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Married Life

OKAY......Well after trying to update my chapters since the middle of February -- first of March...with no such luck..... AND countless e-mails to the administrators here asking for help.....to no avail... WHICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF...I have decided to not use twilight archives any longer to post my stories.I am sorry if you like the story, but if the admins can't help one of their most faithful reviewers (#2 on top tens) then I can no longer write here. However I will continue to read stories and review!Thanks to all who have read my story!!! I appreciate all of you! You will be able to find my story "Married Life" on twilighted.net and fanfiction.net within the next few weeks. Give me a couple of weeks due to me moving the computer around in my house to prepare for the arrival of the baby!Thanks again!Teacher :) Bella and Edward get married. He gets her an outrageous wedding gift. All is going well, like a normal married life should. Well, that is until it is time to go off to school. Edward has been hiding his feelings towards Bella. He has this huge mountain of guilt and anxiety hanging over him and pushes Bella away instead of letting her help him. She finds comfort and reassurance in the form of a research partner. Edward becomes insanely jealous. Edward sees Bella crying into someone else's arms. Can Edward make it up to Bella? Will Edward be forgiven? Will it end in divorce, especially since Bella has found something in her partner that Edward hasn't been able to give her, in a long time? Will they work through it like a lot of normal married couples have to do? READ TO FIND OUT!!! PLEASE REVIEW! FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY...REVIEW PEOPLE!!!!! I just want to say a HUMONGO thanks to my precious friend....Silkoverglass for making me this banner! I had no idea she made it for me and for this she TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!! Please check her stories out!!!

OKAY......Well after trying to update my chapters since the middle of February -- first of March...with no such luck..... AND countless e-mails to the administrators here asking for help.....to no avail... WHICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF...I have decided to not use twilight archives any longer to post my stories. I am sorry if you like the story, but if the admins can't help one of their most faithful reviewers (#2 on top tens) then I can no longer write here. However I will continue to read stories and review! Thanks to all who have read my story!!! I appreciate all of you! You will be able to find my story "Married Life" on twilighted.net and fanfiction.net within the next few weeks. Give me a couple of weeks due to me moving the computer around in my house to prepare for the arrival of the baby! Thanks again! Teacher :)

4. Edward finally loses it!

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Chapter 4

Edward’s POV

She was teasing me in the most erotic way. I mean I have never experienced this at all, and only saw it on some of Emmett’s trashy porno movies. They grossed me out. I never thought of their movements as erotic, just vulgar and pathetic. I guess because they didn’t love the person they were with. But OH MY GOD when my Bella did these things, all I could do not to tear her clothes off and let all of my 100 year old frustrations let lose inside of her…oh Beeellllaaaa.

I wanted to cry out in pleasure and tell her that I was fixing to lose it, but then she stopped fondling me. Whew! Oh, and then having her nibble on me ear sent shockwaves through my body. Her telling me not to move or say anything sure was hard for me to follow, but that is what she wanted, and she has never been that stern and demanding of me before. I felt like she was chastising me, which made it all the more erotic in a weird way.

I have never seen Bella like this and never in a million years would have thought her to be this kinky. It was an extremely pleasant surprise. She told me in a sexy whisper all the things she wanted me to do to her. All I could do was nod and quiver in fiery passionate desire. I wanted her! I wanted to make her moan for hours. I wanted her to tell me to stop it felt so good. I wanted to make her shake with pleasure. I wanted to feel her cum into me and dig her finger nails into my back. God I wanted to do more than make love to my wife. I wanted to have her everyway known to man.

Next, she did what I wanted her to do, but then what I wished she hadn’t. My boxers came down and her bare hands were on my bare body. She took all my manhood into her warm, soft, tantalizing hands and stroked me and massaged my sack. Who knew Bella could be so evil; God was she trying to kill me or what? And then, just like that she stopped. She was entirely enjoying her moment of teasing me to no end. “You can open your eyes, move, and talk again.” She finished helping me out of my pants and boxers. I was completely naked in front of her and she was still in the blue nightie and heels.

“Bella, you are truly evil. Do you know how bad I wanted to throw you onto that bed and rip your clothes to shreds? Oh Isabella Cullen you are extremely erotic and I had no idea you had all of that in you. Maybe if I did know, I would have made love to you long before now.” I wanted to pull her to me so I wrapped my arms around her neck all the while my hands found her soft, shiny, succulent scented hair.

