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Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! When looking for his friends, Jasper stumbles on to a vampire fight, a dead girl and one severly injured. He brings the injured one back and the Cullen family befriends the girl in a heart beat. But how'd she end up so injured? Who were those vampires? The girl slowly tells the story. This is Harlow's story.


1. Found

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It was a peculiarly sunny day in May. Well, peculiar for Forks. So, we were all inside. Edward was teaching Renesmee how to play on the piano. As he taught her, I sat on the chair by the piano and read. But really, I was listening to Edward and Renesmee bicker over the piano.

“Daddy, this is hopeless” Renesmee said while crossing her arms.

“Renesmee, don’t worry, all it takes is a bit of practice, then you’ll be playing like me in no time” Edward said with he’s famous crooked smile.

“Then why don’t I start with Chopin? Why must I start with this simple stuff?”

“The only way you’ll learn will be from starting with these simple songs. Later you’ll get on to the hard songs”

“But Daddy, I wanna play just like you!”

“But you will-”

Now Daddy!” Renesmee almost yelled. I giggled to myself. Even though Renesmee was a half vampire, she still had all the qualities of a young girl.

Over in the living room, Carlisle and Rosalie were watching the News, while Emmett, Alice and Esme were discussing something. Jasper was out visiting an old friend that Alice said would be around town. Everything was peaceful. Everything was perfect.

I craved afternoons like this. Peaceful family time. Well, peaceful until Emmett and Jasper would try to catch Renesmee, always letting her slide out of there hands, pretending that she was stronger than her.

Suddenly, there was a loud ‘BANG’ that came from the door. Thanks to my vampire vision, I could plainly see that streaking past the piano room was Jasper. Edward, Renesmee and I ran over to the living room to see what happened. In the living room, everyone gathered, looking anxious, at the seemingly flushed Jasper.

“CARLISLE! North and up the mountain, by the crazy river, it’s everywhere ... A GIRL!” Jasper gasped.

At first we were all silent. Then, Emmett burst out in his roaring laugh. We all joined in. Except Edward.

“Yes, Jasper. You typically find ‘girls’ in and around the Forks area” Emmett roared sarcastically. Jasper stared hopelessly at Edward.

“Emmett be quiet, Carlisle, listen to Jasper” Edward said seriously. Everyone immediately stopped laughing and stared at the wide eyed Jasper. I suddenly felt overwhelmed, probably Jasper projecting his emotion onto us.

“Ok, listen. I was on my way north, where Alice said that my friends would be. When I heard some rustling and screaming over North-East. There was an emotional wave of fear coming from that direction. I was curious, and I ran over to see what the commotion was about. When I came, I saw 3 vampires running away into the woods. They seemed to be fighting. But, then it hit me. The scent of human blood, so rich, so thick” Jasper closed his eyes and seemed to inhale deeply, as if remembering the scent. He snapped out of it when he realized what he was doing.

“It was everywhere! Absolutely everywhere! Carlisle I barely had the strength to run away! I saw one girl, way down at the far edge of the clearing, dead. But she wasn’t as bad as the second girl. The second girl was severely injured. Her head, which was wounded, and bleeding, was tilted into the river. The blood from her head dripped into the river” He’s eyes widen to the fullest. We all gasped. As quick as lightening, Rosalie and Alice took Renesmee upstairs. The rest ran out the door. Edward had to grab my arm and tug to realize what was happening. Next thing I knew we were running. Running fast through the woods.

It’s been a year since I’d become a vampire, and so far, my slate was clean. I was pretty good at handling myself with humans around me. But this, if it was as bad as Jasper explained, I wasn’t sure I could handle it. I looked over at my side. Edward let go of my arm, so he could run up with Carlisle. Maybe I could handle it. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

When suddenly, it hit me. It hit me so hard I almost fell over. Human blood. It was everywhere. My eyes seemed to widen with out me being able to stop them. Suddenly we stopped, right at the edge of a clearing. My mouth opened unwillingly. The clearing was pretty big, and around the right side edge was a wild river. By the edge of the river, there was a girl. She looked about 17 years old, and she wore a knee length purple dress. She lay there; she looked like she was sleeping. But, that was for sure not the case.

Blood. All around her. She had a huge gash on her leg, around her waist, the right side of her collar bone, and on her head. But that wasn’t the complete worst part. Her head was slightly tilted into the wild river, so the blood from the gash on her head trickled down in to the river. All the water that pasted her turned into a purple-red color. Unwillingly, I went down into my hunting crouch. My eyes widened to it absolute full extent.

I was about to jump when suddenly Emmett tackled me on to the ground. My instincts told me to bite, to escape, but my head told me to go down. He held me down while I saw the rest of them run over to the body. From afar, I could see Carlisle and Edward take of there belts. Carlisle carefully took each belt and wrapped it tightly around the girl’s bloody leg. He took the other and put it around her waist. Then, carefully, yet quickly, Carlisle, Edward and Esme picked up the girl, and started to run back to the house. They tried to keep some distant of us, but when they ran past us, my head jerked up and my arms reached out to the bloody girl. When they were clearly far out into the woods, Emmett picked me up. Jasper was standing there behind him.

