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Married Life

OKAY......Well after trying to update my chapters since the middle of February -- first of March...with no such luck..... AND countless e-mails to the administrators here asking for help.....to no avail... WHICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF...I have decided to not use twilight archives any longer to post my stories.I am sorry if you like the story, but if the admins can't help one of their most faithful reviewers (#2 on top tens) then I can no longer write here. However I will continue to read stories and review!Thanks to all who have read my story!!! I appreciate all of you! You will be able to find my story "Married Life" on twilighted.net and fanfiction.net within the next few weeks. Give me a couple of weeks due to me moving the computer around in my house to prepare for the arrival of the baby!Thanks again!Teacher :) Bella and Edward get married. He gets her an outrageous wedding gift. All is going well, like a normal married life should. Well, that is until it is time to go off to school. Edward has been hiding his feelings towards Bella. He has this huge mountain of guilt and anxiety hanging over him and pushes Bella away instead of letting her help him. She finds comfort and reassurance in the form of a research partner. Edward becomes insanely jealous. Edward sees Bella crying into someone else's arms. Can Edward make it up to Bella? Will Edward be forgiven? Will it end in divorce, especially since Bella has found something in her partner that Edward hasn't been able to give her, in a long time? Will they work through it like a lot of normal married couples have to do? READ TO FIND OUT!!! PLEASE REVIEW! FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY...REVIEW PEOPLE!!!!! I just want to say a HUMONGO thanks to my precious friend....Silkoverglass for making me this banner! I had no idea she made it for me and for this she TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!! Please check her stories out!!!

OKAY......Well after trying to update my chapters since the middle of February -- first of March...with no such luck..... AND countless e-mails to the administrators here asking for help.....to no avail... WHICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF...I have decided to not use twilight archives any longer to post my stories. I am sorry if you like the story, but if the admins can't help one of their most faithful reviewers (#2 on top tens) then I can no longer write here. However I will continue to read stories and review! Thanks to all who have read my story!!! I appreciate all of you! You will be able to find my story "Married Life" on twilighted.net and fanfiction.net within the next few weeks. Give me a couple of weeks due to me moving the computer around in my house to prepare for the arrival of the baby! Thanks again! Teacher :)

1. The wedding

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Bella, love of my life, I know today is a nervous day for you. Please don’t forget the fact that you are my every thought, my every breath, my everything. I love you more than you could ever know. I have waited so many elongated and monotonous years. Then I met you. My dearest love, you recaptured the essence of a man lost without the sun or the moon. I thought those things were important, not just for me, but for the Earth. How was I to know that after you came into my life, I would gladly give these up, I wouldn’t need them anymore, they were completely useless. As long as I have you, my heaven sent angel, you are all I need. I can’t believe I have found the real thing. My heart. My soul. I love you for all eternity. I can’t wait to see your extraordinarily breath taking face at the end of the aisle. I will forever be your prince charming waiting for you to become my beloved princess.

Yours forever,


-Bella’s POV-

As I read his beautiful words I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was the other part to my soul. Whether he believed he had a soul or not, he was mine, as I was his for all eternity. I could not feel any more at peace with his words resounding in my head.

Just as he was dazzling me, yet again, and he wasn’t even in the room, I was startled by, “Oh just wait my dear sister, this is nothing!” Alice! “I wish you wouldn’t do that. You know how clumsy I am, I don’t need to be scared five minutes before it is time to walk down the aisle! She just laughed and shook her head. “Bella, I wouldn’t let anything get in your way. And that means even you; trust me I know how you are. I have had to make some last minute changes due to your clumsiness. Here.”

I looked at the rectangle slender box. “What is this? Oh Alice! I knew you would come through! I love them!” “Well, I knew you liked them, and I saw what was going to happen as you stepped off the last stair, so I knew flats would be a necessity. Now hold still while I raise your dress so it won’t drag and you fall right on your face.” Ah, Alice is just wonderful. She is always there when I need her to be and sometimes when I don’t. But she is wonderful. “Okay, show time!”

Her eyes were the most beautiful color of sparkling gold I have ever seen before even for Edward. It looked like gold with a little bit of platinum, mesmerizing. How did she do it? “Yes I want to cry, I feel the joy and love seeping out of my eyes, now let’s go, Charlie is waiting at the top of the stairs.”

I did one last double take in the mirror and was forever grateful for Alice and Rosalie’s help getting ready. Earlier while Alice was doing my hair Rosalie slithered around the corner in her silky bridesmaid dress looking stunning of course and asked if she could do my make up. “Sure why not, I would love for you to.” She was happy and went right to work. They did a marvelous job. Just as I was staring into the mirror at a brunette beauty, Alice grabbed my arm and off we were.

