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Tragedies and Sins

In an alternate universe, the Cullens are human. The beautiful boy that sits next to Bella in Biology is cold, hard, and not exactly friendly. He doesn't speak to her; she doesn't speak to him. These two human beings resort to minimum interaction with each other. And yet, she finds herself falling for the man that she knew never had a clue. Slighty OOC.

Hey guys! This is Tragedies and Sins, my second fanfic. Read, review, enjoy!

6. Chapter 6: When the Sun Goes Down

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Alice’s PoV

Most people don’t get the idiosyncrasies of the Cullen/Whitlock/McCarty/Swan relationships. Despite the fact that most of us aren’t even blood related, we’re closer than the average family. Our bonds are thicker than blood, to be melodramatic, and we’re there for each other.

Most people don’t get how every one of us has gotten partnered up with another. They think that the romantic relationships are forced, that we’re just together because it’s convenient and easy. But trust me, it’s far from easy.

First of all, there’s the Cullen clan. Edward and I are the two Cullen teens, and we’re like night and day. He’s sullen and brooding and reserved. I’m happy and outgoing and overbearing. Ying and yang, we balance each other out. He’s my Adderall. I’m his Prozac.

I and my wonderfully emotional brother have two parents, although neither of us is actually related to either of them. Edward’s mom died of cancer three months after Edward was born. Carlisle and Esme, our loving parents, weren’t blessed with the ability to conceive a child, and Edward was perfect for them.

When Edward was six months of age, I was born. A year later, my parents simply got bored of me, and I was left to a run down orphanage. When Esme heard of my situation, I was adopted and became a Cullen. Now, sixteen years later, we’re a happy family.

The Whitlock people are a bit more typical. Jasper, my beautiful muse, and Rosalie Whitlock, one of my best friends, are twins. Their resemblance in both personality and appearance shocks most people, but we take it in stride. They are both tall and lean, with a hidden amount of muscle. Jasper has ear length blonde hair which falls forward in a wonderful fashion. Rosalie is also a blonde, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell by her intelligence. With her banging body and devastating obsession with car mechanics, she’s the center of all teenage boys’ wet dreams.

Edward and I are both secretly jealous when it comes to their parents. Carlisle and Esme are most certainly the kindest, most caring and loving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I will be eternally grateful to them for saving me from a lifetime of foster homes, but nothing beats being related to your parents.

The McCarty family consists of Emmett. He’s the classic representation of an older brother. He’s tall, muscular, tough, and a complete softy. He cried during Wall-E. He’s always there for me.

He didn’t have quite the childhood as the rest of us. His mom, Lois, was still a recovering alcoholic when Em was born, and they’ve been struggling together for as long as I can remember. Emmett is incredibly understanding and forgiving, even when his mom comes home hideously drunk from the bar nightly. We’ve tried to be supportive, but it has been made clear that this is Emmett’s struggle, not ours. Despite his challenging existence, he’s the perfect brother.

Bella was also an only child. She was petite, with chestnut colored hair. She was as reserved as Edward, but not nearly as brooding. She was quiet and introverted, but kind and optimistic. She lived with her father Charlie, and was perfectly content with that fact.

Her mother, Renee, was undependable, and left her daughter in Charlie’s less than capable hands when she was not even a year old, running off with another man. Charlie, despite his broken heart and with the help of Carlisle and Esme, raised Bella to be the strong and independent woman she is today.

Together, all of us form an intricate weave of a family unit. It was not surprising to anyone when one morning, after a traditional sleepover including all five of us, I awoke wrapped in Jasper’s arms. I had fallen asleep with my head squeezed between his shoulder and jaw, and my hands on his chest. The first thing I saw in the morning was his piercing blue gaze looking fondly down at my mussed hair, and it was love from there on out.

Emmett and Rosalie relationship was more of a growing thing. It gradually progressed from acquaintances, to friends, to good friends, best friends, to romantically inclined, to going out, to being in love. No matter how hard I pushed, they took it slow. Rosalie had the worst experience with relationships, always being adored, but not being loved. She needed someone to take the lead for once. Emmett was a jock, always throwing away girls like chew toys. But Rosalie was no chew toy, and we all knew that.

