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Far Away

Bella was about to jump to her death. My Bella. I had caused her all this pain and hurt in attempt to save her. I couldn't do anything right. All I could hope was that I wouldn't be too late. I couldn't be too late. I am taking an official break from this story. I might finish it eventually, but no guarantees. I am currently working on a re-write of this story--See author's note (Chapter 8) for details.

This is my fantasy New Moon. It picks up right before Bella jumps off the cliff. The title is after the Nickelback song, which I suppose could serve as a theme song for this story. Enjoy!

4. Decisions

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I flipped open my phone to hear not Carlisle, but Alice, babbling on and on at a speed only a vampire could comprehend about a vision she had about Bella.

“Edward! Edward, I had a vision, the Volturi, before Victoria came here, she went to the Volturi, and, and told them about Bella! They’re coming; they’re coming here, and soon! They’ll kill her! Edward, you have to change her, or they’ll kill her!” I gasped, and I turned to see the innocent face of my Bella, fallen asleep in the passenger seat.

“Alice, I don’t know if she still wants it. I haven’t hunted in two months, so I’d probably just kill her, and I can’t take her soul! Especially since we’ve only been back together a few hours,” I said, panicked. None of my excuses, excluding that I didn’t know if she wanted it, were true. I hadn’t hunted for over two months, but I proved that I could resist her blood in Phoenix. Alice knew that. And the selfish part of me told me to change her, right here, right now; that I wasn’t taking her soul. I sighed in frustration.

“Edward, ask her. And if you really don’t think you can do it, and I know that you lied to me about that, Carlisle can do it. But it’s either change her or she dies, Edward. Understand that.” With that, she hung up on me. I turned my eyes back to the road and back to Bella, unsure of what I should do. I settled for waking her up and talking to her about it.

The expression on her face was typical Bella; innocent, inquisitive. Even sleeping she had a beautiful soft pink blush on her cheeks. Her lips were full and red, curled into the slightest smile. Her dark mahogany hair was still damp, but gorgeous none the less. I hadn’t heard her sleep talking yet, but I had a feeling she would start. I hesitated about whether or not I should wake her up just then, but my decision was made when she opened her mouth.

“Edward,” she sighed, the smile on her face growing larger. “Edward, I love you.” I smiled, and then remembered the situation at hand.

I shook her side gently, and instantly she was awake and smiling. However, the grave expression on my face told her something was wrong.

“Edward, what’s going-” She started, but I cut her off.

“Bella, we’ve got a bit of a situation,” I started. “Do you remember what I told you about the Volturi?” She nodded. “That they are considered ‘ruling class’?” She nodded. “Good. Well, the Volturi enforce the one rule of vampirism, and we broke that rule.”

“What’s the rule?” She interrupted.

“It’s a little obvious,” I stated, hoping that she would pick up on my hint and I wouldn’t have to break the bad news single-handedly. She pondered it for a moment, and then shook her head. I sighed.

“Mortals can’t know about our existence,” I stated blankly, the expression on her face thoughtful. I needed to explain exactly what had happened.

“You see, apparently, just before Victoria,” I angered just at her name. “Just before Victoria came here, she went to see the Volturi, and she told them about you. Just a few minutes ago, Alice had a vision of them coming to…visit, and they, they,”

“Killed me?” She guessed. She was extraordinarily calm about it, though, I suppose by this point, with as many near-death experiences as she had had, it was easy to appear nonchalant about it. My sweet Bella. If only she really understood how bad the situation was.

“Yes,” I sighed. If tears could have been coming out of my eyes, they would have been.

She sighed and thought for a moment. “So what do we do now?” She asked.

“Well, as much as I hate this, I was wondering. Do you still want what you wanted before I left?” Confusion coated her face as she inhaled and exhaled, exaggeratedly slow. She still hadn’t understood what I meant. She thought vigorously about it, until it appeared the thought had finally crossed her mind. The realization then sunk in, and her face lit up.

“Really? That?” She said, beaming. Her grin didn’t please me. She shouldn’t be happy about this; it’s awful! It’s a last resort, something someone so perfect should never have to endure. I sighed, nodding. It would do no good to fight it now; I couldn’t lose her. If this was the only, I would take it.

Silence fell over us, though not an awkward silence, but a silence of thought. The tension was high alongside the love, and I was startled when she broke the silence.

“Where, when?” She questioned. I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t told her.

“How’s tonight?” I said. There was one thing that she hadn’t asked yet, and that surprised me. I knew it was coming soon, but when was soon?

“Who?” She asked. Apparently, soon was now. I didn’t know what my answer was, though. If I would have time to hunt beforehand, I would consider doing it, but most likely Carlisle would do it. But…

There were the Quilettes. Our treaty specifically said we could not bite any human, not kill. That would be an issue. I pondered for a minute, then decided what I would say.

“Hopefully, me. But there is a very strong maybe there, so no guarantees,” I said. It was enough to appease her. Her eyes lit up, and a smile crossed her face. At that point, I was even won over wholeheartedly, as she really did want this.

“Oh, no!” She said. What did she mean ‘oh no’? Did she suddenly realize that she didn’t want this? Did she understand what I have been saying for so long?

“Charlie.” Oh, Charlie. I had completely forgotten about Charlie. She couldn’t say goodbye to him; it would cause too many problems. He couldn’t know we were back; it would make him suspicious. My silence made her understand the truth about what would happen with Charlie, and her face fell. Her dark brown, depthless eyes began to water. I hated that I had been the one to do this to her. Why couldn’t I do anything right?

“I’m sorry, Bells.” I was heartbroken by her pain. Why could I never make her happy?

“It’s for the best, I suppose,” she mumbled, a single tear trickling down her soft, pale cheek. I brushed it away and kissed her. I whispered a quick ‘I love you’ into her ear and turned off the road towards our house.