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Alex Cullen

This is a fan-fiction obviously for the Twilight saga. This idea is not my own. Join Alex Brown in his adventure to discover a more exciding life. Alex Brown, once known as a regular boy, is now a vampire. He was turned by Edward, who bites him, because of his near death situation. As a Christian young man what does he do? With the fire of thirst burning constantly he decides to join the Cullens. But why? Post Breaking Dawn.. May Contain Spoilers!

Well I was thinking one day, what if I was a vampire. I instantly thought about a story of how to injure myself, although i really didnt hurt myself so I dont encaurage you to either. But I figured a car crash would be the easiest way to go. Alex isn't my really name, Alejandro is, but i wanted to keep it similar myself. I am still open for ideas as to which ways I should go with my story. I would love some ideas, I am open. Well so Alex is, like all us teenagers, a disturbed kid. He has pressures at home that he just wants to escape from. Racing down the road he forgets his life. One escape that simply ended it altogether. He is a born again Christian that holds firmly to his beliefs. Personally i thought it would be more interesting if he was so there would be more of a twist with how he becomes damned to hell. Eventually. Or does he get damned? lol Thanks

2. Chapter 2

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We made it back to the house in little to no time. I wasn’t allowed to see or be around Renesmee, due to the fact I was still just a rough newborn. Carlisle told me that I was actually doing pretty well for a newborn. He had discussed with Edward about why Bella and I are doing so well as newborns. Is it that rare to be this able to control your emotions when you are fresh? That dang Jasper fellow was always within an arms length away from me. He actually is a nice guy.

After about three weeks of staying away from the rapidly growing baby, which wasn’t a baby anymore, I got to see her. She looked 12 maybe 14 at the oldest. She was very fascinating to my new and much more intelligent mind. I never thought of her as more then a myth. But she was so real now, her and that mutt. I slowly began to feel some sort of feelings towards her. She didn’t need to lift a finger as it was but I, for some reason needed to help her out in any way possible.

Carlisle called to me from his office. I showed up in under a second. Edward was sitting in a dark chocolate leather chair.

“We must tell you this; we have discovered a new trait among newborns. Once we thought it random, or even caused by gifts, that a newborn could be as calm and collected as you and Bella are; now we have a new hypothesis. Are you willing to try out our little experiment?” Carlisle was so polite, what was I going to say no?

“Of course, I would be happy to try to pay you back for all that you and your family has done for me.” I smiled and then looked at Edward. He was serious.

“This may turn out badly but we have decided to try and bite more people. To experiment with the human race. I believe that Edward has a new kind of venom inside his veins. I believe that Edward can turn people and they won’t become some wild monster.”

“Just a tamed monster; I don’t think that this is the way to go about this situation, and neither does Bella. We think that, after time plays out and I need to turn someone then sure by all means, but not for some experiment,” Edward was a little flustered.

“So what did you need me for?” I asked confused.

“I am also thinking that you may have the same venom going through your veins. But understand that if you do decide to bite people, you will be condemning them to hell, as we all are.” Carlisle’s words cut me into pieces.

My muscles twitched and I became in enraged. I had forgotten about not being able to go back to those gates ever again. I didn’t say a word I just stormed off and jumped out the usual open window. The sun hit my skin and sent shimmering light everywhere. My feet landed on the dirt ground and I sunk into the dirt and took off running. I blocked out all thoughts and ran as fast as I could. The day fell but I didn’t stop running. I was going to perish into eternal pain. Forever, never being with the God I loved for so many years.

The night brought out a new kind of peace. It relaxed every muscle that was flexing. My legs slowed and I noticed I was in Seattle close to my house. My snug white shirt and skinny black jeans draped over my black converse; this wasn’t enough to hide my face well enough, in case someone saw me and noticed I wasn’t dead. Not today.

I turned around and there she was. I didn’t detect anyone even close to me. Her curly blonde hair bunched up and was all tangled. Her face was delicate and precise. Her deep red eyes longed for something; not blood, not flesh but perhaps love. She was younger then I. Her clothes were ripped up her breathing as if she was mentally insane. She didn’t move. She was statue like, obviously not used to acting human.

“Who are you?” she asked me; she didn’t seem threatening. She was next to me so quickly. She was the fastest thing I had ever seen. If my heart were working it would have stopped. “Who are you?” Her voice was sweet and high. She didn’t sound like she had hit puberty yet.

“My name is.” I was intimidated by her, “Alex Brown.” I said while she was sniffing me. She must’ve smelled the mutt smell because she flinched. She walked around me. She wasn’t a newborn obviously because she would’ve attacked me by now. “What’s your name?” I dared to ask her when she was in front of me again.

“I am Helena Bailey.” Her voice was as a lions purr, attractive but backed with fright. The blonde ruffled locks of hair swayed in the wind as her body was frozen in time. I was speechless. She was the most attractive person I had ever seen. Her still face had painted by God, and her body, although not fully developed, was remarkable.

“I can hear your thoughts mister.” Her face was still I hardly kept up with what she said. “So there are more gifted vampires than just me. Would you like to learn your gift?”

I still couldn’t form words but she read my mind and decided to tell me anyhow. “You have the power to control me.” The words almost ripped my brain in half. How could I ‘control’ her?!