“Well Edward, then this wouldn’t be as much fun. And I hope that you feel like I have been feeling for the past few months now! It is so hard to control when the feelings are raging inside of you like an erupting volcano.” I pictured an erupting volcano in my mind and thought I was going to be the volcano just a few moments ago. “Well, love, if I didn’t before, I definitely know now.”

With that I swept her off her feet and laid her ever so gently on our plush inviting bed. “I didn’t know you had it in you to wear heels of that magnitude, much less do everything you did in them.” I kissed her on her collar bone and licked my way to the other side, slowly tracing the bone that lay shuddering beneath her beautiful skin.

“Well, I wanted to give you something that you weren’t expecting. Plus they made me feel super sexy and gave me the confidence I needed… I needed to seduce and drive my dazzling husband wild.” “Oh you did that. You did that without one problem. You did that oh too well. But you know what?” She bit her bottom lip and shook her head back and forth as she whimpered a seductive, irresistible, innocent “no sir.” “I love you Bella Cullen, but now it is my turn to make you moan.”

And just like that I had her hands tied up to the corners of the bed. I knew this would make her sensitivity to me heighten, hopefully, heighten in pleasure. “Edward please let my hands go. I want to be able to touch you,” she whimpered and tried to pull out of the lace that secured her precious hands. “No Bella, the only thing you can do is bend and moan in pleasure and desire.”

With that I lingered over her and kissed her lips with indulgence. I let my tongue sweep across hers and used my hands to caress her sides slowly going back and forth to her hips and upper thighs. Then I used my tongue to lick her perfect pouty lips and at that moment, the look in her eyes was screaming at me to rip her clothes off. But I couldn’t just yet. I wanted to tease her like she did me. I know I have done this to her over the past few months, but still, I had to get her back for what she did to me. I loved it! The power I had over my breathtakingly desirable wife. I love her so damn much.

“Hmmmm, Edward, ohhh Edwaaarrdd.” I smiled and said, “Yes love?” “You are making me crazy just rip my nightie off already, I want to feel you inside me.” “Oh my Bella, that will of course happen, all in due time though.” I smirked into her neck as I kissed the top of her shoulder. I caressed her wrists and forearms all the while kissing her chest. I slowly slid my hands down to the sides of her rib cage. I licked just below the blue fabric that hid her beautiful breasts to my eyes. I knew that the lingerie must have slipped over her head and been positioned in to place. This gave me an idea.

I started at her feet. I picked up her feet and untied the sexy heels that she wore and tossed them onto the floor. Then I massaged her feet gently. I took her leg and laid it on top of my shoulder. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties which nearly sent me over the edge again. However, I had to reign myself in. I wanted to prolong the foreplay. I caressed her leg that was propped up on my shoulder just so that I could see her quiver. I stopped at the top of her thigh, making sure not to touch the fabric of the lingerie.

I began to trail kisses down the inside of her leg. I stopped at the bend of her knee. Again, she was moaning my name. So I stopped and kissed her on the mouth with every ounce of passion I held. She tried to break free of the lace again, but had no luck. I went back to the bend in her knee and brushed my cold lips around that sensitive spot. Then I made my way up her inner thigh until I was at her groin muscle. I felt her pulse pounding away, to which I chuckled at the moment that it all but stopped. “Bella, love, breath.” “Edward”, she said in a hushed tone, “you take my breath away, you always have.”

I did the same thing with her other leg. I could feel her tighten them around my neck and try to squeeze the life out of me. “You know that just tells me that I must be doing something right. It makes me want to tease you more.” She just went limp and grinned, her beautiful eyes closed and then she sighed, “I love you Edward.” “I love you too, Bella Cullen.” “I like the sound of that, Mr. Cullen.” I smiled as she opened her eyes. “As do I sweetie.”

I finished kissing and licking her inner thighs. She quivered and rubbed her legs together as if teasing me so that I couldn’t get further up. She was wrong for doing that. I closed her legs and straddled them. I let my hands run up her outer thighs and up to her hips ever so slightly raising her nightie up to her beautiful stomach. My God she was spectacularly beautiful. I never thought I would want something more precious than her lips against mine, but I quickly found something else I wanted more.

