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Behind the Music

Bella's parents divorced when she was ten, and ever since she's thought it was either her fault, or they didn't care about her. Bella has been writing songs ever since the divorce. Now that bella's in high school, she's put a band to geather. She hides all her childhood pain and anger behind her lyrics. When she meets Edward will she fall for him? Will her see past her words? will everything work out in the end? Most of the songs/Poems in this story I have written my self or with the help of friends... but mostly me.


4. Chapter 4 The story with a side of brains

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I still sat there stunned.

“She's gone, poof!” Veronica sounded slightly hysterical “She's MISSING, M-I-S-S-”

“Yes Veronica, we know how to spell it. What do you mean missing?”

“Like she was there one second then gone the next, POOF! just like that.”

“Just like that... OK, how about you start at the beginning.”

She took a deep breath, in, out. She closed her eyes and took her head out of her hands.

“OK,” she started “The concert was loud and banging. At the end, the lead singer announced that they were going to be signing autographs. As soon as he said that We took off to get in line.”

“I got there before Nicole did. She was only, I don't know, maybe ten people behind me. We texted each other of where we should meet, we decided to meet right outside, like right out side, where everyone comes in and out.”

She shuddered but went on “When I got outside I counted people.” She counted under her breath

One, two, three. When I got to twenty I started to worry. I pushed my way through the crowd, I felt like a fish going up stream.”

“She wasn't anywhere to be seen. The weirdest thing is, the lead singer was gone. You don't just walk away in the middle of a signing!”

She shuddered again and sighed. “What happened to her?” she whispered. “I ran around calling her name, hoping she was only in the ladies room, or ran into someone she knew. She wasn't anywhere! It was almost empty when I finally gave up. I called our other friend and told her the whole thing. She said she would tell her parents because she could tell I wasn't about to. Then I came home.”

I shook my head. She must have gone off with someone. But it's not like Nicole to just leave like that, without telling anyone.

“Was she acting different? Like during the concert? Or before?” Vic asked

“She was kind of, like just BANG out of the blew, in the middle of the concert. It was like she was awe struck or something. No, Victor, She isn't on drugs.” she replied with a slight tone of annoyance in her shrill voice.

“Don't worry Ronnie, we'll find her. I'll even have Charlie put up signs for her, if you want.”

She looked slightly stunned. “You're gonna ask Charlie?!” she almost shrieked “But you two almost never get along!”

I sighed “Look, she's my friend too, And even if Charlie doesn't listen to me I know other cops besides him. And I'm sure they'll be happy to help.”

She cracked a smile, “Thanks Bella. So I'm guessing you're staying over here tonight? Cause why else would you be here?” she glanced back at Vic.

“No Ronnie, it's not that... Oh you know what it is!!”

“Oh, yeah--Charlie, right. I knew that.” She rolled her eyes.

“Do you think Mom will be upset that I'm home late?” she asked Vic.

“Well, we have two options: one, we tell her you came home late but not say why. Or two, We don't tell her and the whole thing stays a secret. You're call.”

She looked at me, then at Vic, then at me again. “Um... The first one.” she said after a few seconds.

“OK, do you want Bells to be with you when you tell then? I mean, they still won't be home for at least another hour. You know how they get when the go out with friends. Can you stay up that late Bells?”

“Yeah, I think I can manage,” I looked at Veronica “What about you?”

“How do you even think I could sleep after this?” she asked me with annoyance. “Vic, you wanna stay up and watch a movie with us? We're gonna watch 'Shawn of the dead'!” That was her favorite movie.

“Umm.. sure, I like that movie.” He agreed with an evil grin. He staggered toward us. “BRAINS, BRAINS!!!” Veronica and I screeched and ran into the house. Vic followed after us, laughing maniacally. Typical Vic.

Veronica fell asleep across Vic's lap half way through the movie. It was twelve thirty when it ended and their parents still weren't home yet. Victor carried her to her bed. She weighed less then my one hundred and ten pounds!

I layed on the bed across the room. It was for her older sister whenever she came to visit.

I starred at the light purple ceiling thinking about zombies and vampyres. The band couldn't really be vampyres... can they? I tried to shake off the thought.

I started dozing. Just before I was able to fall asleep, like finger nails dragging along a chalk board, I herd a shrill scratching at the window...