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Tragedies and Sins

In an alternate universe, the Cullens are human. The beautiful boy that sits next to Bella in Biology is cold, hard, and not exactly friendly. He doesn't speak to her; she doesn't speak to him. These two human beings resort to minimum interaction with each other. And yet, she finds herself falling for the man that she knew never had a clue. Slighty OOC.

Hey guys! This is Tragedies and Sins, my second fanfic. Read, review, enjoy!

2. Chapter 2: Angel

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Edward’s PoV

Every single person that surrounds me, they all are somehow in love. They love their partner, their home, their friends, and in Alice’s case, their shoes. Me? Well. If someone I knew asked me, I’d say that I’ve never been in love. But I know that’s a lie.

I knew it as soon as I walked into that Biology classroom on the first day of school, and I saw her. Alice, my sister, had a best friend. And her name was Bella. You know Bella means beautiful in Italian? She sure was beautiful. She had the shiniest and most voluptuous chocolate brown hair, and the largest eyes I’d ever seen. Her skin was pale and even-toned, and looked baby soft. Slender but curvaceous, she certainly was beautiful.

Bella was sitting in the very front of the classroom, reading the textbook she had just been given. I almost chuckled at her known studious nature, but stopped myself before I could look silly. I made sure that my nonchalant look remained on my face. I stepped forward, glancing around to find a place to sit.

As my eyes swept the room, I came to a grim realization. The only seat available was at the front of the classroom, next to that studious girl whose name meant beautiful.

To put it bluntly, I was scared shitless.

When I sat down next to that gorgeous woman, she glanced at me out of the corner of her eye.

“Edward.” My name on her lips brought unmentionable and embarrassing thought to my mind. I wanted to push back her hair so I could see her stunning face.

“Hello.” I truly didn’t know what to say to her. I didn’t want to come off as the stuttering mess she usually saw me as.

And that was the extent of our daily conversation. Always did I resist the urge to ask her how she was, what was new. Sometimes she wouldn’t say anything at all to me, and I would follow suit.

I tried not to believe it when she acted so utterly cold and unfeeling towards me, but I couldn’t resist the belief that she hated me with a completely unreasonable passion.

And now, as I walk into that classroom for the umpteenth time, I realize that maybe indifference isn’t the way to go about it. Maybe if I genuinely tried to be her friend, she would return the favor. But I’m not one for taking risks.


I shut the microwave door, then set the timer for Bagel Bites. I turned towards the granite countertop and placed my elbows on it. I leaned down onto my hands, unconsciously pinching the bridge of my nose.

I didn’t know why, but I felt stressed at that moment in time. There was too much going on in my life. I kept thinking about how I could barely concentrate in Biology earlier that day, because of Bella.

Bella, Bella, Bella. I smiled into my hands just thinking about her. She was so intelligent, so witty, so focused and concentrated on her wants. I was completely oblivious to my surroundings at this point, so Alice and the aforementioned friend walked unnoticed into the kitchen.


I jerked my head up at the shrill voice of my sister, stepping away from the counter. I patted down my hair a bit, and smoothed my shirt.

“Alice.” I simply nodded to Bella, who was standing uncertainly at the doorway.

Alice rested her arm on my shoulder, and kissed me swiftly on the cheek before moving away. Walking over to the fridge, she grabbed an empty glass from the cabinet and filled it with ice and water.

“Here you go, Bella.” She handed the water to her. “I really need to speak to my dad for a couple secs. Do you mind staying down here?”

Bella swiftly glanced up at me, but looked away when she met my gaze. “Uh, yes, that’s fine.”

Alice smiled and skipped lightly out the doorway. I could hear her stomp up the stairs, most likely heading to our father’s study upstairs. Meanwhile, Bella shyly moved to one of the barstools at the counter.

“Hello, Edward. How are you?” Bella’s eyes remained focused on her hands, which were folded and resting on the granite, but her voice was shockingly friendly.

Surprised at the gesture, I replied stonily, “Fine.”

Bella didn’t say anything in response, just tightened her elegant jaw line, and pursed her lips a bit.

I frowned at her a bit, then jumped when the timer on the microwave dinged loudly. I yanked open the door, and grabbed the food. Loudly opening the cabinet and pulling out a plate, I plopped the food onto it and stood at the counter. I lifted my eyes to the woman in front on me, and grimaced.

It sounds corny, but she was almost too beautiful. It was devastating how stunning she really was.

Out of the blue, I heard a smack on the stone. I jerked up my head to see Bella glaring at me, hand in a fist on the granite. Her usually full and relaxed mouth was pressed into a flat, thin line.

“What the fuck is your problem? Ever since the first time I came here, you’ve been rude, moody, and a just plain ass. Why do you dislike me so much?”

I could feel my mouth falling open. Never had I seen such a sweet, caring girl like Bella actually stand up for herself once. It was amazing to watch as she demanded an explanation.

I shook myself out of my amazement, and closed my mouth. I stepped around the corner, standing only a yard away from Bella. “Bella, why would you ever think that I disliked you?”

Bella opened her mouth in an attempt to reply, but Alice came rushing into the room. The conversation would never be accepted in Alice’s presence, so I grabbed my plate and stepped out of the room.