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Far Away

Bella was about to jump to her death. My Bella. I had caused her all this pain and hurt in attempt to save her. I couldn't do anything right. All I could hope was that I wouldn't be too late. I couldn't be too late. I am taking an official break from this story. I might finish it eventually, but no guarantees. I am currently working on a re-write of this story--See author's note (Chapter 8) for details.

This is my fantasy New Moon. It picks up right before Bella jumps off the cliff. The title is after the Nickelback song, which I suppose could serve as a theme song for this story. Enjoy!

8. A/N

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Well, I haven't updated this story for a while, frankly because I now find the writing, well, horrible. I like the premise, but the execution was awful. So, I am going to completely rewrite this story. It will be posted seperately on the off chance that someone would like to see the improvement of my writing from May to September. I'm in the process of rewriting right now, and the first chapters will be going up in a week, two at the most.