“Hey dad, you look magnificent!” “Thanks Bells, you clean up nice yourself.” Charlie was never too big on all the emotional talk. That is why I was surprised when he spun me around to face him. He had tears in his eyes.

“I promised I was not going to cry, but I just got you back and now you are leaving me again. Well, not exactly, but you are all grown up. I should have been there more for you when you were growing up. I should have come to visit you. I am the father, I should have taken better care of you, and I am so sorry that I didn’t.” I started to tell him that it was ok, but he held up his hand to protest.

“I love you, my sweet, gorgeous daughter. Edward is a lucky man. Now, let’s get you down that aisle.” I couldn’t believe his words as he all but carried me down the aisle. I was wondering how long it took him to overcome his fears and just spill it like that. That took a lot for my father to do. Of course I never felt that way about him not being there and all. I loved him no matter what. But he was right in a way, I was there for him these last few years, and in a way he did feel a void in my heart. I loved my dad very much. Just as I was thinking about how much he had given me I lost all of my breath.

It was my Edward at the end of the aisle. Oh my goodness! How could any person, let alone a man, get more beautiful, more desirable, more enticing, ah, he was soon to be mine and I his, forever. I then quickly blushed when I saw his adorable crooked little grin quickly turn into a gorgeous face stretching smile. He was feeling what I was. We weren’t even married yet, and I felt as though we were one in our thoughts.

We were stopped at the end before I knew it. “Her mother and I.” Had Charlie just said that, or was I dreaming? No he said it, because I felt him turn me around and he kissed me on my forehead and told me the he loved me then turned me back to my Edward.

“You are so, so, well, there are no words for the emotion that I am feeling right now.” “I love you too, Edward.” Ah, complete and utter bliss. He held my hand as we turned around to the reverend performing the ceremony.

He was a very nice man. Carlisle had saved his life and in return he said whatever Carlisle had needed if at all to call him. When word spread that we were getting married, he took it upon himself to come to the house and ask permission to marry us. I was in shock, Edward said, “Yes of course Mr. Hardage, and it would be an honor. That is only if this is ok with you my love?”, as he turned to me and peered into my soul with those flawless eyes of his, I quickly agreed.

So here we are. I barely can keep focus on anything. “I do.” I gasped as Edward said those words. I felt bad for not listening to him. I was, and I hoped I looked attentive, but all I could think about was him and how we got here. “I do.” I managed to choke out, now the tears were rolling down my face. Edward brushed his soothing hands across my cheeks to dry them away.

Then as he smiled I heard, “Edward, you may kiss your bride.” I was quickly spun and dipped as he laid a passionate kiss on my trembling yet giddy lips. I thought he let it continue for too long but was undoubtedly pleased with it. Of course I didn’t mind. But as he spun me back around. I thought I saw even Emmett blushing. That must have been a first! He wrapped his arm in mine and we walked gracefully thanks to him back down the aisle as husband and wife with bubbles blowing in the wind behind and above us.

It has been the perfect ceremony; Twilight, thousands of candles and lights dancing in the trees and off of the lush ribbons and bows that surrounded the wedding area. I didn’t notice who all was even there. All I saw was my husband, wow! That sounds so amazing. He walked me back into the Cullen mansion and up the same stairs I had went down not 15 minutes before into his room.

“How do you feel Mrs. Cullen?” His voice was like pure and total ecstasy as he spoke his words. “Well, Mr. Cullen, I feel great, beyond great, you just made me the happiest person in the world of all time!” “You really are that excited. I mean I know you were excited, you had the biggest smile and dreamy look in your eyes throughout the whole ceremony. I just can’t believe that you are as happy as I am.”

“Oh Edward, I didn’t mean to not be paying attention during the ceremony, I just could not stop thinking about you.” He pushed a stray hair back behind my ear, wrapped his gentle and loving hands behind my neck as he pulled me close and kissed me. “I know that honey, I wish that I could have read your mind. It would have been nice to join you in your pleasant thoughts.” We laughed and he embraced me ever so gently and passionately as Alice came busting through the door.

“Hold it off for a while; you still have a reception to attend to.” With that, Edward kissed me again and took me back down to the party.

By this time the dark night sky covered us but a sea of white twinkling lights aided the stars to light up our evening. I heard the cheers and finally saw all the smiles on everybody’s face that had attended our wedding. My mom gave me a hug first, followed by Esme, Angela, Jessica, and even Emmett and Jasper. My family and friends all here to celebrate the joyous occasion with me, I was extremely happy.

