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True Blood

*REVISED* *A Harry Potter/Twilight Fan Fiction* Natalie begins to fall in love with the handsome, striking, young vampire as soon as he saves her life. Natalie managed to escape from her parents to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her parents were death eaters; followers who worshipped the darkest evil wizard of all time, Voldemort. As soon as Lord Voldemort discovers that Natalie's blood is the key to restore his power and strength, the only one to save and comfort her is Edward Cullen. *Please comment guys! I would love to hear your reviews! :) *

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or Harry Potter or the characters mentioned in the story. The original characters and plot are the property of Stephanie Meyers and J.K Rowling. Certain quotes and events mentioned in this story are just a reference from the books. I also have the same story on another fan fiction site. This is strictly just for reviews; I want to hear what the Harry Potter & Twilight fans think :) No copyright infringement is intended.

2. Chapter 2

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I was finally about to start all my classes at Hogwarts since I was well enough to be released from the hospital wing. Dumbledore thought it would be best if I became a full time student here because I would learn some valuable things; especially with Voldemort becoming stronger now.

I was in my bathroom looking in the mirror and fixing my hair and makeup, getting ready for my first class. Surprisingly, I still looked pretty good even with healing cuts and faded green-yellow bruises on my forehead and by my left eye. I noticed my olive complexion came back once I was released from the hospital. I brushed my long, full, dark chocolate hair once I finished straightening it. I touched up my eyeliner, pink lipstick, and sprayed my favourite, perfume. I was hoping Edward would be in my classes and that’s why I was concentrating on so hard on my wardrobe. I looked like crap when he saw me…all black-and-blue and bleeding. I had to make a good impression on him today. I scanned through my wardrobe. Dumbledore had sent someone a few nights back to collect all my belongings.

What should I wear…?

I came across a denim mini skirt.

No, I can’t wear this; everyone will think I’m a whore. Urgh…next.

I kept scanning through my wardrobe trying everything on and changing my mind over and over again. I decided on a pair of low rise, tight, dark denim skinny jeans (which complemented my long legs and hourglass figure) and a black, low cut tank top which accentuated my massively large boobs. I threw on a pair of heels and was out the door.

Whatever, good enough.

I was walking through the empty corridors and hallways trying to find where in this castle my class was. I was so lost, and so late!

I was supposed to be in class 32 minutes ago! Good job dumbass.

Just then I felt a sudden breeze fly by my side. It scared the crap out of me and jumped while taking a shocking gasp of air.

“Fuck Edward! You scared the shit out of me; don’t sneak up on me like that!” I placed my hand over my chest like I was having a heart attack.

Edward started laughing really hard.

“I’m sorry Natalie, I won’t do it again.” He continued laughing at me and I smiled back and playfully slapped him on bicep; but I only hurt myself in the process.

“Ouch! You’re so hard!” I complained. Two girls laughed at my comment as we passed them in the hallway. I just realized what I said sounded so wrong now that I though of it. Edward just smiled shyly and looked down. He wasn’t staring at me too much and when he did, he would look away quickly. To break the awkwardness, Edward began talking again.

“Umm…so you’re lost right? I figured since you weren’t in class I should come find you.”

“Were in the same class?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah…the room is at the other end of the castle…it would help if you weren’t reading the map upside-down either…” Edward gently held the map and turned it the other way around. I could tell he was trying to resist smirking.

“Oh…oops.” I said innocently.

Nice going…now he thinks you’re a fucking idiot!

Edward just smiled his crooked smile that melted my heart and gave me butterflies in my stomach. I caught him scanning my body up and down as he was showing me where the classroom was on the map. He quickly turned his attention back to the map when I glanced back up at him. I felt satisfied to know that he was all hot and bothered by my physical appearance.

Awww...Edward’s shy!

“Shall we get to class then?” Edward extended his arm with his hand open towards me. I place my hand in his cool palm.

He suddenly threw my body over his back with such ease. I was clinging my legs around his waist and my arms over his shoulders.

“Hold on tight…” He warned. Edward was faster than I had ever imagined; he was like a speeding bullet just running through the empty corridors. He suddenly stopped; we were already outside the classroom door.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked as he gently let me off his back.

