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Married Life

OKAY......Well after trying to update my chapters since the middle of February -- first of March...with no such luck..... AND countless e-mails to the administrators here asking for help.....to no avail... WHICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF...I have decided to not use twilight archives any longer to post my stories.I am sorry if you like the story, but if the admins can't help one of their most faithful reviewers (#2 on top tens) then I can no longer write here. However I will continue to read stories and review!Thanks to all who have read my story!!! I appreciate all of you! You will be able to find my story "Married Life" on twilighted.net and fanfiction.net within the next few weeks. Give me a couple of weeks due to me moving the computer around in my house to prepare for the arrival of the baby!Thanks again!Teacher :) Bella and Edward get married. He gets her an outrageous wedding gift. All is going well, like a normal married life should. Well, that is until it is time to go off to school. Edward has been hiding his feelings towards Bella. He has this huge mountain of guilt and anxiety hanging over him and pushes Bella away instead of letting her help him. She finds comfort and reassurance in the form of a research partner. Edward becomes insanely jealous. Edward sees Bella crying into someone else's arms. Can Edward make it up to Bella? Will Edward be forgiven? Will it end in divorce, especially since Bella has found something in her partner that Edward hasn't been able to give her, in a long time? Will they work through it like a lot of normal married couples have to do? READ TO FIND OUT!!! PLEASE REVIEW! FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY...REVIEW PEOPLE!!!!! I just want to say a HUMONGO thanks to my precious friend....Silkoverglass for making me this banner! I had no idea she made it for me and for this she TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!! Please check her stories out!!!

OKAY......Well after trying to update my chapters since the middle of February -- first of March...with no such luck..... AND countless e-mails to the administrators here asking for help.....to no avail... WHICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF...I have decided to not use twilight archives any longer to post my stories. I am sorry if you like the story, but if the admins can't help one of their most faithful reviewers (#2 on top tens) then I can no longer write here. However I will continue to read stories and review! Thanks to all who have read my story!!! I appreciate all of you! You will be able to find my story "Married Life" on twilighted.net and fanfiction.net within the next few weeks. Give me a couple of weeks due to me moving the computer around in my house to prepare for the arrival of the baby! Thanks again! Teacher :)

2. Exploring the wedding gift

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Chapter 2--Bella's POV

When we arrived at our house a few minutes later I was pleasantly surprised. The porch lights were on and an inviting glow peered out through the windows welcoming us in to our new home. He never let me down as he carried me up the porch and through our front door, our front door! I suddenly was super excited.

He took me on a tour of the house, which smelled very new, like just finished being built… new. He caught on to what I was thinking and said, “Please don’t be mad. But I wanted to build it for you, my precious wife.” How could I be mad at him? He was so exceedingly perfect.

First, he carried me through the kitchen. It was completely stocked with all the latest high tech gadgets and fixtures. It had stainless steal appliances, silverware, fine china, a marvelous bar for talking and quick bites to eat, in addition to a huge table and 12 chairs for guests to sit down at and enjoy a dinner only to be prepared with items that the top chefs in the country could dream of. I knew that the Cullen side of the family would not be eating here, but I figure we would spend some time at our massive table.

Next, came the living room. It had double French doors off the side of it that lead to a piano room. It was grand and very open. Edward’s flawless, shiny black piano stood in the corner. The room was covered in mirrors and plush fabrics, couches, and lounge chairs, small tables and of course an exquisite fire place.

I could immediately tell that this was going to be one of my favorite rooms. “I thought you might like this room, but are all the mirrors okay?” Why on earth would he ask me that? Oh… “Yes honey it is fine and absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to hear you play and then you can truly teach me to dance in here.” He smiled at me and said, “All in due time, my precious Bella, all in due time.”

He carried me back through the French doors into the living room, which was beautiful as well. It also had great sleek but comfortable looking couches and arm chairs. It too had a massive fire place that was ornately decorated by the most unusual, but very pretty stone I think I had ever seen. It was definitely the center piece of the room.

Then he showed me where the two downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms were. They were just as nicely built as the rest of the house, but simple in their own way. Just to the side and in front of the rooms stood a grand stair case. It was magnificent. It looked old world meets new world. It was incredibly beautiful. He carried me up and showed me a study, filled with books and two desks with laptops.

