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Alex Cullen

This is a fan-fiction obviously for the Twilight saga. This idea is not my own. Join Alex Brown in his adventure to discover a more exciding life. Alex Brown, once known as a regular boy, is now a vampire. He was turned by Edward, who bites him, because of his near death situation. As a Christian young man what does he do? With the fire of thirst burning constantly he decides to join the Cullens. But why? Post Breaking Dawn.. May Contain Spoilers!

Well I was thinking one day, what if I was a vampire. I instantly thought about a story of how to injure myself, although i really didnt hurt myself so I dont encaurage you to either. But I figured a car crash would be the easiest way to go. Alex isn't my really name, Alejandro is, but i wanted to keep it similar myself. I am still open for ideas as to which ways I should go with my story. I would love some ideas, I am open. Well so Alex is, like all us teenagers, a disturbed kid. He has pressures at home that he just wants to escape from. Racing down the road he forgets his life. One escape that simply ended it altogether. He is a born again Christian that holds firmly to his beliefs. Personally i thought it would be more interesting if he was so there would be more of a twist with how he becomes damned to hell. Eventually. Or does he get damned? lol Thanks

1. Chapter 1

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The speedometer managed to reach 120 miles per hour. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My dumb little Honda actually could go this fast! I continued to race down the road. Complete darkness outside and not a sound, other then me racing down the road. Seattle was far behind me now. All I could remember was the poor choice I took. To run away from my families troubles, hence the reason I’m speeding.

I blinked and all I could feel was metal and plastic stabbing my left side. My head thrown against the side as glass slashed my face. The pressure was relentless, continues, never ending. I couldn’t move my head or my body. I was pinned to my dumb Honda, as it flipped off the railroad tracks and into a ditch. I cried out as blood filled my eyes. I saw red and focused on a small sign. Welcome to Forks.

My life flashed before me, my baby sister, my mother fighting with my dad, my grandma sitting in her wheel chair asleep. Why did this have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? I prayed, I praised, I tried my hardest for You.

Tears ran down my bloody face. I didn’t even look up put someone opened my door. My eyes burst with more tears just as I was about to die. My whole body shock uncontrollably. The metal pulled out of my side and then my body went into shock. My eyes closed, I stopped screaming, and I fell limp.

Nothing but empty darkness filled my mind. I could not see a vision of my mother’s face. My life seemed as important as the indentation of every paragraph. I hardly remembered my last name right now. I could hear nothing. See pitch black. No sense of an end to this epic emptiness.

Suddenly a bright light showed a gate and a keeper. I tried to move my gaze. Impossible, my focus was on the man. Some how I made my way to this man, a sense of happiness, peace, bliss, rushed over my soul. I felt at home. Where am I? This must be heaven! I made it to heaven!

“I am Heaven’s Gate Keeper. Welcome home Alex.” He cracked a smile. His smile, his face, was utterly perfect. An angel, “God has been expecting you, we all have.” He suddenly frowned. “I am sorry Alex, I wish you the best, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

My life was shot back to my previous body. I was condemned to hell. Nothing mattered anymore. I lived to die and live with Christ. I was shunned from heaven. What in the hell happened? I was so close to peace and tranquility.

No more emptiness, no more black space. Now I could feel pain. There was a great fire burning every inch of my insides, from my toes to the scalp of my head. How did I deserve this?! I was burning in hell, for what?! I couldn’t feel breathes in my lungs, I tried to open my eyes. Like a sick nightmare. My eyes were glued, melted shut and I was in a relentless torment. I couldn’t even focus on one area of pain. It rushed through me so quickly from one spot to another with no care in the word. I was angry, angry at myself, at, the supposed, God. I was yelling phrases in Latin I never heard before. Cursing God, I knew I was. I was quoting the bible; that I never remembered until this point, backwards. I was perishing into eternal damnation.

Suddenly once I got to the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the bible; I stopped. My eyes shot open and light blinded me. Was God playing some sick joke on me? Am I finally in heaven? My eyes picked up a new color never before seen to my human eyes. My ears heard miles away. My tongue tasted blood. This isn’t heaven, this is a disgusting hell.

Two heart beats, somewhere in this new house, pretty close to my tongue. The same burning flame erupted in my throat. I stopped breathing instantly, my head whipped to the right. I saw eight people with wondrous beauty. One of them slowly stepped forward. He had blonde hair perfectly combed and had a sweet scent to him. Not that he would taste good but in a delightful way.