I kissed her lower abdomen and made my way slowly down to her inner leg, where it meets her hips. I spread her legs wide and kissed her in the bend of her legs and she went wild. I could tell she was getting wet, man did I mention how good she smelt?

I slinked across her body back up to her lips as I ran my fingertips across her face and kissed her ever so passionately. Her lips were addicting, like my own brand of heroine. Hear her heart flutter, I am so lucky. I kiss my way back down to where I have her lingerie pushed up to her belly button. I slide my tongue around her cute navel and suck on it gently. I am captivated by the sounds she is making, moaning my name, sighing at my tender yet cool touch. The way she moans my name tells me to keep going.

I take her ruffled nightie between my teeth and pull it further up her delicate body. I wrap my hands around her waist to pull her up so I can get her nightie up a bit higher. I rub my hands around her torso and up to her breast bone. I lift the nightie completely up to her neck so I can take into full view her mouth watering breasts. She is perfect. How could I be so lucky? Who would have thought that this angel would love me truly, madly, deeply?

I bent down to kiss in between her breasts. She was slightly turning in her laced handcuffs. My body rested along hers, though I was careful not to crush her. I began to slowly lick my way up to her nipple and began to kiss it. She wrapped her legs around me which sent my body into shock to feel her smooth, silky legs upon my back. I moved to her other breast. I glided my tongue across this nipple as she moaned and tensed her leg muscles around my back again.

I started moving to her ribs to kiss everyone of them. I let my hand slide up and down the right part of her body as my other hand rubbed her most delicate area. She arched her back as I slipped my finger into her warmth. She gasped out loud, “Oh my God Edward, please don’t stop, baby please don’t stop. Do you know what you’ve done? Do you feel my passion about to explode?”

She forced her head back into the pillow as she began to grind her hips into my hands. I slowly retreated my lips to her lower abdomen as I kissed a perfect trail to where my finger had just been. She was shaking now and saying my name in deep raspy tones. I loved this, the shear love of pleasing my wife. I have been waiting since the first time I new I was in love with her, since the first time I felt my manly hormones flood into my brain and body, to give her this multitude of pleasure. I knew the monster in me meant absolutely nothing compared to my sexual hormones and desire for my wife now.

My wife. Mine for all eternity. I cupped her breasts in my hands squeezing them gently as I continued to penetrate her with my tongue. I enjoyed her withering and gasping for air while saying my name. I placed my hands on the outside of her to give me a better angle. I let my thumbs do the work, while I used my tongue to keep her moist. I could feel her about to surge into my mouth, which I wanted very, very badly, but then stopped. I left her wanting more, just like she had done to me.

“Edward! How dare you stop! Why on Earth did you stop? Oh my goodness, why did you stop?” She said this in a pouty voice. “Bella, love of my life, I was just showing you how you made me feel like I was on the roller coaster of pleasure, and only thought that it would be fair for me to show you the same thing.”

With that I undid her laced handcuffs and took her nightie completely off. She stretched her arms and sat up as I was trying to kiss her breasts and pushed me backwards. She was on top of me before I could get my feet out from underneath my body. Her hands went wild in my hair as her lips fell against mine. My hands were all up and down her bare incredibly sexy body. I grabbed her butt and squeezed it hard as I lifted her and pushed her down into me.

She let out a wild gasp. “I am sorry love, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Did it hurt? I am sorry if it did.” I was going to say something else, but she cut me off with a kiss and a tug at my bottom lip as she began to ride me. “No Edward, well it did hurt a little, but that is part of it. I am as new at this as you are. However it doesn’t feel that this is either of our first time.”

I just smiled that crooked smile that she loves and said, “Yes I thought about that earlier when you were seducing me, but as I started to seduce you, I realized that I didn’t know where mine was coming from, it was erratic like yours. It is just a sign of how perfectly we fit together. God I love you.” She smiled my perfect smile and said, “I love you too Edward. And speaking of how perfect we fit together…”

Oh she began to ride me again. This felt like a sin, her body moving in junction with mine, her head tilting back and her fingers trailing over her body from her neck to where her body met mine was excruciatingly hard for me to withstand. I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to me. My hands were going wild in her long beautiful chocolate curly locks. I kissed her passionately as she was still moving up and down on me. I grabbed her hips and began to move them faster. I picked her up and began to bounce her. This sensation sent us both close to the edge.

