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Alex Cullen

This is a fan-fiction obviously for the Twilight saga. This idea is not my own. Join Alex Brown in his adventure to discover a more exciding life. Alex Brown, once known as a regular boy, is now a vampire. He was turned by Edward, who bites him, because of his near death situation. As a Christian young man what does he do? With the fire of thirst burning constantly he decides to join the Cullens. But why? Post Breaking Dawn.. May Contain Spoilers!

Well I was thinking one day, what if I was a vampire. I instantly thought about a story of how to injure myself, although i really didnt hurt myself so I dont encaurage you to either. But I figured a car crash would be the easiest way to go. Alex isn't my really name, Alejandro is, but i wanted to keep it similar myself. I am still open for ideas as to which ways I should go with my story. I would love some ideas, I am open. Well so Alex is, like all us teenagers, a disturbed kid. He has pressures at home that he just wants to escape from. Racing down the road he forgets his life. One escape that simply ended it altogether. He is a born again Christian that holds firmly to his beliefs. Personally i thought it would be more interesting if he was so there would be more of a twist with how he becomes damned to hell. Eventually. Or does he get damned? lol Thanks

3. Helena Questions

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We made it to Detroit and I heard his thoughts screaming of thirst.

“Oh please honey let’s go get something to drink!” I begged. Alex was thinking more and more stubbornly. He let me drink what I pleased but he starved himself. “You don’t have to be upset Alex, we are just fine. But that’s not what’s bothering you.” I didn’t need to ask him what was wrong.

He didn’t respond. He sat still with his head in his hands. His hair was perfect. Legs tensed like the rest of his body.

“Alex,” I walked over to him and moved his hands and sat in his lap. “You have to feed. You are going to go nuts. We can’t afford to have you go nuts. If you kill a huge amount of people,” I was cut off by his thoughts.

“Get off me!” He said as his gaze bore into my dead soul.

What was I going to do? Not get off him?

I got up and I took a few steps away. He was thinking all kind of crazy things. He was going to ask…

“What do you want me for, and don’t you dare lie to me.” I had to tell the truth now.

“I saw your gift,” I looked down, how was I feeling guilty?! “But I do love you!” I pleaded to my love. I do love him!

“You want my gift…” His face was twitching and forming creases that I never seen before. “You don’t want me, you don’t love me.” He got up.

What was I going to do?! I needed him and I love him!

I fell to my knees. I haven’t cried in along time. The tears formed at my eyes and fell over to my cheeks. My face also creased and distorted. I couldn’t lose him! I love him! What am I going to do?

His hand brushed my cheek and then he quickly picked me up. He was holding me bridal style. I felt a grin pop out of my mouth. His body relaxed mine. His empty breaths soothed mine. I felt his feet start to run.

The night would be a perfect cover for a hunting trip through the city. He was moving us toward the downtown area. Were we going to go hunting for real?

“I am going to put you down babe, run with me.” He smiled and put me down. He didn’t wait for me to follow, he just took off running. I caught up and was on his right flank. He was maturing in his position as the leader of our coven.

He looked back at me and he could see my pleasure in watching him take the lead. He stopped dead in his tracks and took a deep breath. We made it to some small wooded area.

“Do you smell that Helena? Do you smell the spilt blood?” He asked me and his face twisted and turned. His delight almost surpassed mine.

“Yes I smell it love.” Worry hit my voice at the end. I could also smell what had spilt the victim’s blood. “There is another vampire. We might not want to get in its way.” I tried to warn him but he just smiled and took off running in there direction.

I took off after him. I knew there was only one vampire and between the two of us this should be a quick and easy fight.

I read into Alex’s mind and there it was. The absolute blood lust I expected, but not from my Alex. Who is this new creature that only looked like him?

Alex jumped into a tree and I was in the one beside his. The vampire and its victim were on there way to us. Both minds were close enough for me to hear. The predators mind was simply going over what and how he planed to kill his prey.

The man’s name was Eric and he was 23 years old. He has one baby daughter and a wife at home, well, he did. They were killed by the vampire and when the man took off running the vampire followed.

Isaac was the vampire’s name. He is a newborn and was turned by a nomad named Kristina. Apparently she was very gorgeous and divine. She didn’t lift a finger to get Isaac. He wanted to be turned; he wanted to be with her. Her fiery red hair only made her that much more appealing. Isaac was a lonely substitute teacher at a low grade school. He wanted a new life. He wanted to be saved. She left him burning and screaming. She told him, you will have to find me if you want me. Ever since then he has been searching for his love.

They were right beneath us and in a split second Alex was standing in front of the newborn.

“Hello, my name is Alex…” Isaac cut him off mid-sentence and tried to push him aside.

Alex didn’t move as he smiled and slashed Isaac’s face stone face. A huge chunk flew off and Eric just stood in horror.

Isaac snarled and leaped forward trying to tackle Alex. I didn’t need to tell him where to go or how quickly he had to move. Alex was on his game, he was controlling Isaac like a puppet, even without using his powers.

“Stop,” Alex was done playing tag. He was ready to terminate this useless creature before him.

Isaac stopped.

“Kneel before me,” Alex smiled as the pathetic vampire collapsed onto his knees.

Alex slowly walked to Isaac and placed his pale hands on Isaac’s head. He took a deep breath and without any resistance Isaac’s head was off and his body fell limp to the floor. He dismembered the rest of Isaac’s body and told me to start the fire to finish him.

“As for you Eric,” I told Alex the man’s name. “Come here,” the man obeyed. “My name is Alex; you have one of two choices. You can join our coven and turn into an immortal being, or you can choose to die.

Quick bursts of human memories appeared into Alex’s mind. He shuddered and continued.

“What will it be Eric?” Alex’s face was tranquil and at ease, but his words held slight disgust.

Eric was speechless for the time being. He thought about all that had happened to his family and in his life. He thought to himself, do I really want to become the very same monster that killed my family?

“You will not turn out like that menace. Although it is true, you will desire blood, you do not have to be a monster.” I said with a sweet charming voice. Alex glared at me, as if that tone of voice was only for him.

“It is true. I have a special venom running through my veins. You will have such a control over your new life that you could go to a concert full of humans and not even think about drinking an ounce.” Alex was lying there but Eric didn’t know that.

“I… I want to become a… a… vampire.” Eric stood up, once Alex allowed him to. “Please just spare my life.” He pleaded with Alex.

“If I wanted to kill you, you would’ve been dead ten times over by now.” Alex smiled and turned to me. He raised his hand and motioned me to them. I followed delightfully.

“Yes babe?” I smiled and flicked my hair back.

“Kill Eric now, he is not what I want.” Alex walked away with the man screaming.

For some reason I stuttered the first bite. How could Alex do such a thing to a poor man? “Would you like to share some with me, love?” I asked as I snapped the man’s neck.

“No thanks darling, just hurry up and drink your fill and throw him in the fire.” Alex took off but was never out of my hearing range.

Why didn’t he drink with me? Why was he trying to starve himself? Maybe he just wanted the thrill of the hunt. But there is no hunt in demanding obedience.

I tried to read Alex’s mind but he kept thinking of the dog he had as a young boy. He was trying to hide something, but what? The questions kept ringing in my ear louder and louder.