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Behind the Music

Bella's parents divorced when she was ten, and ever since she's thought it was either her fault, or they didn't care about her. Bella has been writing songs ever since the divorce. Now that bella's in high school, she's put a band to geather. She hides all her childhood pain and anger behind her lyrics. When she meets Edward will she fall for him? Will her see past her words? will everything work out in the end? Most of the songs/Poems in this story I have written my self or with the help of friends... but mostly me.


5. Chapter 6 The meeting

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I was too scared to move. It was like I was frozen or something, cold and stiff.

The screeching continued. I slowly got up to make my way over to the window.

I hesitated slightly when I reached the window, but took a deep breath and flung the curtains back.

I almost went into hysterics with laughter and relief when I looked out. The tree branch was blowing in the wind and scraping against the window!

I felt like a idiot--I was scared out of my wits for a damn tree branch!

What am I going to do with myself?

I closed the curtain and went back to bed... well, tried to that is.

Veronica ended up waking me the next morning. I had tossed and turned all night, only getting about 3 hours of sleep.

Veronica had gotten me up right after she had gotten out of the shower and told me that if I wanted to shower then I had to before Victor got up and moving around.

I didn't take that long of a shower. I didn't want to use up all the hot water, seeing that the water was so hot it turned my skin red.

I wrapped myself in a towel and cracked open the bathroom door, to make sure no one was around.

I ran across the hall to Veronica's room. She was in the kitchen making everyone's breakfast, like she does every morning, I could smell it.

I dressed like I do almost every day; Black skinny jeans, Black knee high Converses, a tight red and black striped three quarter sleeved V-neck, A black wrist band with studs, and a few other black bracelets, thick black eye liner, red eye shadow, black mascara, blood red lipstick, A black chocker, and my hair brushed, straightened and carefully combed around my clear, pale face.

I looked in the mirror and sighed. Oh well, I thought, this is as good as I'm gonna get.

I went in to the kitchen to find everyone around the kitchen table, food stuffed in any cleared spot.

“Oh,” Veronica whined “I was going to get you to help me with breakfast.” She paused a moment before continuing. “But you were too busy. I saw you.” She rolled her eyes.

I rolled my eyes back at her, “Yeah, yeah. I know... I know...” Mrs. Valiteri pulled me into a tight hug. She's the mother I never had. Loving, cares about what I do, and is always there for me, willing to listen to all my babble about life, school, home, and anything else I could think of.

My shoulders shuddered against Mrs. Valiteri's tight grip. Veronica joined soon after that. And before I knew it, everyone was in on it—one huge group hug.

They finished their breakfast, me not eating again--even with Mrs. V's complaints of shriveling up and disappearing.

We left for school. Normally we walk to school, but after all that had happened the past day, Vic's mum let us take his Coupe.

I loved the smell of the leather seats. I just like the smell! Anything leather I'm good with. And the car is gorgeous, too. I want a car like this one. I just want a car! But Charlie has certain problems with certain cars, so this kind of car was so out of the deal. I made a face.

“Something wrong Bells?” Vic had been watching me out of the corner of his eye since I'd had my break down.

“Naw, I'm just thinking about cars. Fast ones.”


The rest of the car ride we were all silent. Just the sound of the engine, and the radio turned way down.

The morning dragged on and on and on, or so it seemed.

Lunch time was always my favourite. I loved watching everyone in their little happy worlds, and wishing mine was like that. I have always hid my pain and rejection real well. No one has ever found out.

I was smiling at the conversation that was going on between Mike, Jessica, Vic, Eric and Angela. They were always joking around. All the time, every day. It really is funny. But today something unexpected came into the small talk..

It all changed when they walked into the cafeteria. Five beautiful creatures. Four of them, I could tell, were together. A small spiky black haired girl was with a tall blond haired boy that looked like how I felt, funny thing is that when he looked my way he cringed in pure pain, I could tell. I blinked for a few seconds but recovered. The next couple... well, what could I say about them? The guy looked like he should be a teacher rather than a student--tall, strong, huge muscles that'd make you wonder how his shirt didn't rip, black curly hair. And the girl...tall, blond, beautiful, model condition, to sum it all up. The single boy, reddish brown hair, tallish... well, he looked lonely.

Kind of like me. I thought.

When the blond boy looked at me I saw the lonely one open his mouth, almost bear his teeth. Like he knew why he cringed. Or like he was going to cry.

“Is that them?” I asked Vic.

“Yeah, thats them alright. Haven't you heard what the freaks are talking about?” That was what he called our school group.

“No, I was thinking.”

He just answered “Oh,”

I listened, but just a little. I caught on to little of what they were saying. “... Moved from Alaska.... They're the Cullen's.... The huge one is Emmett and his freak is Rosalie... The small one's name is Alice and the cute one with her is Jasper... Odd bunch if you ask me... OOO! The red haired one is single!” THAT must have been Jessica. “...Edward... looks like hes dead...”

So the lonely one must be Edward. Hmm. He was hot, but that really isn't saying much since they all were gorgeous.

I forgot about it all when the bell rang.

I had Biology next hour. I had always been really fond of it.

I walked into the room and went straight to my table. I call it mine because I have had it all to myself ever since I started coming here.

The red-head, Edward, came into the room, he went to the desk and talked to the teacher.

I looked around the room. All the other desks were full besides mine.

Great, I thought. I'm going to have to share MY desk with Mr. Dead.

He started toward my desk, I was watching him from the corner of my eye.

About half way he stopped cold, his eyes grew wide. I looked at him, he was grimacing. I noticed his eyes were black. I gasped, I had always thought black eyes were cool, but his looked... Mad, evil.

I smiled at him. “It's OK,” I said. “I don't bite!” I smiled again.

He didn't look amused. I felt mad, sad, and alone all at once.

The teacher called the class to order then. I stared at my note book. All through class he was stiff and as far away from me as possible. Like I smelled bed or something. I smelled like Veronica's shampoo, fresh mountain strawberry's.

I wane back to staring at my notebook. Damn--this had o be the time to have the words come!

I pulled out my pencil and scribbled down the words.

Broken hearts hurt

Broken hearts bleed

Broken hearts cut

and Broken hearts thieve

Broken hearts kill

Broken hearts cry

They make you scream

and stay awake at night

Where do they come from?

Why are they here?

Why do they make us live our lives

cringing in consent fear?

Crying at night

Hiding pain in day

and constantly wishing

our pain was taken away

No more loving

No more loving

For there are no spells

that make broken hearts heal.

OK, it's more like a poem but I have a tune to it. So they're just going to have to deal with it.

I looked sideways at Edward, he was scowling but was reading my poem-song.

I could see love, hate, sadness, depression, happiness, and a few others run through his eyes.

He slowly focused his gaze on my eyes. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but the bell rang, making me jump.

I turned back to look at him but he was already out of his seat and almost to the door.

I was stunned. I almost cried, but I wouldn't dare to in class.