I had put my best friend into the back of my mind in that drawer that would forever stay shut. I mean I loved him, but it was no comparison to the love I had for my husband. Wow! My husband! I just can’t get over that. I loved Jacob like my childhood friend that I grew up with. Not like a man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life and be intimate with.

Oh, that reminds me….later I thought as I felt Edward take my face into his hands. “Bella, darling, are you okay. You haven’t been saying much? Are you hungry, thirsty, do you need to sit for a while? Are your shoes comfortable?” Listen to him go on and on to try to make sure that I am okay. “Yes Edward I am exquisite. I am just taking all of this in.” “Well, good! It is time for our first dance, and don’t worry I have you all under control.” He grinned and kissed my lips passionately but quickly.

He twirled me out onto the dance floor and we danced elegantly through the next several songs. Then it was time for me to dance with my father. That was awkward, but we managed. Then I was passed to Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett was last. Thank god. He just picked me up and danced with me as if I were a six year old. Oh well, it made for a good laugh and great pictures.

Emmett had just put me down when Angela and Ben walked up to me and told me how beautiful I looked and how happy I seemed. I was hugging Angela when Ben caught his breath. Just then I heard a husky “Bella”.

I turned around and it was Jacob, looking dashing in a nice black suit, which had actually fit him. I wonder where it came from and how much it cost him.

“Hello Jacob. You look very handsome. I am glad you could come. I saw Billy earlier, it was nice of him to come for my father’s sake, but I honestly didn’t expect to see you here.” He looked somewhat hurt. “Well that kinda stung Bella, I will leave if you want to.” “No Jacob that is not what I meant. I am sorry.”

“I am just playing with you Bells. I came to say that I love you like you need for me to. I am happy that you are happy. I came to be your best friend. You look amazing by the way. Edward truly is a lucky man.” Just as he said Edward’s name, as if on cue there he was wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Hello Jacob. I know this must be difficult for you, but thank you for gracing us with your presence.” He was so genuine and respectful. How did he do that knowing that Jacob secretly wanted to steal me away? He never ceases to amaze me, my husband. “No problem, what are friends for?”

Jacob stuck is hand out to Edward just as Billy, Charlie and the rest of the Cullens all turned in shock to stare at the three of us. Edward shook his hand and just before he let him go, Jacob pulled Edward into what seemed like a hug. I jumped back; Jasper and Emmett were quickly at my side. I saw Edward’s hand fly up as to tell them to stay back. Oh, I see, Jacob wanted to tell Edward something privately. I know Jasper and Emmett could still hear, so what did it matter?

Me! That is why Jacob did that. He didn’t want me to hear him. The low down dirty- “Bella dear, Jacob is a true man tonight with his words.” Edward turned back to Jacob and said, “I know Jacob. She truly is and I’ll take your words to heart and will expect your help if I need it.” Jacob got that big goofy grin on his face and said, “No problem man, I would be glad to help you in any way. We are bonded whether we like it or not because of her.”

He pointed his finger at me with that I reached up and grabbed it like a grandmother would to her young grandson. “Oh so you want to dance do you?” “No Jacob I don’t,” “Bella, honey it is okay, you can dance with him. I am going to steal your mother from Phil.” Jacob laughed because he knew he had won.

As we stepped back into the middle of the dance floor I asked Jacob what he and Edward meant back there. “Nothing that you need to know, we were very much adults about it. Really Bella it is all in your best interest.”

“Jacob Black you tell me right this instant!” My hands fell from his enormous shoulders to my hips in mid dance. He said, “Okay, okay I will tell you, just keep dancing. I told him that I respected your decision and that I would no longer try to invade your lives in the way I had previously. And that if he ever needed any help with you acting like a stubborn little girl, to call me and I would be glad to help him turn you back to the right track.”

“Jacob Black! I am not a little girl, nor would Edward have to call you to help him out.” Just then Edward and my mom came circling by us. She said, “Bella everyone is watching you and you are acting like a little girl whining, stop it!” At that remark, I thought I could feel the steam coming off of my head. I saw Edward laugh a little and then purse his lips, and I heard and felt Jacob laugh while his hands were still around my waist. “See, I told you so,” he scoffed. “Okay, sure, sure, whatever.” The song had ended and he hugged me tightly.

Emmett had grabbed the microphone and loudly announced that it was time to throw the bouquet and take off the garter. I immediately blushed at this. Emmett, he was laughing, making fun of me with that smile of his on stage in front of everybody. “Oh come on little sister, it is tradition.” I could have killed him, but Edward grabbed my arm and tugged me to the table where my bouquet sat.