He never ceases to amaze me, how did he do all of this with out me knowing. At this point he sat me down. I figured because he was getting tired of carrying me, but then laughed at myself for even thinking that way. He would never get tired of that, I was sure of it.

“Bella honey, what were you thinking about that made you laugh like that?” “I thought you finally put me down because you were getting tired. But then I knew that couldn’t be true.” “Yes dear I would never tire from doing that, I love you too much to put you down, even though I have to often.” I reached up to him and kissed him on the mouth, he pulled me tightly into a passionate embrace and brushed his delicious lips across my jaw and told me that he loved me as he worked his way down to my collar bone which reminded me I was still in my dress.

“Edward, I know you have to have some clothes here for me to change into right?” “Why of course love, but we will get to that part of the house in a minute.” “That is fine, take as long as you like.” He smiled at me and took my hand.

He led me to my desk and asked me to sit in the chair. “This is why I put you down. I didn’t know about this chair. I sat down in it, but of course I couldn’t really tell if you would like it. I thought you would, but I needed you to tell me because if you don’t I can get another one.” “Oh Edward the chair is fine. It is very comfortable, not as much as you my dear, but it will work.”

I smiled and blew him a kiss. Instead of blowing one back he wrapped me back up in his arms and carried me to the next three bedrooms. Each had their own bathrooms of course. Each room was about the size of Charlie’s kitchen, living room, and my bedroom put together. They were all so big, but very tranquil, not overpowering. Each room had its own individual flair, but nothing too extravagant.

We walked into a turn in the hall that led us to a balcony that overlooked the living room and part of the kitchen. It was also well decorated with warm earthy tones. It had the same style of sleek couches and arm chairs that were in the living room. Around the corner from that came another set of stairs. However there were only about 10 that led up to another set of French double doors. This room was ours I could tell.

There were a few of the pictures we took hanging throughout this room. There was a flat screen TV, a bookcase full of books, and an enormous shelving system that housed all of Edward’s music collection and stereo equipment.

“By the looks of this, you had your work cut out for you.” He looked at me with his brow furrowed. “Bella, I only did this room today. I mean I hung the pictures and placed our books in the bookcase and then set up my music collection. Everything else in the house that you see was taken care of compliments of our family. Charlie helped too. He helped with the kitchen because he said that it would be your favorite place to be at.”

Of course Charlie would think that. He was probably thinking I can’t wait to eat decent cooking again too. “Well, Edward, I do like being in the kitchen. But since I will be cooking most of the time for myself, I might not spend as much time in there.” I looked at him with every seductive thread I had in my body, as I slowly caressed his chest and shoulder. He bent down to kiss me, which of course took my breath away, like it always did. He laughed and pulled away.

“This is our bedroom’s sitting area.” “We have a sitting area for our bedroom”, I asked as he kept walking. “Yes dear, it is just a place for us to hang out, if there are other people in the house.” “Oh, I see now. Good thinking sweetie.”

He opened a set of thick wooden doors that opened up to the glorious sight that was a bedroom, our bedroom. Wow! There was our ever expanding soft bed up against the wall surrounded by empty picture frames.

“Edward, what is the deal with all of the empty picture frames?” “Those are for our wedding pictures. When Alice develops them, she will bring them by and we will put them in there. I wanted them to be there so that you could see my vision for the room. Bella, I want this room to be an everlasting testament to our love. No we will not be here every night, but when we are here, I want it to be a little get-a-way for the both of us. Do you like it?”

I hadn’t gotten a chance to look around everywhere yet, but I knew I loved it. “Yes Edward it is amazing, please, show me more.” We had our own dressers for a few clothes like pajamas and socks. Mostly it would keep more private things hidden from other’s views, plus, the dressers did look good in the bedroom.

Next he showed me the closet. Alice was all I could say. It had five different kinds of lighting, a tri-fold mirror, revolving shoe racks, a purse section, jewelry section, and slots for other accessories such as scarves, gloves, and hats located next to all the different types of jackets and heavy coats. Then there were the stainless steel rails that held the clothes. They too revolved by season. It was much like Edward’s obsessive compulsive disorder when it came to organizing his music collection.

It started out formal wear, semi formal, nice attire, casual wear, school clothing, sporty clothing, and then work clothing. It was all in color order. It was amazing. But my favorite was the casual wear and the school clothing sections. Yes there were some pretty hot pieces in the school clothing section, but it was things that Alice had made me wear in the past, so I grew to like them. I especially liked the way Edward’s jaw always dropped when he saw me in something comfortable, yet sexy, even though I was wearing it to school.