As soon as he took another step I was against the wall quicker then I could say my name.

“Whoa, whoa, my name is Carlisle. You are a vampire, as we all are.” He looked compassionate. He was in pain for me. “You would’ve died if it wasn’t for Edward, my son. He bit you,” I hissed and hunched over in a predatory stance. I was going to kill them all.

My instincts told me to wait, listen.

“Your car got hit by a train. You would’ve died.” He pleaded with me as I snarled. “Don’t do this Alex,” how did he know my name! I looked down to what I was wearing. New clothes I never seen before. Where had mine gone? My head went back to its earlier position, snarling and listening. “We are a different kind of vampires Alex.” He must’ve gone through my wallet. “We don’t feed on human blood, we survive on animal blood.” His eyes switched off me and onto a man standing in front of a glorious girl. He was protecting her, as he should be. She had chocolate eyes, her pale skin and beauty matched the others. She had black eyes.

“I am Edward,” the man, shall I say boy stepped forward. “I am truly sorry; it was the only way you would’ve survived.” I heard a growl out of someone’s throat. I turned to a female with blonde hair. She was snarling at me. Instead of behind, like the other women, she was beside a tall husky man. He was at ease; she obviously wore the pants in that relationship.

“What…” I managed to spit out. “Am… I?” I looked at the blonde haired man then to the rest of them. “How...? Why…? I was so close...” I looked at the gap in the door way. I couldn’t make it out. I am stuck here, will I be killed?

“You, Alex, are a vampire. As are we all, you can join our lifestyle or you can choose to leave in peace. The decision is up to you.” Edward told me, “But there are some rules you must follow as a new vampire, you can not, no matter what, tell anyone about vampires. You can join us Alex. If you decide not to, there are a group of vampires, the Vulturi. They are a bit more structural then us, but they drink human blood.” Edward looked sad but like he owed me the truth.

“Vultur…” I inhaled, blood, fresh human blood. My throat burned intensely and my muscles flexed. My lips pulled back and I looked past them all. Down the hallway, two heart beats, I must try it. I lunged forward without thinking any longer. My heart would’ve been racing but now my feet were. I got two feet from my last position when a hand stopped me. Edward.

“I can read minds Alex.” He shoved back to get me to go against the wall.

I turned my body out of his grip and was soon past him. Edward screamed my plans and the blonde ran down stairs. The black eyed brunette tackled me into the wall. Her strength was equal to mine. Should I fight or admit defeat? My jaw made my mind up for me. I snipped wildly at her neck. She pinned my face to the ground and I was stuck.

A deep growl rumbled inside her chest and I froze up. She was a mother, she had motherly instincts and I was the enemy. My muscles stopped and I looked in her eyes. I saw anger; she only stopped because of some strange ability to. I didn’t breathe, to afraid to.

“Bella, love, I think you can get off him now.” Edward pleaded with Bella. “He stopped moving he is dead scared honey.”

A giggle came from her body and she asked me. “Are you okay now Alex?” She looked into my eyes. She was at ease as she was instantly standing over me. They trusted me.

“Yes, we do trust you Alex. We want you in our family, but can you manage the pain?” I looked at Edward. The other family members where down stairs listening, the heart beats were far from the house now, and I was pondering my future life.

“I… I think I should go to the… Vulturi,” I wasn’t sure what they were exactly.

“They are a mighty force of vampires. They act as the law, the enforcers. There are over 30 of them. So if you want to join them, or just live with them for a while, Bella and I can take you to them.” Edward stepped up as Bella fell back.

“Where do they live?” I asked as I sat up, still not breathing.

“Italy,” he looked worried, as if that was too far for a vampire to travel. I was kind of worried about the distance but I guess now I have no family.

“Are you sure you, people, can take me? I don’t know what I am doing just yet so I would appreciate it.” I was making full sentences now, calm.

“Of course we can, you just have to listen to what we tell you.” Bella chimed in, her voice is so lovely. She must be great in the bed. She had such a pretty face.

A small yet angry growl came from Edward’s throat. “She is my wife Alex,” he snarled. “Keep your mind off her.” He was demanding.

“Keep you mind out of mine!” Anger filled my eyes, suddenly I was at peace. “Whoa, what just happened? My emotions,” I felt almost happy.