“Yeah! That was amazing, you’re so fast…” I said in admiration.

Edward opened the door to the classroom for me like a gentleman. I stepped inside and every student’s head in that class turned and stared at me. And of course, no one told me I needed a school uniform. Everyone was dressed in robes, except me.


I heard a couple of students making loud whispers; the ones where people think their being quiet but in actuality their loud enough for everyone to hear. I rolled my eyes.

“Whose the new girl? She looks slutty to me…she’s not even wearing robes for class…does she think she’s better than everyone else!?” Said the girl with the black hair and the pig nose.


“Did she just walk in with Cullen!?” Another jealous girl’s voice whispered.

One bleach blonde guy whistled at me as I was walking to find a seat.

“I have an empty chair here beside me love, take a seat.” He offered.

“She’s sitting back here with me Malfoy.” Edward said rudely.

“She can sit wherever she likes bloodsucker.” The blonde guy retaliated back.

“Shut it snake.” The boy with the ginger hair and freckles who was sitting beside Edward also started talking back to this Malfoy person.

“No one asked you to talk, you pathetic excuse for a pure-blood!” Malfoy shouted back.

“That’s enough potty mouth from you, don’t you think Draco?” Another girl sitting close to Edward and the red head boy also became involved in the conversation. She had almond eyes and brown bushy hair.

“Granger…who gave you permission to speak you filthy mud-blood.” Gasps of shock and disgust were flown around the room by the other students.

Suddenly another boy sitting beside the Granger girl and the ginger haired boy stood up. He wore glasses, had jet black, messy hair and green eyes. I glanced up at his forehead and I saw a lightning bolt shaped scar.

“Oh you’ll pay for that one Malfoy…Petrificus Totalus!!” The boy shouted the incantation and pointed his wand at the blonde who was pissing everyone off. Draco Malfoy went into a body bind and fell backwards onto the floor. Everyone broke out into laughter.

“That should shut him the bloody hell up for once.” The black haired boy said in satisfaction.

I took a seat beside Edward.

“Where’s our teacher?” I asked.

“He had to get something from Dumbledore’s office. He should be back soon.” Edward said.

“Wow, is every class just as eventful as this one?” I said out loud to myself. The Granger girl glanced up at me.

“Only the classes with HIM! By the way, I’m Hermione Granger; these are my friends Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.” Ron was the ginger kid and Harry Potter was the one with the scar.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Natalie Ricci…I’m new here…”

“Yeah, didn’t notice that.” Ron said sarcastically. Our conversation was interrupted by our teacher who finally decided to return to the classroom.

“SILENCE EVERYONE!” The Professor undid the spell cast on Draco Malfoy.

“Draco, who is responsible for this?” He asked. Malfoy pointed his finger at Harry.

“Pot-head is sir.” Draco replied.

“Mr. Potter, detention every Saturday night for the next month in my office at 6:00 pm.” Harry rolled his eyes.

“Yes Professor Snape…”

Everyone was silent throughout the remainder of the class. Students were busy taking notes and I was too busy staring at Edward. I thought it would be fun to be a bit flirty with him in the meantime. I ran my hand through my long hair and tossed it to the other side of my head to expose my chest and neck more to Edward. Bad idea. Edward suddenly became very still and looked at my exposed skin. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Edward’s eyes opened wide and he exhaled as he stared hungrily at me. He looked angry and he turned his head away from me.

Uh oh. I think I disturbed the vampire.

“I-I’m sorry Natalie, I have to go.” Edward jolted from his seat and left the classroom.

“Umm…okay?” I said confused.

Class was finally over. I couldn’t wait to get back to the common room; hopefully Edward would be there and I could talk to him about what happened back in the class. Just then a voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Hey beautiful, I never properly introduced myself. I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” The bleach blonde guy shook my hand.

“Hi…I’m Natalie Ricci. Nice to meet you.”

“So you’re new here? I haven’t seen you around before.” He asked.

“Yeah, kind of a long story…don’t want to get into it.” I didn’t want to bring up those bad memories again.

“Alright, fair enough. So-“ Draco’s sentence was cut off by him being nudged hard in the shoulder.

“Ow! What the bloody hell!?” He yelled as he grabbed his shoulder.