“I have to say, Alice out did herself. I mean this is spectacular!” “Are you sure it isn’t too much?” “No honey it isn’t, I mean I would never do this, but it is Alice. I feel like a princess, or a celebrity. She is amazing!” “She will be happy to hear that. And you are far too perfect to ever be on the level of a princess let alone a celebrity.” As he leaned down to kiss me I let my mind wonder about how long he was going to keep putting off the most important thing tonight.

I wondered into the bathroom only to find that it was a masterpiece in itself. There was a tub big enough for four up against the outside wall. There was a beautiful bay window around it so that we could sit in the tub and look out, “to enjoy the scenery”, Edward had put it. I had no doubt that we would do that. The shower looked grand enough for ten people. "I thought we might spend some extra time in there and wanted it to be big and comfortable." "Of course you did Edward, I can't wait to use it."

The vanity was super long. Three sinks, why we had three didn’t make sense, but nonetheless, it was Edward, Alice, and Esme that designed the house, so whatever they thought, I was fine with. The vanity had drawers to store things and brilliant lights twinkled around the mirrors, I had no doubt that Alice and Rosalie played a part in this. But then again I loved it just the same. I couldn’t believe that I had all of this. It was mine and Edward’s.

He saw me in my wonderful thoughts and walked over to encircle me with his strong arms. “What is it that you are thinking about love?” He kissed my forehead as I leaned into him and sighed. “Just about how truly blessed and fortunate I am. How you spoil me way too much. How over the top this is, it is way too much, but also how I absolutely love our new home and the fact that you all put so many details into it. The thing I love the most, though, I really love how you built it. That makes all the difference Edward.”

I looked up at him and asked for a human minute after a sweet and tender kiss. “Sure Mrs. Cullen, anything that you need. Oh and Bella, there is a gift for you that Alice put in the top drawer, and no I have no idea what it is.” “Alright, I will check it out.”

As he walked out of the bathroom I tried to get out of my dress. He heard me and came back in to help. “Would you like for me to help you with that?” His hands at the top of my neck felt like fireworks were going off inside my chest. I loved when he put his hands on me. Not to mention how he pushed my hair aside and kissed the nape of my neck when he asked his question.

“Yes, only help me; I want to take it off for myself.” “Oh but Bella I wanted to do that”, he smiled at me over my shoulder. “Do you really?” “Well, Bella I will if you want me to, I mean”, he cleared his throat, “it would be no trouble at all miss.” I laughed at his accent he used and said, “No thank you kind sir, only the first few buttons, please.”

He laughed and did as I asked. “I will leave you alone for a minute, but please don’t keep me waiting.” “I won’t, I promise”, I said with the most dazzling smile I could manage. Mine had nothing on Edward’s.

I got out of my dress and looked around the drawers and closet for something intimate, yet delicate and sensual. I needed all the help I could get. I didn’t look like those beautiful Victoria Secret models with the tan skin and long legs, perfect air brushed body.

I was just me, thin boney frame, pale and absolutely not seductive. I mean I had breasts, but they were not the ideal size. My stomach was flat, but not the least bit sexy. I needed something to highlight what features I did have. Edward liked it when I wore blue. I did have curves; however I didn’t find them the least bit sinful. They were just there, beginning at my rib cage and ending down my thighs.

After looking in the mirror and examining my body, I started to feel a little bit better about my body. Maybe with the right look, I was slender enough to pull off that sexy seductive look that I wanted. I searched through several drawers and then thought about Alice’s gift. I walked around the centerpiece of drawers that stood four feet high in the middle of my closet to a drawer that I hadn’t opened yet. In there I found a white rectangular box that had a note on it.


I know you don’t have much of a liking for lingerie but I thought you might be able to use this tonight. If all goes well, I will tell you where I hid the others. I promise I am not trying to overstep any boundaries. I know you are new at this. Remember I love you, and I want to make you happy, just like you want to make Edward happy. So use the perfume and outfit I bought for you, and please enjoy your evening. I love you sis.


