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Stranger in the Window


“Oh my gosh! Bella wake up! I think someone’s breaking into our house!”“Shut up! I’m not going to hurt you!” What if Bella had siblings? What if they moved to forks with her? How would our beloved “Twilight” change? Banner by Moonlight Hunter :3


1. Chapter 1

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{Bella’s POV}

Chapter 1:

I walked up the old creaking stairs of Charlie’s house. It was a three bedroom house, which meant we would have to share rooms. I honestly didn’t mind the idea much. My siblings and I did everything together anyway. I had three of them, two brothers and one sister. The oldest out of us all, Dan, was 17 like me. He was my twin brother, and only older then me by two minutes. My sister Sammi, was 14 and my youngest brother Ian, was 10.

“Which room is ours?” My sister asked me wide eyed. Sammi was probably the most nervous about our new home. She had left many friends back in Phoenix and was going into her first year of high school. Everything here would be new for her.

“Charlie said we had the one overlooking the front yard.” I told her.

“Oh ok.” We entered the room and looked around. It was fairly small. It was painted a light blue color. Two twin beds we’re pushed onto the east wall. A small desk and laptop was on the wall across from them. I remembered this room from when I was young. I’m sure Sammi would not however, she was only three years old when we moved out of the house.

My mother Renee and my father Charlie had gotten married right out of high school. She had me and my brother Dan a year later. Raising children had never been a talent of Charlie’s. It caused a lot of stress on their relationship. After Sammi was born, well Renee was on her the final straw at that point. She took the three of us and moved to Phoenix, where she met Phil. Phil is my step father. He plays baseball for a living. Renee and Phil got married and not more then a year later, my half-brother Ian was born.

Phil however, got moved into the major leagues this year. I wasn’t about to travel around anymore. That’s why we we’re here, all of us. Even Ian. I think that upset Renee the most. I promised her I would take good care of him and that Renee should just worry about having a good time with Phil.

So here I am. Forks, Washington the rainiest place in the Continental U.S. I knew I was going to miss the heat and the desert, the rocks, and the dirt. The brown. Everything here was green. I felt out of place. I didn’t like it. Tomorrow Sammi, Dan, and I start at Forks High School. I didn’t want to go honestly. I didn’t want to be the new kid who everyone stared at, the freak from Arizona who somehow ended up in Washington.

“Which bed would you like Sammi?” I asked her.

Sammi surveyed the room quickly. “My I have the bed closer to the window?”

I nodded “Be my guest.”

We set our suitcases on the beds and began to unpack or things. After we finished we walked down the stairs into the kitchen. Charlie was sitting at the kitchen table talking to Dan, who was leaning up against the counter. Ian was sitting in the chair across from Charlie. Occasionally cutting in to ask a question or two.

“Hey Bells, Sam.” We nodded to Charlie and walked over.

“I got you guys a homecoming presents.” He said addressing me and Dan.

“Really?” Dan asked surprised.

“Yeah, come on I’ll show you.” Charlie lead us out of the house into the driveway. Ian and Sammi followed curiously.

Sitting in the driveway were two beat up pickup trucks. One was navy blue and the other was orange-red. Both were very old fashion. I took to them immediately. I could tell Dan liked them too. “Whoa, Dad we were going to buy our own cars!” Dan marveled at them.

“No need.” Charlie stated awkwardly “I bought them off my friend Billy. His boy Jacob completely rebuilt the engines.”

“Jake?” I asked remembering my childhood friend. “He must know a lot about cars.”

Charlie nodded.

“Which one is mine?” I asked. Hiding my favoritism of the red one.

“You guys can choose.” Charlie told us.

I looked at Dan. “Can I have the red one?”

He nodded “Sure.”

I grinned in delight and began to investigate my new truck.


Dan and I had agreed to take his car the first day of school. After I had made sure Ian had everything ready for his first day at his new school, Sammi and I climbed into his truck. I called shotgun so Sammi sat the in the backseat.

We found the school easily and turned into the parking lot. Most of the cars were old like ours, except the car we parked next too. I looked out my window at it. It was a shiny sliver Volvo.