And then there was one. Edward was always the fifth wheel, but not in a bad way. He helped to support the group in a way that another couple couldn’t have.

Even though Edward seemed perfectly content by himself, I tried to get him to be social. He was quite the charmer when he was being open with others, and really came out of his shell in middle school. He became friends with the popular people, which is how he drew Emmett into our group. When we all hit high school, Edward was truly accepted, only second in level of recognition to Emmett.

Naturally, I was glad for Edward. The solitary downside to this newfound confidence was his relationship with our best friend, Bella. Bella and I became best friends in elementary school, and Edward decided to form a twisted bond with Bella one summer. But middle school brought middle school troubles, and Edward turned into Jerkward. He ignored her; cast her down, desperately trying to become accepted.

Bella tried to hide the hurt, but it showed in her eyes whenever Edward appeared in the room. Her eyes were literally the window to her soul, the window to her feelings. She couldn’t hide anything from anyone.

And now! Now! Both Edward and Bella believed that I had conveniently arrived just after Bella’s little outburst in the kitchen a few days ago. But I had spent the entire time pressing my ear to the door, listening in on their argument. I wasn’t shocked at Bella’s explosion; it had been long since due for an appearance. I left a note for Edward the next day, prodding him to speak with Bella. The next thing I know, they were cool again.

Then, Edward called Bella one night. They talked about nothing for hours, and I could actually feel the tangible growth of their friendship. I could only hope that they didn’t move as slowly as Emmett and Rosalie, but I didn’t want to push. Their camaraderie had suffered the biggest of blows, and they needed ample time to recover that mystic familiarity they had when they were young.

I silently mulled over everything that had happened in the past week, and marveled at my subtle skill. They still had no idea that I had planned the entire occurrence.

Now, as I sat patiently in the kitchen waiting for Jasper to come and pick me up for date night, I concocted another master scheme. I leaped from the bar stool when the sound of the door opening alerted me to his presence.

“Honey, I’m home!” he bellowed, and held out his arms. As you would expect, I flitted to him, and jumped into his arms. He grasped my thighs, wrapping my legs around his thin waist. I gave him a butterfly kiss on the nose, my arms finding a way around his neck.

“Hello!” I smiled and kissed him lightly.

“Well, hello, sugar. You ready for our date?”

“Oh stop, you know I can’t control myself when you call me sugar. And yes, I’m ready! But look. I know you wanted some alone time, but I have a master plan!”

“What’s that, babe?”

I leaned in and whispered my excellent plan into his ear.

He pulled away slightly and whispered back. “Dear, I can see right down your shirt, and it’s not helping the cause here.” His hips wiggled teasingly against my own.

I swatted him forcefully on the back of the head. “Shush, you hormonal teenager! Now listen. I want Em and Rose, and Ed and Bell here in fifteen minutes! You call your sister and the other horny boy toy and I’ll get Edward and Bella.”

“Sure thang, sugar.”

A giggle escaped my lips and I pressed them hard against his neck. “Be quiet and go call the crew! I’ll be right back. I slinked off of my beloved and pranced up to Edward’s room.

I quietly knocked, and not receiving an answer, I slowly pushed open the door. I was surprised to see Edward lying on his back in the center of the room, stretched out and on the phone. He was laughing at something, and a brilliant smile was lighting up his face. He seemed truly happy.

When he caught sight of me, and sat up and waved. “Just a second, Bella, Alice needs something.”

I clapped my hands and rushed to Edward. After plopping into his lap and stealing the phone from him, I covered the mouthpiece with my palm. “Eddie-kins! Jasper and I were going to go out on a date tonight, but we wanted the gang to tag along. You cool with that, Eduardo?”

“First of all, Alice. My name is Edward. Not Eddie-kins, not Eduardo. And yea, that sounds hunky dory. Gimme a minute to say bye to Bella?”

“Edward, she’s coming too. I need to speak with her.”

