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The Argument

Edward and Alice get into an argument because Edward is planning to leave Bella. Will Alice make him see reason??? Rated Teen for profanity and disturbing scenarios!!!


1. The Argument

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Edward’s POV

I heard the decision in her mind. Why did she have to continue arguing with me about this? I was more adverse to the idea than her yet it must be done. I will not continue endangering Bella’s life, even if it kills me. Alice walked into the room.

“My vision just changed again. Are you seriously going to tell her that you don’t love her anymore? How fucking stupid are you, Edward? I thought you were supposed to be the smartest of us all, after Carlisle. Hell, you’re being less rational than Emmett. Do you have any idea what that will do to her? How much that will hurt her? I don’t even blame her for what I see. I blame you.”

I was about to respond to her ranting when she threw her thoughts at me with extreme mental force. She was going to make me to see this, and there was no way I could block her out. She showed me her vision.

After making sure that Charlie was asleep, Bella slips to the kitchen as quietly as possible. She opens the utensil drawer and withdraws a knife. With extra caution, she walks on tip-toes into the bathroom, grabs a shaving razor, and proceeds to take it apart using the knife to pry the plastic away from the blades. This doesn’t take long. As she pulled the long-sleeve of her night gown up to expose her wrists, various scars were shown on her arms. Once that is done, she picks up the notebook she hid earlier that day and begins to write:


Please don’t blame anyone but me for this. I’m sorry. I love you. Please give the other notes to the people they’re meant for. When one of the Cullens shows up, be nice; even if it’s Edward, especially if it’s Edward. Goodbye.

She turns a page in the notebook.


I’m sorry. I love you. Trust me. This is better. The way I’ve been isn’t living. It’s a bare and lonely existence. Goodbye.

Another page.

Carlisle and Esme,

I know that neither of you will give Edward a hard time about this, but please don’t let the others. I know him. He’ll blame himself, but this is my fault. I’m so sorry for everything. I never should have moved to Forks. Please forgive me for the trouble I’ve caused your family. Goodbye.

Another page.

Emmett and Rosalie,

Emmett, you’ll always be the playful, protective big brother I always wanted. Be nice to Edward, for me. He’ll give himself a hard enough time about this anyway.

Rosalie, I want to thank you for always being honest about how you felt towards me. Looking back, I really appreciate that. I’m sorry.


Another page.


Keep him happy, please. Don’t let him blame himself, and don’t you blame yourself for what happened on my birthday. It was nothing. Just like Emmett, you are yet another big brother I never had but always wanted. I’m sorry. Goodbye.

Another page.


You will always be my sister. I don’t care what anyone else says. YOU ARE MY SISTER!!! Please don’t be hard on Edward. I still love him. Even now that I can’t stand to live one more second without him, I love him more than anything in the world. Don’t let him go to Italy. Have Emmett hold him down while Jasper calms him into cooperation if you have to. Do not let him die. I’m begging you, Alice. The thought of him being dead hurts worse than the memory of him leaving. If you love me, Alice, you’ll watch out for him. As a last favor to me, please take care of him. I love you, sis. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Goodbye.

Another page. Tears pour from her eyes as she writes the name on the final note.


I love you. I’m sorry, but I want you to understand that. You mean everything to me. You WILL NOT blame yourself for any of this. I’m serious. If you even try, Alice will know. Going to Italy is not an option. Do not let your guilt make you do something stupid. You told me to think of Charlie and Renee. So now I’m telling you to think of Carlisle and Esme. Don’t make them suffer your loss just because you blame yourself for my suicide. This is my choice. You’ve already made your decision. Goodbye, my love.

She folds the notes and puts them in envelopes according to addressee. The envelope labeled Cullens contains all but two of the notes. She places them on the bathroom counter and picks up the razor blade. She looks at her veins and begins tracing the pattern of them from her wrist all the way up to her elbow, and then she switches arms and does the same thing. She carefully sits on the floor before looking at the blood. The sight makes her faint. She lays there bleeding for hours and finally dies. Charlie wakes up in the morning. He checks her room. She’s not there. Panicked, he tries the door to the bathroom. It opens, and he screams. He runs down the stairs, calls an ambulance, then goes back and checks for a pulse. Finding nothing, he straightens up in horror and notices the envelopes. He reads the one addressed to him and cries.

Alice withdrew the vision and hid it in her mind. I stood against the wall in shock. She wouldn’t. No, she couldn’t. Why would she even consider that?

“The rest of it is basically Bella being pronounced dead. Carlisle and Esme go to Charlie’s house to get the letters. You read yours before the rest of us can get a hold of ours and bolt out the door. The next day, you’re ransacking Volterra, and the Volturi take you down. Jasper has to double the calming influence he already had us all under after Bella, and Aro sends a note of apology to Carlisle explaining that rules are rules and they had no choice.”

I was shaking my head in disbelief. I couldn’t even speak. Alice’s phone rang. She flipped it open.

“Hello, Bella; what’s up?”

“I know he can probably hear me right now, but if something were wrong with Edward, you would tell me right? He’s been acting so strange lately. I’m starting to get worried. What happened at my birthday party was nothing? I should have been more careful.”

“He’s fine. He’s just being Edward. Being overly protective is just part of his life now. Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett could all tell you that it’s standard male-vampire-who-has-found-the-love-of-his-life behavior. He’ll just have to deal with it, though. If he keeps acting like such a twit, I’m going to make sure he doesn’t have to worry about it after graduation.”

“Do you mean what I hope you mean?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I mean.”

“You’re standing in the same room as him, aren’t you? And that was nothing but ploy to aggravate him.”

“Uh-uh, Bella; you’re my sister no matter what anyone else says. I’m serious. You probably can’t hear him growling in the background.”

I was growling. I was five seconds from attacking her when her thoughts registered in my mind.

Thanks for changing your mind, Edward. She loves you, and you love her. Deal with it because nothing is going to change it. She will have to be transformed, and you know that it will happen. I will make sure it happens, and you know I’m capable of organizing it too. If that’s what she wants, that is what she will get. You will not oppose me in this. It is the ONLY option!

She walked out of the room, still talking to Bella. They were planning a sleep over. Well, Alice was planning. How had I ever even considered leaving the most vital part of my life?