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True Blood

*REVISED* *A Harry Potter/Twilight Fan Fiction* Natalie begins to fall in love with the handsome, striking, young vampire as soon as he saves her life. Natalie managed to escape from her parents to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her parents were death eaters; followers who worshipped the darkest evil wizard of all time, Voldemort. As soon as Lord Voldemort discovers that Natalie's blood is the key to restore his power and strength, the only one to save and comfort her is Edward Cullen. *Please comment guys! I would love to hear your reviews! :) *

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or Harry Potter or the characters mentioned in the story. The original characters and plot are the property of Stephanie Meyers and J.K Rowling. Certain quotes and events mentioned in this story are just a reference from the books. I also have the same story on another fan fiction site. This is strictly just for reviews; I want to hear what the Harry Potter & Twilight fans think :) No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Chapter 1

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“Natalie…are you awake yet?” The voice above me questioned quietly.

“How are you feeling?” A beautiful voice asked.

“Huh…?” I answer back dazedly as I tried to open my eyes, but the light was too bright and it was blinding my vision. I raised an arm in defense, shielding my eyes. The man talking to me before quickly got the hint and turned off the lamp beside my bed.

I strained my eyes until my vision became clear. I had absolutely no idea where I was. There were three male faces staring down at me. One of the men looked very old. He had a long, white, fluffy beard and wore half moon spectacles and was dressed in robes. Was this Dumbledore? The only wizard Voldemort ever feared? I shook my head and glanced at the other two men who were both the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes on. The one standing on the left was very pale. He had short, blonde hair and he looked fairly young. I would say he was roughly around 30. But the other hunk standing beside my bed was the one that caught my eye. He was the most handsome person that walked this Earth. His face was so perfect. He looked about my age I guessed. He had really light, bronze coloured eyes; so different from what I’ve ever seen. I noticed he had pale, marble looking skin just like the blonde man. His jaw line and cheekbones were so defined and strong. He ran his hand nervously through his thick brown hair as he stared down at me.

I think I’m in heaven…

I shifted my body to sit up straight, but I was so weak. Every part on my body was sore and it ached so badly. I cried out in excruciating pain as I sat up.

Nope…definitely not heaven! Heaven wouldn’t cause me this much agonizing pain.

A hand quickly extended out towards me.

“Be careful! You shouldn’t be sitting up like that right now. Just try and relax please, you’ve been through enough last night.” The blonde haired man said with much concern for me in his voice.

Who the hell were these people? Why were they helping me? They should have just let me die so I wouldn’t have to deal with the emotional and physical agony I was feeling at the present moment. I suddenly remembered everything that happened to me last night…

I was running, running as fast as I could through the dark forest to find somewhere safe. I was heading for Hogwarts. I had heard great things about this school and I so desperately wanted to go, but I was trapped. That’s why I ran away. I figured if I could escape to this school, then I would be safe from my parents. Their powers were so incredibly strong; I’m surprised I got away. My parents, David and Carmen were not human anymore…they were something much more powerful and dangerous. Since I was a little girl, I always had a strange feeling about them; like they were evil…and I was right. This whole time they were trying to raise me to become bad like them, so one day Voldemort will return and take over the world bullshit. I couldn’t let myself become monsters like them. I wouldn’t…even if it killed me in process. Not only were my parents dark wizards…they were also vampires. They worshipped Lord Voldemort, the most evil and powerful wizard that everyone feared. If he returned I wouldn’t even want to think of the future events that could possibly occur. Just the thought of it terrified me but I knew He was becoming stronger and everyone in the wizarding world was frightened. He thought he would become more powerful if he turned all of his death eaters into vampires. It would not only horrify people, it would destroy everyone faster than ever before…I continued running through the forest, petrified beyond imagination. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to Hogwarts before they caught up to me. They were so fast…so strong. And there I saw the magnificent castle in the distance. I was so exhausted and out of breath from running but I had to keep moving. I hit something extremely hard and I blacked out for a second. I thought I had run into a tree. I flew back about 20 feet and landed smack down on my back. I rolled over whimpering. I tried unsuccessfully to stand up and I placed my hand on my head. It was bleeding…my mother grabbed me forcefully from the ground and pulled me up. She shoved me up against a tree, grasping at my shirt and lifting me up so I was not touching the ground anymore. I tried to kick my way out of her grip, but it was useless. She let out a snarl at the scent of my blood. She was going to kill me; I could see it in her hungry red eyes that she wanted me dead.

“Let me go!” I managed to say with as much confidence as I could fake. I was terrified when she laughed in my face.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

“I’m your fucking daughter! Please just let me go!” I begged and I cried in disbelief, but my mother looked at me with livid eyes. She threw me to the ground violently.

