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There and Back Again

After 72 years of absence, the Cullen’s return to the small town of Forks. What would have changed in this small town? Will anyone remember the Cullen’s extravagant wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan? What about the wolves?

I would like to thank Jenna B82 (on Fanfiction.net) for editing the chapters in this story. Please enjoy this story!

1. Back Again

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I couldn’t believe we were going back after all these years. It had been exactly seventy-two years, four months and six days since I had left the small town of Forks. Since then my life had changed drastically. I turned and looked at the drivers’ seat. A young man who looked to be about the age of seventeen was driving.

Throughout the transformation years ago, many things changed. This included the features that many associated with our kind – white skin, speeds unimaginable by humans, tremendous strength, enhanced eyesight and immortality. My favourite part was the burden that many, including the man I was looking at now, were cursed with – a new sense of smell, especially the ability to smell blood. I pushed the thought out of my mind. That was a long time ago, things have changed since then.

Studying the face of the man beside me made me smile. I never got sick of looking at him. He had the perfection that many humans could only dream of. I studied his features carefully – his marble-skin, his square jaw, the soft curve of his nose and his beautiful bronze hair. Finally, I looked at his eyes. There was no other phrase for his warm liquid eyes than that they were the perfection of the gods, my own personal god, my Adonis. He turned his head to look at me as his lips curved up to a smile. “What are you thinking about, Bella?” His voice was calm and smooth, as it always was and asking that same perpetual question that often fell from his lips to my ears. Edward Cullen, my husband, had a special ability – he could read minds. Yet, for some reason, still unknown to everyone, he could not read mine. This question was quite usual, as he always gets very frustrated when he doesn’t know what I am thinking.

I looked up and turned my smile into a small grin. “Trying to avoid the thought that we’re actually going back...” I paused for a second as I looked out the window. There was no smile on my face now, as I finished my sentence; “...there.” So many painful memories were brought back from this place, but there were also human memories here that I would not let myself forget. There were memories filled with pain, sorrow and depression as well as memories containing joy, happiness and love. After all, this was the first place that Edward and I had met – years ago at the school we would be attending again. Edward took my hand and smiled reassuringly. His hands were no longer cold to me, as my marble skin was the same temperature as his. “It will be alright. We will be alright.” He looked back on the road and sped down the highway in his Volvo.

Suddenly, the phone rang in my bag. I sighed as I looked at the caller ID – Alice Cullen. I opened the phone and smiled as I heard her voice. “Bella, tell Edward to hurry up. Everyone is already at the house.” Edward laughed as pressed his foot harder on the gas pedal, already having heard her request.

“Don’t worry Alice, we’re almost there.” My voice was as calm as ever. My mother had always said that I was a middle-aged woman stuck in a teenager’s body. Now being just over ninety, I had the wisdom and knowledge to back the maturity up.

Alice mumbled. “Well, just hurry up. I’ll see you here. Bye.”

“Bye.” I said as I hung up the phone.


As I looked out the window, we passed the houses of old friends who had died years ago – Mike, Jessica, Angela, and Eric. The last time I had seen them was at my wedding. After that, I had disappeared across the country with my new husband. I wondered if I would see their grandchildren attending Forks high school. Finally, we reached the Cullen’s residence just outside of town. The only time I had stayed here was when we had attended the funeral for my father, Charlie, who had died fifty years ago. As I hadn’t aged since my nineteenth birthday, Edward and I only watched from a distance, as people would have questioned the youth of both my husband and me.

Slowly getting out of the car I smiled at the family I had acquired. The story that everyone knew was that doctor Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme Cullen had adopted 6 children. Emmett Cullen was the oldest with Edward and Alice as his little brother and sister. Then Rosalie and Jasper Hale were twins and I was their little sister – Isabella Hale. That name still didn’t fit right as my original maiden name had been Swan, but it would do. We were only going to live in Forks for a few years until once again, we would have to move to avoid any suspicions.

Alice walked up to me and grabbed my hand. “Bella, we have to go shopping tomorrow! Can you? Or do you need to hunt?” She asked me looking at my eyes.

I nodded and replied, “Well I should go hunting soon, but I think I can wait until Saturday to go. I guess we won’t be starting school until Monday?”

Alice nodded and grinned enthusiastically, already planning our trip. “Great, I want buy some new clothes and maybe some new shoes or maybe...” her voice trailed off as I looked at Edward. Even though he couldn’t literally take my breath away anymore, he still dazzled me. I just loved to look at him. Suddenly, Alice’s voice became louder. “Bella, are you listening to me?”

I laughed as I pulled her inside. “Come on Alice let’s go make a list of everything you want to buy tomorrow.” She nodded as we both walked inside to start our new life in Forks, Washington.