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Twists and Turns

You know how they say one rotten apple spoils the entire bunch? Well, what will happen when six ordinary people mix with one sexy, hot call girl? Will the final result be appealing?

A new story! *cheers* Hope you like it...

1. Gotcha

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Twists and Turns

Chapter 1: Gotcha!


"Just listen to what I have to say, Edward!" Jasper looked at me tiredly, fiddling with the strap of his camera and sat on my desk.

"Our newspaper is the most popular in Arizona, Jazz. How can you expect me to take such a risk with the company?" I replied back smoothly, swiveling in my office chair.

Jasper, my company's first class photographer and friend had been pestering me for the past few weeks about the idea he had gotten for our newspaper. Since our business was currently at the top of the page, I couldn't bear to hear another one of his foolish ideas that could lead me to drop below the line.

"Nothing of the sort will happen, Ed. This would rather double up our sales!" He exclaimed, removing the camera and placing it on the desk. I opened my mouth to protest but he'd already beaten me to the bush. Damn that boy and his fast talking instincts.

"Women are in the constant lookout for a proof of their husband's or boyfriend's affairs to enable them to put collars around their necks! We will provide them with the proof, Edward. And after that...every morning...women won't be rushing to purchase condoms from the pharmacy, but to buy our newspaper, 'The Breaking Dawn'...constantly anticipating their partner's photograph in it." Jasper finished off, waiting with a huge grin on his face. I must say, the boy had some brains...even if he did have some ideas that kindergartners could come up with.

I stopped moving and carefully got up from my chair, walking to Jasper with a serious business face. He raised his eyebrow and ran a hand through his blond hair. Grabbing his shoulders, I roughly shook them a couple of times.

"Yes! You're a genius Jasper! This will help at least half the population of Phoenix with their love lives..." I sighed heavily. Every perfect idea had to have a negative aspect to it. "But, what will be the fate of our newspaper after that?" Letting go of his shoulders, I looked at him expectantly, hoping his brain would think of a solution.

Jasper shook his head and snickered.

"You're really funny, you know that Edward? Obviously, it will continue to sell, even after what we're intending on doing. Every man in the world can mend his ways, but definitely not your friend Emmett." A sly feature appeared in his eyes as I finally realized what he was saying.

"Ah. So you mean we're going to take his pictures when he's out with some other woman?" Jasper nodded. "Great! Once his wife Rosalie finds out, it'll stay as a birthmark for the rest of his existence."

"You know you love me, dude," Jasper joked and slapped me on the back, walking towards the exit with his camera.

I don't think this is a good idea...

Please. You never think anything's a good idea. That's why there's two of us here, you doughnut.

Ugh! I can never stand you here with me. Can't you just disappear or something?

Who are you? My mother?

The voices continuously battled in my head as Jasper waited for me by the door.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"To the airport..."


"Because Emmett's there with his latest hook-up."

"How did you find out where he was?"

"Screw the questions, Sherlock, and get your ass in the car before I pummel you. What did you take me as, a kindergartner?" Jasper muttered and went towards my car and sat in the passenger seat. A chuckle escaped from my mouth as I grabbed the keys for my Silver Volvo.

Note to self: Never underestimate the power of Jasper Whitlock...


Luckily, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport was only a short drive away, so hopefully Emmett and his bimbo didn't leave the terminal yet.

"Jasper, why are you still single?" I asked him casually, turning the air conditioning on. He sat quietly, staring out at the window.

"Why don't you have any kids yet?" He shot back, smirking.

"Bella isn't exactly ready. She still wants to work at the high school she's currently teaching at."

The thought of Bella Cullen, my wife poured into my head.

Her long and silky dark brown hair...The chocolate brown eyes I could just melt into...Her heart-shaped face...Her full, luscious lips forming into a breath-taking smile...Her musical laugh...

"Edward? What's with the dreamy look in your eyes?" Jasper spoke up, snapping me out of my little fantasy.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking about...flying pigs," I mumbled and parked the car in one of the parking spaces.


We slipped out of the car, and fast-walked our way to the departure area of the airport. Our ideal hiding spot was a huge fifteen feet marble pillar, directly near the waiting area.

"There he is!" I whispered, nudging Jasper to start taking the photos.

"No shit, Sherlock," he said dully, bringing the camera to his face.

"What's with you and saying 'Sherlock'?" He ignored me and focused on the burly man.

With an arm around the bimbo, Emmett was on the phone, probably trying to sweet-talk his wife.

"Bye sweetheart!" He shut his phone and pulled the girl closer to him.

I shuddered.

God, why do you even create men who are cheating on their wives?

"Why did you, like, call your wife even if you, like, don't intend to, like, go home?" I swear, if I hear that sickly, nasally voice say 'like' again, I would hire someone to go and kill her. Who did she think she was? A freshman in high-school?

"One should always be sure about his wife. What if she spots me being so close to you?" Emmett said seductively, pressing her even closer. Ah, my poor non-virgin eyes...

A flash blinded the couple and they both looked towards our way. Instead of threatening to kill us for taking pictures, Emmett did something I would never have imagined.