God I loved my wife. She started moaning in quickened, short intervals, her breathing spiked up into short shallow breaths. “Oh Edward, Edward, Edward, I am fixing to...” “Oh no you don’t!”

I flipped us over and let it sit inside her for a moment. “You didn’t did you?” “Well, of course not, you stopped it again! Edward please for all the love in the world don’t stop again.” I laughed and kissed her lips. “I just want to go with you love.” And with that, I started thrusting into her again.

“Oh Edward!” “Hmm Bella, mi amor, mi vida.” “I know what you said and yes I love it when you talk to me in your sexy Spanish voice.” Just then I felt her tighten up. “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming!” “Haha I knew I would get you with that. Did you like it? Do you want me to do it again?” “Yes please, Mrs. Cullen, tighten yourself around me again.” She did just that. I began to quicken my pace. We were both breathing rather heavily. I of course didn’t need to breathe but I couldn’t stop breathing in her luscious scent.

“Edward!” She said in a rather high pitch. “Yes Bella?” I found my voice to be a little raspy with that response. And then all of a sudden, her head pushed back into the pillow, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her hips jolted into mine with more force then I thought she should have. It hit me in an avalanche of delight. I had gotten her to reach her climax. I could feel it all over me and the sheets. They would have to be changed, but so what. I made my wife climax!

Just then as she was moaning, more and practically screaming my name, which was totally hot, I felt myself start to tingle. I have never experienced this before, although I knew what it was. My grip on her hips tightened and my lips went straight for her neck. I pushed in her harder and harder, but still careful no to hurt her. As I kissed her precious skin I felt myself go in her. Just at the right moment she tightened up again. This sent me howling her name. We couldn’t stop screaming each other’s names. She kept grinding and pushing her hips into me as I was finishing, but with every push of her walls against me I couldn’t stop going.

Her nails were digging into my skin keeping me from pulling out of her, to which I loved. I could stay inside her forever. As our bodies calmed down, I laid my head down on her chest and listened to her rapid heart beat. She was playing with my hair as I was caressing her thighs.

I pulled out of her and pulled her on top of me along with the covers to keep her warm. I was so blissfully happy, my perfect, angelic wife lying on top of me. I loved the feel of her hot breasts melting into my cold hard chest. Every time she breathed in and out I would feel them press into my skin. I rubbed my hands across her back and up her shoulders as I kissed her forehead. “I love you Bella.” She looked up at me with her partly covered, mysterious deep brown eyes and bit on her bottom lip. I brushed some of her hair out from her eyes even though it looked incredibly sexy, I wanted to see all of her eyes. “Mmmmmm, Edward I love you too.” I smiled knowing that she truly did.

We laid like that for what seemed like a few hours. She drifted off to sleep in my arms just as she had done every night. However, this time, it was different. She was asleep in my arms as my wife, Mrs. Edward Cullen, naked, exhausted from our extremely pleasurable night together.


The sun started to poke through the clouds and I felt her stirring in my arms, her stomach had been growling for a little while now. I gently laid her on the clean side of the bed, trying not to forget that I needed to change the sheets. I don’t even think she was aware of that. I covered her up and walked over to pull the curtains over the windows more tightly so that the morning sun didn’t wake my sleeping beauty.

I pulled on my boxers and headed downstairs to make her breakfast. Thank goodness Esme had the kitchen stocked with food the day before. I opened the fridge to grab the necessary contents to make her favorite omelet. I squeezed her some fresh orange juice. I heard her breathing change upstairs so I new that she would be waking up shortly. I hurried in slicing her favorite fruits and then put them on a smaller plate next to the omelet. I put all of this on a tray and raced back up the stairs so that I could be there when she woke up.

I opened the door to our bedroom and slid back into bed just as she rolled over to open her eyes. Yes! Perfect timing. “Good morning love, are you hungry?” She stretched her beautiful body and sighed, “Terribly hungry.” “Well, you are in luck because I have breakfast in bed for my incredible wife.” I turned over the side of the bed and lifted the tray. The omelet was still sizzling. “Edward, I didn’t even feel you leave. Thank you.” She leaned over and kissed my cheek. “No problem love, now eat and enjoy your breakfast.” As she began to eat I started wondering about our day. “Bella, what is it that you would like to do today?”