“You were NEVER my daughter! A true daughter would have already accepted the Dark Lord into her life! You think Dumbledore will help you!? He’s a fool! You are no daughter of mine you worthless human. You’re better off dead…”

I rolled my body over lifelessly. I had bruises and gashes all over me from being tossed around back and forth like a fucking yo-yo. Just then, my father seized my arm and stood me up. I was swaying all over the place, I was so dizzy. I suddenly got punched in the gut and I fell back, sliding across the ground. My head hit a rock that seemed to come out of nowhere. I was bleeding more now and my parents were advancing towards me. I couldn’t move; I knew my life was over as they each bit into my arm. I could feel the venom spreading through my body. It would only be a matter of time before I would die. Carmen began to drain my blood more fiercely now.

“Her blood David…it’s so pure…so strong!”

“We should return to her to Voldemort. Her blood may be useful to him.” David smiled cruelly at me. They were not my parents anymore.

Suddenly a man came out of nowhere and knocked my parents out of the way before they could consume my blood or decide to bring me to Him. I couldn’t even see what was going on. It all happened so quickly. Without any effort, he swept up my body from the ground and ran towards the castle. My parents were furious and they chased him. But the mysterious man holding me was so fast that they couldn’t keep up. Everything that passed me was a blur as I struggled to open my eyes. Why did it seem like the castle was so far away before. Now that this striking gentleman was carrying me; it seemed like I was safely inside in a matter of seconds. I heard a voice panicking.

“Edward, bring her to me now! How badly is she hurt!?”

Okay so the gorgeous, mystery man holding me was named Edward.

“She got bit twice – it’s only a matter of time before she turns into one!” I began shaking violently and uncontrollably. The pain was nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my life.

“Carlisle, do something! Save her!” Edward’s voice was urgent.

“You have to suck the venom out of her. It’s the only way Edward.”

“Why me!? I’ll end up killing her!”

“I have to get her ready to be taken into the Hospital Wing, just do it Edward! You should be able to control yourself by now!”

“But you don’t understand Carlisle…her blood…it’s the sweetest I’ve ever smelled before, I won’t be able to control myself!” Edward scanned my body unsure of what to do. I was shaking so much, the pain was so excruciating! I was groaning in agony. When will this end?

“Help…” I managed to whisper out. I couldn’t take any more of this.

“EDWARD!!!” Carlisle was getting extremely impatient. Edward lifted up my arm to where my father had bit me. He placed his teeth directly over the wound and began to suck. His eyes became wide and hungry; I could see that my blood was irresistible to him. I slowly began to feel normal again as he continued to drain the poison.

“Edward that’s enough! She’s fine!” Carlisle promptly grabbed my limp body away from Edward and carried me to the Hospital Wing.

“Do not worry Natalie; you’re in good hands now, please rest.” Carlisle told me as he brushed a smooth, icy hand across my cheek. That’s when I finally fell asleep.

“You saved my life Edward…thank you.”

“Your welcome.” Just then, Edward smiled crookedly and I could feel my heart beating faster. I was getting all warm and tingly inside. God, he was so charming!

“Natalie…you must understand that you cannot return home. Do not underestimate your parents; they are very dangerous and they will be out there looking for you with the help of Voldemort. However, I can ensure your safety here at Hogwarts if you wish to stay that is.” Dumbledore explained as he smiled at me hoping I would say yes. I flashed a huge grin and I got all excited. I finally escaped the hell I was living in for 19 years and now I was here with people who all cared about my safety. People who were looking out for my best interest.

“Where will I be staying?” I questioned.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind…it’s just for safety precautions…would you have an issue if you and Mr. Edward Cullen share a dormitory?

HELLZ NO I WOULDN’T MIND! Please tell me were sharing a bedroom too!

“Excuse me?” Edward and I said in disbelief at the same time. I guess this was news to him too. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I almost laughed as if it were a joke.

“The staff here at Hogwarts have considered this matter. Your dorm will be attached to the Gryffindor common room. Only you and Edward will have that password and I can guarantee your comfort there. Mr. Cullen is here to watch over you and assist you with whatever you need…”

Whatever I need eh..? God Natalie, get your mind out of the gutter!

I glimpsed at Edward and I couldn’t help but notice his crooked smile spreading across his dazzling face.

“…We do not want you to worry about your safety here, you’re in good hands. Do you or Edward object to this idea?” Dumbledore questioned.

“I don’t mind Professor. I think it should be Natalie’s decision to see if she’s comfort-” I cut Edward’s sentence off.

“Yeah that’s fine with me.” I said a little too quickly and I blushed when Edward looked back at me and smiled. He looked pleased and satisfied that I said yes.

“Edward is a vampire right?” I question. Not that I minded or anything. I knew there were good vampires and bad ones. I could see that Edward was not bad at all; I was just kind of panicky after my parents bit me and I was nearly killed.

“So is Carlisle…Edward is his son.” Dumbledore continued.

I glanced up at Carlisle kindly smiling down at me.

“Edward is exceptionally strong. He has been like this for many years; he is able to control himself around humans. Our kind is not like the others, you are safe and sound with us.” Carlisle explained.

“You should get some rest; we can talk about this later.” Edward said softly in his perfect, soothing voice.

Professor Dumbledore and Carlisle agreed and left me to rest and heal. I was in a lot of pain and I had a headache from all the information and thoughts going through my brain. As soon as they left, I doze off into a deep sleep.