“You OK Bella?” he said. My head felt dizzy. The scent was still very strong since it was running in the river.

“Yes, yes I’m fine. Let’s go” I whispered. Then we ran back to the house. The scent was everywhere. I could see some droplets around the entrance to the house. I wanted to lean down, to lick the floor, but I resisted. Once inside, we ran over to the living room. There, the furniture was pushed back, and a hospital bed was placed in the middle. Esme was set to work cleaning the blood. But by the expression on her face, and the way she cleaned the gash, she seemed to be in major pain. Carlisle noticed and gently pushed her to the side. He took the cloth and carefully started to clean out the gash in the leg. Edward was cleaning the girl’s waist. Emmett seemed to be holding on to me and Jasper. I could feel suddenly a wave of calmness. But with an erratic edge, like Jasper was trying to make himself and me calm, but not exactly succeeding.

That’s when I noticed. Through all the blood, moving, dizziness, shouting, I noticed that on the girl’s face, she seemed to be grinning. She looked like she was sleeping and was having a wonderful dream. Like she had just been kissed, and was breathing in the moment. Suddenly Edward gasped.

“Carlisle! She’s been bitten!” Edward yelled. Silence filled the room. Before that, I had been listening to her wet, warm, delicious heart beats. When he yelled this it startled me. Everyone turned to Carlisle. Well, all except me who was trying very hard not to bite Emmett and pounce.

“...Well, I guess there’s not much we can do then” Carlisle said. Slowly, everyone started to move again. Carlisle went back to cleaning the blood off the girl’s legs. Esme went to wash the gash on her collarbone. Edward walked, almost ran to the sink to wash his hands. Emmett pulled Jasper and I outside to get some fresh air. Then, leaving me on the front porch, they went around the yard and cleaned any drops of blood. I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Renesmee. The name entered my mind. I zipped through the bottom floor, holding my breath, and ran up the stairs, into Edwards’s room. The scent was still strong, but at least I could walk with out pouncing. While entering the room, I found Alice sitting on the bed, with a scared look on her face. Rosalie was braiding Renesmee’s hair, while telling her a story.

“And the glass slipper slipped off her foot-” Rosalie said in a magical voice.

“Aunt Rosalie, enough! I’ve heard this story more than enough times!” Renesmee said in an exasperated tone.

“Alice, Rosalie, I’ll take Renesmee, go down stairs” I said in a dark tone. Rosalie put Renesmee down, and quickly hopped down the stairs, upset that she missed the excitement, but excited to see what she missed. Alice sat frozen to the couch. I picked up Renesmee, and as I did she put her hand on my cheek. Curiosity, anxious, the scent of blood, scared, worried were all the emotions (and scents) tracing her mind.

“Alice?” I said. Alice raised a hand and placed gently on my mouth. She was seeing something. She probably saw the whole thing before, and now was further looking into the future. We all sat there silently until Renesmee sighed a huge sigh.

“Mommy, what happened? What did Uncle Jasper mean about a girl? And the crazy river? I can here them all moving around downstairs. I can smell blood too, what happened?” Renesmee said, with a slight anxious feeling to her tone.

“Umm...Well, Renesmee, when Uncle Jasper was in the woods, he found a girl, who was severely injured. We brought her back, and Carlisle is taking care of her” I said. But, from the sound of my voice, you could tell I wasn’t in the room. My mind was downstairs, remembering the scent, listening to each wet beat, thinking of ways to distract everyone, so I could have her. Maybe I could say that Alice had a vision of something, or maybe say the fighting vampires were outside, or maybe I’ll just throw Renesmee out the window, that would distract them for more than a few minutes...What was I thinking?! How could I even think those horrid thoughts! I put my focus back on to Renesmee. She placed her hand on my face, showing a picture of herself sleeping. Then, her head slowly tilted back...and the snoring started. Light, but at least it distracted me enough from the sound of that girl’s heart.

* * *

That night, as Renesmee slept, Edward and I were discussing the girl.

“Edward, I ... I thought about ways to distract you! To get you away from her! I was counting her heart beats, trying to remember the scent...”I whispered to him as we lay, tangled together on our bed.

“That’s all normal, love” he said as he kissed my forehead.

“But Edward, I’ve never seen so much blood in my life! I never knew how out of control I could get! While you were all busy cleaning the gashes, I was counting the warm, wet heart beats, I thought about throwing Renesmee out the window as a distraction!” I almost yelled. He silenced and distracted me by giving me a nice long kiss. It worked.

“Love, your doing extraordinarily well” he stopped for a second, then continued.

“Carlisle is done cleaning her up. We should go see” as he said this, he got up from our positioned and went into the closet to change. I sighed and got up with him.