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My Broken Heart: Poetry

I was at school and our teacher wanted us to do poetry, so I did one and I am going to put it here. This is placed when Edward left/ How bella felt.

Hope you like it!

1. Poetry 1: Bella's POV

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Bella's POV

I remember, I remember that perfect day.

looking at your beautiful face.

I ran, I ran

to you I did.

My life now empty and rigid.

My life with you flashed in my eyes

and now I remember all the lies.

I clutched my chest,

the tears streaming down.

Your crooked smile turned into a frown.

I fell, I fell

Way down deep.

Only you could be the one,

only you could be with me.

I love you, and way down deep

You do to.

Here's my heart

from me to you.