“Ready? Please don’t fall Bella.” “Oh I won’t. The throw will all be in the elbow. I promise not to go over board.” He just laughed and kissed my cheek as I made my way out to the center. “One, two, three!” I tossed the bouquet over my head perfectly. One of the nurses from Carlisle’s hospital caught it. This was excellent because she just started dating one of the attendings there. Carlisle said they were definitely made for each other.

Edward then brought out one of the white chairs for me to sit on. Oh no I thought. Everyone had gathered around us, watching. “Ready Bella?” “Yes Edward, but please don’t tickle me.” “Of course not babe, I will save that for later.” I saw his tantalizing mischievious eyes for the next second and then he ducked under my dress to slowly slip the garter off of my thigh. I felt everyone’s eyes on me and the blush run through my face. I jerked a little as I felt his icy hands trace up my leg to where the garter wrapped around my thigh.

He pulled it off ever so slightly. He popped back out from under the massive ruffles of the dress with the silk, electric blue garter that Alice had gotten me dangling in his hands. I heard a throat clearing cough from my father who was as red as I was, and a big blustering laugh from Emmett. If Esme could have blushed, she would have been too. Edward stood up twirled it around and shot it right into the crowd. And what do you know; the attending had apparently caught the garter.

Edward and Carlisle walked towards him and shook his hand and smiled. Edward glided back towards me smiling his sweet, sexy smile. “I thought that sense Diana caught the bouquet, William should have caught the garter too.”

I laughed and hugged Edward as he kissed me. The remainder of the glorious celebration of our wedding night passed by quickly. As all the guests were leaving and wishing us well, I found myself barely able to stand up. Of course Edward had his arms wrapped around my waist holding me up from behind. “Are you ready for bed love?” “I think so Edward, my husband.” “Ah, husband, I love the sound of that.” And with that he picked me up and carried me to our bedroom.

He had me wrapped delicately in his arms as he pushed his bedroom door open, only to find the black sofa in the middle of the room. I thought he was going to freak completely out. I know how much his music meant to him, but this, this was over the line. Whose sick joke was it anyway? “Bella, what is wrong?”

“Edward, look at the, the, the completely empty room! Where is all of your stuff? Aren’t you mad? You loved your music! How am I ever going to find all of those cd’s to make you happy again?” The look on his face was that of a person who was in on the joke.

"Bella my love, I know exactly where my music is trust me. And now I guess it is time to tell you. I bought you, well us a wedding present.” “You did? What is it, a garage to store all of your things in so I can have some space for mine? I know you have been saying a lot here lately that you wish we had more room for my things, but honey, you didn’t have to clear out all of yours.”

The smirk on his face told me that yes I was close, but not exactly right. “No love, I bought us a house, right here in Forks. This is where all of my cd’s are. Most of your things are there as well. Earlier today while Alice and Rosalie had you up here, your father, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and I moved a lot of our things.” I was just staring at him in shock. My first thought was, what about college, we would be leaving in a few weeks. My second thought was how did I not hear them?

“Well, Edward, I believe you have out done yourself.” “You aren’t mad about the surprise gift, love?” “No I am not upset. However, I do have some questions.” “You are my wife now, what is mine is yours, and it will stay that way, so please get used to it.” He was oh so smoldering as he was being stern with me, yet sensitive at the same time. How did he do it?

“Edward I will, yes it will take me sometime to get used to, but please bear with me. You know I was not raised like this, so I am not used to it. But I will try to adapt as easily as possible. But answer me this, what about moving to Dartmouth? You bought us a house that we aren’t going to get to fully live in. And I can’t believe I didn’t even hear you moving all of our things.”

He just laughed, “Bella, you know how quiet we can be, I wanted this to be a surprise to you. I left the couch just in case you needed to sit and rest for a while throughout today. And as far as college goes, well, we already have a house there too. The family will live with us, but you and I will have our space and our own bathroom. I assume you will want to come back and visit Charlie as much as possible, and when we do, we can stay at our own home, within the privacy of our own walls.

The house is near this one so that we are close, and is surrounded by the forest for easy access. So don’t worry please.” Just as he was saying that I caught myself yawning. “Okay Edward, I trust in you completely. I always knew you would take the best care of me.”

“Yes, Bella, and that is why we are going home tonight, to spend our first night together in our very own home. Would you like for us to drive or run? “It doesn’t matter to me Edward. Are all of my toiletries there?” “Yes love, everything that you need, think you might need, and probably will never need are there, as well as a completely new wardrobe provided by Alice, Esme, and Rosalie. You have a new wardrobe at both houses actually, the same as I, so you can’t be as annoyed as me.”

With that he kissed me on my cheek, scooped me up, and away we went.