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Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! When looking for his friends, Jasper stumbles on to a vampire fight, a dead girl and one severly injured. He brings the injured one back and the Cullen family befriends the girl in a heart beat. But how'd she end up so injured? Who were those vampires? The girl slowly tells the story. This is Harlow's story.


2. Confusion

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When we got to the house, we found everyone circled around the girl. She lay (blood free, I might add) on the hospital bed in the middle of the living room. She still had the grin on her face. The scent of her blood was still strong, but at least it wasn’t pouring out of her. She wore a new purple dress, almost exactly like the one before, except with out the rips and tears.

“Isn’t that odd” Carlisle said. They all seemed to be thinking about something.

“What’s with the smile?” Emmett asked. Everyone fell silent with thought. It was kind of odd. She looked like she was in total happiness. Jasper had a peculiar expression across his face.

“She has the oddest emotion projecting from her. Like, pain, obviously. But it’s like she’s ... recalling a memory. A happy one” Jasper murmured. It was sort of odd. I remember very vividly when I got transformed, and it was not one of my happiest memories. Heck, it hurt like hell! It completely shocked me how she could be grinning like that.

As we silently thought to ourselves something happened. The once perfect face of happiness was replaced with a horror struck look. Suddenly the girl screamed out an ear piercing scream. We all jumped at the sudden scream. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Carlisle quickly ran upstairs and came back down with some pain killers. He took the needle and plunged it into her neck. The scream seemed to get louder, not stopping for a breath. Then, she let out a huge sigh and the grin went back onto her face.

What was that?!” Emmett burst out. We were all thinking the same thing. Then that reminded me.

“Edward, what is she thinking?” I asked. Everyone turned to Edward as he focused on the girl.

“Hmm...It’s all sort of muddled. Like she’s thinking about many things at once” Edward sighed.

“But what exactly?” Rosalie said. That sort of surprised me, because as far as I was concerned, Rosalie didn’t want anything to do with this new girl.

“The name Evan is being repeated many times, there’s screams of agony, the scent of blood...” Edward said. We all went silent.

“Well, I’m outa here” Emmett said as he walked out the door. Carlisle and Rosalie followed along with him. Edward, Alice, Jasper, Esme and I all stayed in our positions. Edward and I were silent in thought, while the rest looked troubled.

“What happened to her, that’s what I wonder. She was so ... broken” Esme whimpered to herself. Then she quietly got up and left. Alice and Jasper looked the most troubled of all. Alice sat on his lap with his arms wrapped around her, their usually position. But their faces looked extremely troubled.

“The emotions projecting from her, their unreadable” Jasper mumbled to himself. Alice lovingly rubbed her hands over his hands, but her face was just as troubled.

“There are so many decisions that have to be made, I can’t see that far at all” Alice said grumpily. It was sort of cute seeing Jasper and Alice annoyed together.

After one last glance at the girl, Edward went over to softly play the piano, quite a stress reliever for him, while I went over to the phone to call Jacob.

Jacob very happily agreed to let Renesmee stay over at his place while the new girl was here. I sighed as I punched in the numbers and waited while the phone rang.

“Hello?” It sounded like Billy’s musky voice.

“Hi Billy, it’s me, Bella”

“Oh hey Bella, how are you?”

“Good thanks, uh Billy, can I talk to Jacob?”

“Sure” I heard some ruffling, a cough.

“Hello, Bella?” Jacob’s sunshine voice rang through the phone.

“Hey Jake, what’s up?” I smiled.

“Everything’s great here, Nessie’s fine” He said.

“Can I talk to her?”

“Sure thing Bells” more shuffling and a burst of giggles. I smiled despite myself. Her peeling bell like laugh was probably my most favourite sound in the world.

“Hey Mom!!” Renesmee’s voice rang through the phone.

“Hello darling! How are you and Jacob?” I said enthusiastically.

“Great, we were down at the beaches all day! The tidal pools are so cool!” And Renesmee went on about her time with Jacob. Even on the phone, the way Renesmee and Jacob spoke about each other sounded like they were talking about gods. You could even then tell that they were meant for each other, no matter how much it bugged me.

“So when am I coming home? Well, I can stay a bit longer, I think. Oh, and what about the girl?” She asked.

“I think you’ve got to stay there a bit longer, maybe a week or so. Renesmee, can you put Jake on?”

“Alright, bye Mommy!!”

“Bye Renesmee!” I heard more shuffling.

“What’s up?” said Jake.

“Can Renesmee stay a bit longer? Like a week or something?” I asked easily.

“Of course! She can stay as long as she wants!” he said, just as I expected.

“Alright, call you later, bye!” I said as I hung up the phone.

I quietly walked over to the piano and sat beside Edward, who was playing a relaxing blues number. I snuggled my head into his shoulder.

Without Renesmee, I didn’t feel totally complete. But luckily Edward filled in a lot.

“Hmm, you know, it’s getting sort of crowded in here” I said slyly. He looked at me with a curious expression.

“Yes, yes. Ah, let’s go to our cottage. It’s not crowed at all there. No, it’ll be just the two of us” I continued while wrapping my hand in his. He picked up the mood quickly and before I knew it we were in our cottage tangling ourselves together.