“I think you should meet the family.” Bella said as Carlisle walked up the stairs.

“Renesmee and Jacob are outside. I am Carlisle, as you know. This is my son Edward, his wife Bella. Rosalie is the blonde and her husband Emmett. The pixie looking girl is Alice and her husband Jasper.” He snickered at the pixie part, she grumbled.

“I am Alex Brown. I am actually from Seattle,” I tried to smile. I failed.

“It’s ok Alex you should’ve seen me when I turned. I was a monster,” Bella lightly punched Edward’s arm. I could feel the vibrations through the air.

“What well they do to me? All I want to do is feed. My throat burns…” I let the words stray off to nothing.

“They will train you to fight for them and if you have any powers you will be apart of there guard.” Edward tried to help me understand. I had a confused look as he said powers. “I have the power to read most minds,” he smiled at Bella, “and she has the power to block people’s minds. Alice has the power to see into the future, where her husband Jasper has the power to control the emotional environment; and our daughter, one of those heart beats, has the power to show you images through your mind. Carlisle and the rest of my family don’t have any powers, and you probably don’t either, its really rare.” He smiled and wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist. “But, like us all, you have super strength, super hearing, and incredible speed.” Alice came up the stairs and looked at me with worry. Jasper, or who I thought to be Jasper, was at her side in less then a second.

“He can’t go to the Vulturi. They will kill him.” She was distraught. Her voice was shaking. “I don’t know why they would kill him but they will wait for you two to leave before they kill him.”

“Do they have any idea that he’s here?” Bella asked as she looked at me.

“No not yet but a man will be coming soon, he is apart of the Vulturi and is a new member. That’s all I know…” Alice trailed off and let her head drop.

Everyone was up stairs at that point and were all looking at me and each other. I was burning at that point; I was dying for the flame to end. Edward heard my screaming thoughts and helped me up.

“Lets go hunting then Alex.” He turned to Bella and grabbed her hand. “Do you want to come, love?” She nodded and they started to walk to an open window. I could smell everything, even a wet dog smell, I cringed. Edward chuckled at my reaction and then he jumped off the second floor with his wife. I followed unsure of my abilities. We raced towards an unknown spot. I could see so much more now, it is incredible!

“Close your eyes and stop running,” Edward stopped as did Bella and I. When I closed my eyes I breathed deeply and could taste and smell everything. I could smell the both of them staring at me. I opened my eyes and I turned my head to the west. A bear was far out there and I was going to get it.

“Good job Alex, better then me on my first time hunting.” Bella smiled but I didn’t notice I was long gone into an instinctual mood.

I took off running and I heard foot steps behind me. I figured it was Bella and Edward so I kept running. The big brown bear was standing in plain sight. The moon was glowing and I was dying to attack. I thought for a second before I would attack. Let’s toy with pooh bear here.

I jumped right in front of him and antagonized him a little bit. I sniffed the air and Bella and Edward were watching me, discussing how I’m choosing to kill my prey. I walked closer to the bear and it made a loud grumbling sound, it was threatening me. I smiled and kept going. He showed his teeth and scratched the air. He ran towards me closing the distance and I jumped out of the way just in time. He kept running until he realized I wasn’t in front of him any longer. I lunged at him and tore some of his back off. My lips quivered at the taste of his blood. I was dying of thirst! He growled and clawed the air. The night rolled on and I could sense that Edward and his lovely wife were delighted to see such me caressing with my food. I guess this isn’t normal, not that I could be any longer.

The bear admitted defeat and fell to the floor basically begging for death at this point. His low growls faded as I stared at the poor bear. Any normal person would’ve been excited to have conquered such an astoundingly strong creature. I was fed up with this beast cowering. I snapped its neck and ripped his head clean off. I ate my fill and looked up to the couple. Edward was stunned; he could hear me begging for a greater fight. He simply smiled once he saw his face in my mind.

“We could go find a mutt for you to devour.” He laughed as Bella, unknowing to what I wanted, hit his arm. She just stood there smiling.

“Well you join us Alex? Well you become a,” she made a quotation sign motion with her hands, “vegetarian, like the rest of us? Or will you decide to go on your own?” I didn’t think the option was really mine any longer. I couldn’t go to the Vulturi, and where else would I go?

“That’s true. It looks like you stuck with us for the time being.” Edward commented on my thoughts. I was a little irritated that I had no separate mind now.