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True Blood

*REVISED* *A Harry Potter/Twilight Fan Fiction* Natalie begins to fall in love with the handsome, striking, young vampire as soon as he saves her life. Natalie managed to escape from her parents to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her parents were death eaters; followers who worshipped the darkest evil wizard of all time, Voldemort. As soon as Lord Voldemort discovers that Natalie's blood is the key to restore his power and strength, the only one to save and comfort her is Edward Cullen. *Please comment guys! I would love to hear your reviews! :) *

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or Harry Potter or the characters mentioned in the story. The original characters and plot are the property of Stephanie Meyers and J.K Rowling. Certain quotes and events mentioned in this story are just a reference from the books. I also have the same story on another fan fiction site. This is strictly just for reviews; I want to hear what the Harry Potter & Twilight fans think :) No copyright infringement is intended.

7. Chapter 7

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I felt like I was ready to faint. It was too soon, I wasn’t prepared for anything. Edward grabbed my hand and we all ran together down the stair case. Everyone was dodging spells from the death eaters.

“THERE SHE IS, GET HER!” My father had spotted me and every death eater began chasing us.

Esme, Carlisle, and Emmett picked up Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Edward scooped me in his arms and we all ran faster than the speed of light. Everything became a blur to me as we passed by students and teachers. Now we were defiantly outside into the cold, bitter darkness. It looked like we were heading into the forest.

As soon as they thought we had lost them, Edward had put me down.

“What do we do now!?” Ron panicked.

“We need a plan.” Carlisle said bravely. Just then my parents, as well as the other death eaters appeared from behind the trees, completely surrounding us. Their eyes were blood red and they bared their teeth hungrily.

“You should have thought of your little plan earlier.” One death eater laughed evilly.

All the Cullen’s swarmed into a circle protecting me, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

“KILL THEM! AND GET THE GIRL!” Carmen screamed. All the death eaters charged at us and the Cullen’s split up, but stayed close enough to protect us.

I couldn’t keep up with everyone jolting so fast from one place to another. Spells were being casted everywhere. The Cullen’s were trying extremely hard to fight back. I looked over at Emmett and he was pulverizing one of Voldemort’s followers. Alice and Rosalie were taking on three death eaters at once.

“LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU!” Harry called.

One of them charged towards me and knocked me to the ground. I was struggling to get free from him. He leaned in towards me and cackled.

“Were going to kill your beloved vampire boyfriend and have you watch every moment of it!”

I sudden rush of anger ran through me. There was no way in hell they were hurting the only people I considered family.

“Go to hell asshole.”

I grabbed a large rock on the ground beside my hand. Without thinking, I picked it up slammed it as hard as I could against his head. The death eater flinched and began falling backwards. My leg finally became free and I plunged my leg into his torso as forcefully as I could. I stood up bravely and pulled out my wand, ready to begin battle; but I was too late, there were too many death eaters.

Edward was fighting off four of them alone as much as he could. Voldemort’s followers were shooting spells and advancing towards him, but Edward dodged all of the spells, he was too fast for them. He raised his wand.

“Accio tree!” He shouted.

The huge, magnificent tree’s roots ripped from the ground and was floating sideways in midair. As soon as Edward had the tree hovering in place, he jolted his arm back. The tree was coming at full speed behind the death eaters; it knocked them straight off their feet and into the ground.

Everyone else had been captured by the others. The death eaters held a firm grip on my friends and the Cullen’s. They couldn’t move. I began running towards Edward to help as soon as I saw more of Voldemort’s followers approaching.

“Natalie, get out of here, run! Just go now!” Edward demanded.

“I’m not leaving you here!” I yelled in disbelief.


I turned my head as my father and mother grabbed my arms and pulled me away. Edward tried to stop them but he was caught, just like the others.

“LET GO OF ME!” I screamed. My mother held a sharp knife and dragged me towards a tall, dark, shadowy figure in a black cloak.

“Wh–who is that!?” I couldn’t see a human figure in this cloak. It was almost ghost-like; but I was fully aware who that was. Carmen held my arm up to the shadowy figure.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” I began freaking out and let out a blood curling scream as Carmen sliced my wrist with the knife, letting the blood drip down my arm. The dark shadow began drinking my blood and the human figure began to appear. Lord Voldemort was standing right infront of me.

“At last.” He hissed. Voldemort completely ignored me and began walking towards Edward. All the death eaters bowed to him at once chanting “welcome back my Lord.”

“Edward Cullen…I must thank you for what you did.” Voldemort circled him and Edward breathing heavily with rage.

“I would never do anything to help you.”

“Oh but you did!” Voldemort laughed and continued.

“You see…if you had given your girlfriend what she wanted, I wouldn’t be here right now. I needed her virgin blood to return to power. Thank you so very much Edward.”

Tears began forming in my eyes. If Edward had only listened to me, none of this would have happened. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I began sobbing. Voldemort’s attention quickly turned to me.

“Why are you crying!? SHUT UP!” He yelled furiously as he casted the Cruciatus Curse on me. My body immediately fell to the ground and I began screaming in agonizing pain.

“STOP! GET AWAY FROM HER BEFORE I KILL YOU!” Edward struggled to free himself, but he couldn’t.

“I believe I could kill you faster than you could kill me...CRUCIO!” Voldemort laughed and used the same curse on Edward. He screamed in excruitiating pain as he collapsed to the cold ground and held his torso. I had never seen him hurting like that before, it was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever witnessed. Edward’s body was shaking vigorously.

I ran over to his side and held him. Tears streamed down my face.


“I’ll make his death quick and easy. He won’t feel much pain…AVADA KEDAVRA!” A green light shot out from Voldemort’s wand. I raised my arm in defense holding my wand. I wouldn’t let him kill my boyfriend.

“NOOO!” Suddenly an electric, purple stream of light exploded from the tip of my wand and our spells collided.

What the fuck did I just do?

I stood up and held my wand with both hands. My body was full of adrenaline and I was concentrating so hard not to let go. This force between us was extremely powerful. If I broke away first, the Avada Kedavra spell would hit me. I couldn’t let go and I never broke my focus. My tears had disappeared and I felt strong and brave. The purple light was gaining on Voldemort.

“WHAT IS THIS MAGIC!?” He yelled in anger and frustration. Everyone around us watched in shock. I assumed this wasn’t something that normally happened.

“ARGGGHHHHH!!” Voldemort broke away and the Avada Kedavra spell rebounded back and hit him. He blew up into green smoke as well as the rest of the death eaters. He was gone. I collapsed to the ground, my energy was completed drained. Edward ran to my side as my eyes closed.

“No…oh God, please don’t be dead…”