“Just try it, tell me to do anything.” She looked blankly at me and waited.

“Step back.” She did.

“Jump five times.” Again she did.

“Wow.” She grinned and her face took on a whole new look. My life seemed to matter now. My dead heart came to life, I loved again.

“So did mine. When I saw you, I was going to kill you for daring to step on my territory. When you turned around I read your mind and I seen your every thought from day one. You are my other half, the life in my dead heart.”

She smiled and came really close to me. She smelled wonderful and her movements were elegant. “You really have the power to control anyone’s will. You have the power to manipulate people and what they do.” Her face leaned into my face but she didn’t reach the whole way. I puckered my lips as she did and our lips crashed.

We stayed connected for as long as possible. The dark night covered our bodies from any curious eyes. Our lips were moving together, and since her thoughts were one with mine it was so much easier to make out. Her hair was blowing as the wind picked up and so we stopped.

My mind went from her lips and her body to the Cullens. She had never heard of such a group. Where did she come from? How long had she been a vampire?

“Follow me.” She ran towards the west and I followed. We ended up at the coast and she sat on a huge boulder.

“Do you want to know who I am?” She was glum now. Her voice was low like a whisper. “Promise me you won’t leave me, promise you won’t…” Her words trailed off.

“Helena, I promise.” She looked into my eyes and I could feel the pain. I went to go sit next to her stone body, harder then our seats.

“I am the daughter of Aro; I have been running from him and his guard for centuries. I don’t look like much, but I know I can kill any of his closest fighters. I am not literally his daughter, but I was directly bitten by him. I lived with them all for along time until I met Jason. Jason was a mortal boy my age and was supposed to be my husband. I was going to change him and adapt him into our life style. I told him all about the magical life that I was apart of.”

She looked into the sky, a tear forming at her eye. “He told his mother.” She was completely crying now. “They had to kill him. They killed him, and his mother. I killed so many vampires from the Volturi guard that had to exile me. I was absolutely furious.”

She began to get upset again. Her muscles flexed and I was scared like never before. She didn’t continue with her story she stopped and looked straight at me. Maybe sitting this close was a bad idea.

Her eyes instantly went back to her pained form. She was scared of herself and although I wasn’t in her head like she was in mine I could feel her pain. She laid her head on my shoulder and then it was perfect. We watched the sun rise and then I looked at her. My sudden panic was clear to her.

“Let’s go see the Cullens, shall we?” Her elegant words made my will bend to hers.

“Are you sure you don’t have the ability to make me do what you want?” I smiled as we ran towards their home.

She giggled and we just continued to run. The sun was making our skin shine like diamonds. Her ruffled hair was so beautiful. Her smell was amazing, like roses and peaches mixed. She looked at me and I almost melted. We continued to run until about a quarter of a mile from where the house was.

Edward and Carlisle stood in front of the house, staring at the two of us. She must’ve looked like a crazed animal or something because everyone was at the window staring. They were all petrified of her. Somehow this made me feel proud, that I had some sort of power.

“Welcome back Alex. Who is this?” Carlisle was the first to speak. I was sure that Helena and Edward were getting a kick out of being able to mind speak, in a sense.

She suddenly made a low growl and stepped in front of me in a defensive stance. Carlisle called for Jasper to come down to where we all stood. He sent waves of tranquility. She eased up and Edward did as well. She stepped back and stood next to me.

“This is Helena. She is…” I paused and looked at her.

“I am Aro’s daughter. I am not his real daughter but I was a girl he changed. He bit me directly and so, I have incredible speed and strength.” She stopped speaking and was up stairs in their home in unbelievable time. She was right behind Emmett in a death hold around his neck.

My legs shivered as everyone looked at me and her. Rosalie was fuming but what could she do? If she even flinched the wrong way his head was off. Edward knew this and so he began to whisper to Carlisle so that not even I could hear them.

“Please Alex tell her to stop.” Edward begged and his eyes were angry but trying to hide it.

She was next to me without a thought and then Emmett was laughing. “She is a keeper.” He looked directly at me while Rosalie was fuming and staring at Helena.

“I am sorry, we will go now.” I turned around with her hand in mine. She smiled and I could feel her sudden feeling of peace. Was she trying to drive me from them? Why?

“The guard is coming.” Alice said as she rushed down stairs and outside with the rest of them. “They just left, and they are looking for you. If you go then you won’t know how to fight them.” I stopped and I turned around. Helena already knew what I was thinking.

“Alice, come here.” She did exactly as I said. She was in front of me and then I told her to kneel. She did and was worried. Jasper was ten feet away. I told him to go back to the rest of them, and he did.

“Do you guys see?” Helena smiled at the faces of the horrified vampires. She was proud of me, was she turning me into a…

“Yes, a monster. She is just using you.” Edward said from way over with the rest of them and then Helena was lifting him up from the ground. She was growling at him.

“Helena, come back here now.” My voice was demanding and proud. She dropped Edward and was at my side snarling. “We don’t need help, and we don’t need your family. Leave us alone and we will be on our way.” I released my grip on her and turned and walked away. Helena followed and we were gone in no time.