He rolled his eyes and pushed me out of his lap. After standing up and watching me playfully tumble to the ground, he started pulling off his t-shirt.

“Jeeze, Edward! I’m so not into that kind of thing! What will Jasper think?”

He grabbed a random pair of sullied boxers from the hamper and threw them at my face. I squealed and tossed them to the side, shooting a few foul looks at my brother before putting the phone to my ear.

“Beellah! You’ve gots to see this! Edward is stripping and you need to get in on the action.”

A tinkling laugh was heard from the earpiece, and Edward tackled me to the floor again. I laughed him off, and we both ended up lying on our stomachs on the floor. The phone was yanked from my hand, and he started talking to Bella.

“Hey, Bells. I’m not stripping for Alice; neither of us is into incest. But we do want you to come over. Al and Jasper invited us to tag along on their date tonight.”

I tugged the phone back to the side of my head, and I elaborated. “I thought it would be nice. We haven’t been able to hang out as a group since school started.”

Bella responded as usual. “Can I do my own makeup and dress myself?”


She sounded surprised. “Oh. Cool.”

“Okay, Bells! We’ll be there in fifteen minutes!”

“Wait, gimme the phone, Alice!”

I sighed and handed the cell back to Edward.

Edward paused before speaking, glaring at me. “Well?”

“Well, what?”

“Get out!”

“Fine! Fine!” I stood up quickly, and skipped out of the room. This plan was going to be great.

Edward’s PoV

Immediately after I heard Alice walk down the stairs and start chatting away to Jasper, I spoke to Bella.

“Hey, sweetie. Sorry about that. Alice was being Alice.”

She giggled. “Don’t worry, Edward. I’ve known her for quite a long time. I’m used to her.”

“So are you coming?”

“Of course, Edward!”

“Good. I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“We just saw each other like two days ago.”

“That’s quite a while, Bells.”

“Oh, shut up, Ed.” Her voice was light and teasing.

I just laughed off the use of my feared nickname, and decided to tease her a bit.

“No, you shut up, Bell! You know you can’t stand the thought of going two days without me.”

She chuckled nervously. “Yea, right.”

I laughed easily, trying to ease the lapse. “See you in about fifteen minutes?”

“Sure, Edward.”

“Goodbye, sweetheart.”


I chuckled and closed my phone. Rolling onto the balls of my feet, I stretched my arms over my head and walked over to the dresser. After pulling on a clean pair of loose jeans and a plain black hoodie, I slipped on some flip-flops and headed downstairs.

“Hey gang.” Rosalie and Emmett had already arrived while I was getting changed, and all four of my friends were cuddled on the couch. A pang of jealously went through me at their obvious partnering. Alice was snuggled in Jasper’s lap, and he was stroking her hair gently while whispering in her ear. Rosalie was straddling Emmett’s legs, kissing the top of his head.

“I hate to break the lust party going on down here, but we’re going to be late.”

Jasper stood up with Alice still clinging onto his neck. He gently set her on the ground. I was glad that my sister had found someone that treated her so well, and I walked over and patted my best friend on the back.

Rosalie crawled off of her boyfriend and pulled him off the couch.

She spoke, her voice low and smooth. “What car are we taking?”

Emmett straightened up a bit. “Well, the Jeep has the most room…”

Rosalie smacked him on the shoulder. “We’re not taking the fucking Jeep! Christ.”

Em lowered his voice to a whisper and murmured something in her ear. She snorted and wrapped her long arm around his waist.

I coughed, trying to break up the moment. “How about two of us each take our own cars? Alice and Jasper can take the Porsche, Em and Rosalie can take the BMW, and Bella and I will take the Volvo.”

Emmett ran to me and pulled me into one of those clichéd man hugs. “Dude! Score! You are totally whipped. Trying to get Bell alone in the Volllvo!”

I shrugged out of his embrace, and awkwardly ran my hand through my hair. “I’m not trying to bang her, Emmett. It just makes sense.”

Rosalie smiled warmly at me, and pulled Emmett outside. She called over her shoulder, “Meet you guys at the diner!”