Oh man what a life saver Alice truly is. I stand there in my naked form admiring the perfume. It smelled like Freesia, like Edward thinks I smell, but also had a mixture of other delicious scents as well. I put some on my wrists and rubbed upwards meeting my elbow, then on both sides of my neck, and finally I sprayed some on my thighs. You never know! I hoped that I didn’t spray too much. It smelled fine to me, but Edward might view it differently. However, Alice would never tell me to use something that wasn’t good for me. Oh well, I bet it will be fine.

“Bella, love, are you okay in there?” “Yes Edward, please give me just a minute more.” “Not to worry love, I was just checking on you. I will be in the bedroom waiting on you.” Oh thank goodness he didn’t decide to barge right on in. I am naked, he has never seen me naked, how would he react? What would he do? I guess we would find out soon enough.

I lifted the blue, go figure, silken piece of lingerie out of the box. It also smelled extremely inviting, like I had been it a thousand times before and never knew it. I did smell good. I guess I couldn’t blame Edward. I put it on and turned to look into the mirror.

It was a shimmery shiny silky blue dress type thing that had small straps that set on top of the outsides of my shoulders, almost off the top. It had a low scalloped neckline, more like a bust line. It fit around my breasts perfectly. I loved the cleavage it provided. I didn’t have much to work with, but the dress helped me out in that department.

It hugged my curves starting just below my rib cage. It flared out at my waist and stopped at the tops of my thighs. It was very short and it had a slit in it that almost reached the top of my hip. It was very snug fitting, but not tight. It hugged me in all the right places. It was exactly what I needed. The sides of it were slit open to reveal my sides and the curves of my body. It did cover my stomach and back, which didn’t make me feel too exposed, but just perfect, just right for my God-like husband.

I hoped he wouldn’t be able to remove his eyes from me. Well, show time! Just before I walked out of the closet I saw a pair of dainty matching high heels with silk that would wrap up my leg to stop just below my calf muscle. I thought I would spice it up a little more by putting those on. They were perfect! Alice must have put them there hoping I would wear them as well, but not in the drawer next to the box making me feel that I had to wear them.

After one last look in my tri-fold mirror I was ready to face my fears. I have to admit, I did look pretty stunning if I do say so myself.

I opened the doors to step out into the bathroom trying not to trip in the five inch heels. He wasn’t in there. I heard a piano playing from in the other room. Was it a cd, or did Edward bring a keyboard up into the room? “Edward?" "I'm in here love, I thought I would enlighten the nervous mood you are obviously in by playing a little for you. Are you going to come into the bedroom, or just make me come in there and get you?”

“I grinned, no Edward, I am coming just stay where you are.” “Bella, you need to get in here now, because I don’t know if it is the excitement of not being able to see you, or what, but you smell unfathomably irresistible.” I smiled knowing that the perfume had worked. “Here I come Edward!” I fluffed my hair so the big curls surrounded my face and incredibly and seductively walked out from behind the corner that led from the bedroom to the bathroom.

I first saw his face and then heard an awful noise as his hands snapped at the keys in an unfamiliar tone. I knew I had dazzled him. “Honey is the sight of me that bad that it made you pop a few of your keys off? Do I need to go put on my t-shirt and---“What ever you say do not say sweat pants. In fact, don’t say anything. Be still, don’t move an inch.”

He flew off the bed and out of the door. I thought I broke him, I mean I thought I made him go crazy, but he was back in a flash with a camera and started taking my picture. “Please Bella, for the love of everything that is holy, don’t move.”

Well I thought the camera was a good thing, but the last time he said those words, he was annoyed at Jasper and Emmett as they took him to his bachelor party. I stood there like I was a statue as he moved around me snapping pictures left and right. I think he noticed my expression and stopped.

“I am sorry Bella, but I never want to lose this image. There are absolutely no words that describe what I feel about you and what I want to do to you in this moment. I want to have this moment for forever. If I had a heart it would clearly stop beating. I mean you were breath taking in your wedding gown, but this is enough to bring a man to his knees.”

As I took in his body language and his expression, I saw the most human male part about him. “So I take it that you like what you see and are really happy to see me Edward.” “Yes, yes, Mrs. Mrs. Cu-Cullen, I hope you finally believe me when I tell you that being around you makes the human attributes in me come out, or shall I say up.”

I laughed at this and licked my lips and threw my hair over my shoulder and changed my stance a little and asked if I could move now. I couldn’t believe that I had made him stutter! This was going to be so much fun, seducing my extremely sexy husband, who was still in his tuxedo.