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A new vampire the Cullen's haven't met yet come to them in need of help. But she shows Edward effectionn and Bella plays dirty. (Funny, romance, action) (Bella is already a vampire) Please review

This is a farelly good story I liked it when Bella jumped on Alex.

1. Chapter 1

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I cam back from hunting with Edward. I had, had a small dear and Edward had an Elk.

We both walked up the Cullen’s steps holding hands. Edward opened the door for me and I stepped in. I looked at Carlisle and the vampire brunette beside him. Edward good heartily did nothing just gazed at me. I smile back at him and the turned to Carlisle.

“Who is this?” I asked a bit icily.
“Oh, hello you must be Bella and Edward, I am Alexandria but you can call me Alex.” She stood up -gazing at Edward.- to shake our hands.
“Hello Alex, I am Edward as you already said and this is my mate Bella.” He smiled at me, I guessed the only reason that Edward used the word ‘mate’ was because he knew she had something for him. But then he said. “Why can’t I read your mind?” My eyes popped open.
“I have a power to block people out and get into their minds.

My mouth fell open. I immediately sent my shield around Edward and Carlisle. “That doesn’t effect me I have a shield so I can block you out of Everyone’s mind in this room.” I sneered. She didn’t get the message because she smiled and sat back down beside Carlisle.

I wanted to rip this girl’s head off. How dare she like my husband. Then I felt her power aiming at Edward hitting my shield.

A low snarl/growl ripped out of me. I threw myself onto her. I scratched and kicked. I flung her out the window and jumped on top of her when she hit the ground. I was like this until Edward pulled me off, to my pleasure she yelped in pain because I brought a finger along with me.

I dropped it on the ground, she scurried to retrieve it and re-attach is. “Bella!Why?!” Edward asked a little shaken. “Because I had my shield out and I felt her attack aiming towards you.” I turned and growled at her. She hid behind Carlisle. Chicken.

“I just wanted to read his mind. That is how I do it.” I snarled and ran to Edward’s room.

I slammed the door and locked it. Stupid, vampire. Ur just wait I will get you.

I knew she wasn’t just trying to read Edward’s mind she was trying to attack him and I knew it. She was a liar she needed to leave. But why was she even hear.

Right at that thought I heard Edward ask the question. “So Alex why are you hear?” She waited a minute for Carlisle to answer.
“She lost her home and family so I am letting her stay here.”

Well she certainly didn’t eat humans she had gold eyes. So I wasn’t worried about anyone who might drop in to visit. Like Charlie. If she ever hurt Charlie she definitely would die a slow and painful death.

* * *


Bella threw Alex out the window and was on top of her as soon as she hit the ground clawing. I wondered why she would act like this!?

I ran and pulled Bella off Alex, but I hurt Alex as I did, it ripped her finger off along with Bella.
My angel dropped the finger on the ground disgusted. I turned her around to face me. “Bella! Why!?”

“Because I had my shield out and I felt her attack aiming towards you.” I thought for a minute until Alex spoke. “I just wanted to read his mind. That is how I do it.” My eyebrow’s shot up, I thought they were apart off my hair.

She kind of had Bella and my power in one.

Bella let out a loud snarl and ran to our room.

“Why are you even here Alex?” I asked nicely.
“She lost her home and family so I am letting her stay here.” Carlisle answered.

I then went to see Bella, she was probably very embarrassed and I wanted to comfort her.

* * *


Edward just opened the door so that means our lock is broken, not that it could stop anyone. He walked to the bed and laid down beside me.

“Bella it is okay, she is fine.” He kissed my forehead.
I gracefully wiggled into his arms and kissed him hungrily on the lips. This all made me feel better. I completely forgot about Alexandria. I forgot my own name. He pulled away and started to hum my lullaby. I happily listened to it.

We lay like this for what seemed like a short time until Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper came home. Edward and I sat up he walked to the door but I stayed on the bed.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.
“I don’t want to see her.” I lay back down on the bed.

Edward came back and hugged me on the bed. I planned to be like this the whole night.
Edward hummed and I just closed my eyes.

Listening to his magical voice.