn to talk. “I feel really stupid saying this, but I think you're getting better.” he blushed and looked at the floor.

“Aww, It's alright Vic, At least someone does..” I sighed and shook my head.

“Things wrong at home with Charlie?”

I nodded.

“You can stay at our house with Veronica. You know she loves to have you.” Veronica was Vincent and Vic's little sister. She's my age--16. Vincent is 19, Victor is 17, and Lucian is 20. He and Vincent go to the same college, In Port Angeles. Victor, Veronica, and I all go to Forks High school.

“Yeah, That'll be fine. I just have to go home, pack a bag, and leave Charlie a note. He'll be fine with it. He almost always is.”

I left Lucian's studio. His family owns it and lets us go there to practice and record. I was surprised but glad that Charlie wasn't home yet. But to be on the safe side, I hurried.

As I pulled up at the Biro's house, I saw Victor waiting on the porch for me. I parked my truck and walked over to him.

“Hey Vic, Whats up?” He looked kind of funny.

“Well, Veronica is out late tonight, going to Seattle for some concert...”

“Oh. Well, I guess I'll just hang around till she gets back. That's ok, right?”

“Oh, well, yeah, I guess.. But um, I was thinking...well, I'm wondering actually, if you'd want to go get something to eat?”

I wasn't really surprised. He'd been acting weird all week. But I didn't want to hurt him, so I just said yes. There was one little good place to eat, and we both did like Chinese...