“Watch where you’re going Mr. Peroxide!” A tall, gorgeous man said.

He was very big and muscular. He had short dark hair and a pale marble face…just like Edward’s. He was with three other beautiful creatures; I felt almost jealous. There were two other girls and one guy. One of the girls was very small and delicate looking. She had a short pixie haircut whereas the other girl beside her had gorgeous, long flowing blonde hair. The other guy’s facial expression made him look like he was in pain. However, he was still very good looking.

“See what happens you do that next time leech!” Draco yelled back furiously and he walked away cursing under his breath.

The four attractive people walked towards me.

“Hi Natalie! I’m Alice! Wow, Edward was right, you are really gorgeous!”

“Yeah, for a human.” The blonde girl responded impolitely towards me. Was she jealous of me? She was beautiful though, so I didn’t understand why.

“Hi…” I replied stunned.

“This is Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett. Were all Edwards’s siblings.” Alice said.

“Oh! Nice to meet you!” I said enthusiastic.

“I hope that Draco kid didn’t bother you, he’s an idiot. It’s best if you stay away from him.” Emmett warned.

“Thanks for the advice…anyways I should be going back to the common room, I have to talk to Edward about something.” I nodded and smiled.

“Well it was very nice to meet you; hopefully we’ll see you around more.” Jasper waved goodbye.

I began walking up the stairs to the common room; it seemed like a journey and a half just to get there. When I got inside, Edward was sitting on the couch by the fireplace very still.

“Hi Edward…” I called after him unsure of his response as I walked towards him. Edward turned to me and smiled.

“How was the rest of the class?” He asked.

“Very boring without you to keep me entertained; but I did run into your brothers and sisters.” I told him as I sat down on the couch beside him. Edward became still again like he did in the classroom.

“What’s wrong Edward? Why did you leave class…you looked angry or something…did I do anything?” I questioned.


Edward looked down at my neck and bit his lip nervously. He did the exact same thing when we were in class. He closed his eyes and inhaled my scent. When he opened them, I noticed his eyes were different. They weren’t the same light, bronze colour as they were before; they were black.

“Your eyes…they change colour?” I asked as I moved in closer to see his eyes.

“They turn black when I’m thirsty.” Edward replied quietly.

“Oh…well what happened in class today, you just left.”

“Do I have to explain this to you, it’s almost embarrassing…” He answered shyly.

“Tell me Edward.” I demanded. Edward sighed and he looked into my eyes, not knowing where to start.

“When you moved your hair away from my neck and your chest…your blood…it’s so sweet and pure…nothing like I’ve ever smelled before. It’s unbearable for me. It’s hard to control when I’m thirsty and you’re around me.” Edward explained nervously.

“Oh, I’m sorry Edward! I didn’t know.”

“Don’t apologize, I’m the monster here.” Edward smiled weakly.

“Why would you say that!? You’re not a monster Edward. If anything, you’re the kindest, sweetest person I’ve ever met, and you have a good heart.”

Edward started laughing. Why was he so random like that? One minute he’d be angry and the next minute he’s laughing.

“Heart…? You’re funny Natalie.” He laughed and smiled his crooked smile again that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My heart skipped a beat in my chest.

God, he’s so gorgeous!

Edward decided to change the subject on me. I could tell he didn’t want to discuss his vampire issues with me.

“Did you know there’s a dance coming up this Friday night?” He asked

“No, I didn’t, why?”

“Well…I was wondering if you would have the pleasure of going with me…?” Edward’s eyes stared deep into mine searching for an answer.


“I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else.” I smiled.

“Perfect.” He smiled at me, he leaned in slightly closer and his eyes were focusing back and forth on my eyes and lips…

Just kiss me already Edward…

Edward pulled away and changed the subject again.

“Anyways, did Professor Snape give us any homework for today? I should help you catch up since you missed a lot of classes.”

“Umm, yeah I guess I need help, I’m lost.” I admitted.

Edward continued helping me with my homework until I was all caught up. It was 1:00am by the time we finished and I desperately needed some shut eye. I was so excited about the dance coming up on Friday; I was mentally searching through my hottest outfits in my head until I fell asleep. Tonight was the first night that I dreamt of Edward Cullen.