"Hi Eddie! What a timely entry! Take a few more snaps, won't ya? C'mon, go ahead. Go ahead...click it," I cringed as the two of us walked towards him and put on fake smiles. "Didn't you like the pose? Here's another one! Click the damn button, man and don't waste time!" My eyes widened as I peeked at Jasper. The camera was frozen in his hands and we watched as Emmett's face was directly on top of the girl's, er, cleavage? Damn, that man was definitely asking for trouble.

I nudged Jasper's shoulder and he took the picture.

"Very good. This one too," Emmett's second pose was far worse than the first one that I looked away, humming a random tune.

"When will I get the photographs?" He asked.

"In the evening," Jasper retorted, "But not you, your wife will get them," he smirked as Emmett's face transformed from happiness to anger.

"Why? Why my wife?" He bellowed, coming closer to us, leaving his bimbo standing close to tears.

"Well, you see, he wants it this way," Jasper pointed to me and all eyes were averted to my direction. Wait 'till I get my hands on you Jasper Whitlock...I'll cut you into pieces and you won't only stay single for the rest of your life, you'll stay paralyzed and free of any sexual activity.

"Hey, you're my friend and the photos belong to me. And, you'll give them to my wife? What kind of a friend are you?" He questioned me, his eyebrows furrowed together.

I shrugged. "A true friend. And, I'll do anything to bring him on the right path."

Emmett looked to the forgotten bimbo with a pained expression and whispered in her ear. She automatically left and it was only the three of us standing.

He put on his innocent face and lowered his tone. "Edward. I really don't understand. Am I treading the wrong path?"

I shook my head and looked at him, straight in the eye. "Aren't you? You have such a beautiful and loving wife. And, here you are with another girl... Isn't this wrong?"

He put his sunglasses on grinned.

"What's wrong with it? Didn't you have a Mercedes Benz before?"

"Yeah. So what?" What did cars have to do with having affairs with other women?

"You bought a Smart car after that," Jasper agreed, nodding his head. "Then a BMW and a Lancer." Jasper continued nodding his head. I hit the back of his head and he winced.

"And you own a Silver Volvo today, brother!"

"I know...But what point are you trying to make, Em?"

"All I want to ask is why did you change so many cars?" Probably because I felt like it?

"Well, driving the same car can be pretty boring. And, one needs to change an old car, isn't it?" Jasper piped in.

"Right...And the wife?" This guy had gone out of his mind. "You changed five cars in the last five years. But, you still have the same wife."

"Are you crazy? Does one change his wife like he changes his car?" I cracked up and everyone joined with me.

"Hey, you're right! We are upright guys and that's why we don't change our wives. But is it some sin to board another car for a while?" Emmett asked, crossing his arms.

"Rosalie will answer this question for you when she gets these pictures," I smiled, raising an eyebrow.

Emmett ripped his glasses off and called a nearby officer. "Officer, would you please come here." The seven foot tall officer came and stood by Emmett, who winked at me.

I gulped.

"Please inform the gravity of the crime of clicking pictures in such a high-security area," he said, pointing to Jasper's camera.

"What do you think you're doing?" The officer turned his bald head towards us with a menacing glare.

"Sir, w-we were clicking our friend's pictures. Just for f-fun, sir." Jasper stuttered, trying to do something with the camera behind his back.

"Are they your friends?" Baldy asked Emmett, who had a neutral expression on his face. Seemed as if he was enjoying the show...

"Yes, they are. But I can't vouch for any of them. I don't want to get into any trouble if a plane gets hijacked," Emmett shrugged.

"Come with me." The officer grabbed onto Jasper's arm and started pulling him.

"No officer, just have a look. There's no roll in it," Jasper opened the compartment where the roll should've have been and it was empty. "We were just joking. You know, an early April Fool's prank."

"There's no roll? You were joking?" Emmett asked in mock-astonishment.

"Yes, we were joking!" Jasper and I cried out at the same time.

"It's fine then. In that case, I can vouch for them. Thank you, Officer." The officer gave one last suspicious glance and walked away. Emmett came and hugged me in his bone-crushing grip.

"I knew that you would never take such objectionable pictures of me," he whispered in my ear. I slowly pushed him away and put on my best warning glare.

"One day, I won't only do it, Emmett; I will also publish them on the front page of my newspaper. Then you can kiss your wife and leather business goodbye."

The glasses in his hands were crushed into tiny pieces and he threw them to the ground, charging away.

Jasper let out a breath of relief.

"I should be the one doing that, since you're the one who brought me here in the first place," I mumbled angrily, as my cell phone chirped.

"I'm bringing sexy back
Them other boys don't know how to act
I think it's special what's behind your back
So turn around and I'll pick up the slack.
Take 'em to the bridge...

Jasper looked at me with an amused glint on his face.

"Long story," I sighed, pressing the phone to my ear.

"Sure," he mouthed, wandering away to give me some privacy.

"Hey, love," I murmured.

"When are you coming home, Edward?" She asked me, with a hint of tiredness in her voice.

"Whenever you're home, why?"

"I'm already home. I just finished marking some of the kids' essays..."

"In that case...I'll be there before you know it."

"See you soon," she whispered.

Man, did I love my wife.