The diner was our favorite haunt. We used to go there every week, but eventually we all got busy —hah, not like that —and stopped going. I was looking forward to eating there again.

I grabbed the keys to the Volvo, and left Alice and Jasper kissing in the living room, just barely avoiding a sight no one in their right mind wanted to see. I slid into the driver’s seat, and started my dearly adored car. I easily backed down the driveway, and sped up when I got onto the road. I pressed down harder on the gas pedal, reveling in the feeling of whipping down the road.

When I arrived at the Swan home, Bella was waiting for me on the front porch. The way she smiled at me when I got out of the car warmed my heart. It was nice to be friends again.

I approached her as she climbed down the steps. “Why, hello, Miss,” I said sarcastically.

“Oh, cut the chivalry, you asshole.” She smiled despite her harsh words, and pulled me into a hug. I was surprised, but hugged her back nonetheless. We gripped each other for a few moments, and comfortably pulled away. I was stunned that how straightforward and effortless our companionship seemed to be. I walked her to her door, and helped her in. After closing her door, and jogged around the front of the car to sit behind the steering wheel.

I pulled out and started the drive to the diner, while turning to look at Bella.

“So how’ve ya been?”

“Cut the crap, Romeo. You know how I’ve been.”

I laughed a full sounding belly laugh. “So, does this new role provide me permission to come to your window in the middle of the night?”

She chuckled throatily. “Of course.”

Bella’s hand was resting lightly on the arm rest. I couldn’t help but glance over at her, see her looking dreamily out the window, and imagine what it would feel like to have her hand entangled with my own.

I tried to slyly slide my hand over the middle section of the front seat, and placed my hand over hers. When my skin made contact, she literally jumped out of her seat. She looked over at me suddenly, and then shook her head, laughing at herself.

I was slightly worried about her reception to the move, so I asked her. “Bell? Is this okay?”

She nodded, taking her deliciously full bottom lip in between her teeth and gnawed.


She grinned and threaded her fingers through mine.

The rest of the ride was full to the brim with relaxed quiet. We sat there, holding hands for what seemed like an eternity. When we got to the diner, neither Rosalie and Emmett nor Alice and Jasper had arrived. For all we knew, both of the couples had both pulled over on deserted roads to steam up the windows.

I mentioned the last thought out loud to Bella, and she guffawed. “Typical of Rosalie and Emmett, but Jasper and Alice?”

“You have no idea what goes on in Alice’s bedroom, Bell.”

Her eyes widened, and she slapped her free hand over her mouth. “Seriously?”

I nodded, rolling my eyes. “She hasn’t gushed about it to you?”

She furrowed her brow, looking upset. “Why do you think she hasn’t?”

I thought for a moment. “I think it’s because you’re the most innocent of the group.”

She scoffed. “Well, thanks!” Her reply was sarcastic and bitter.

“That was a compliment, sweetie. Innocence is quite flattering on you.”

She smirked, and turned to look at me. Immediately, the smirk was gone, replaced by a slightly open pout. Her eyes were wide and innocent, framed with a smudgy line of brown eyeliner. She tilted her head towards the ground slightly, looking at me through her thick and dark lashes. She spoke in a soft whine. “What’s flattering on me, Edward?”

Her voice was slightly babyish, and I held back a moan by pressing my lips together. “Isabella, you really shouldn’t do that.”

She removed her hand from mine, and placed it on the side of my neck, leaning into me slightly. “Why ever not, Eddie?”

My breath came in short bursts, and I placed my hand over the one on my neck. “Because the lack of a condom is the only thing keeping me from going at it like a pair of bunnies with you.”

She gasped slightly. I decided to be bold, and leaned in to touch her lips with my fingers. Just as I was about to kiss her very softly, a blaring honk sounded in the parking space next to ours. She jumped away from me right before Emmett and Jasper tapped on the windows. I desperately tried to rearrange the bulge in my pants without Bella seeing, and before the two boisterous people outside teased me about my erection.

Bella giggled nervously at me, and started to get out of the car. Once her back was turned, I relaxed and flopped onto the back of my chair. Tonight was going to be a long one.