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Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! When looking for his friends, Jasper stumbles on to a vampire fight, a dead girl and one severly injured. He brings the injured one back and the Cullen family befriends the girl in a heart beat. But how'd she end up so injured? Who were those vampires? The girl slowly tells the story. This is Harlow's story.


3. Waking

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For the next 4 days, random piercing screams would rip out from the Cullen house. It was sort of annoying actually, like if you were on the phone, or talking with someone, and suddenly the girl would scream and ear splitting scream.

When the fourth day since the finding of the girl started, we all started to get really anxious. We all kept asking Alice when she’d wake up, and at one point she shouted out “Enough all ready! Leave me alone!!” I felt bad for Alice, though. All the pressure from us, and the fact that her visions are kind of blurry.

Then, on Friday the 27th, 2009, she woke up.

Edward was trying to teach me a cord on the piano, when suddenly her heart beat started to get higher. We could all hear it and we all formed a circle around the girl. She seemed to be almost twitching. Her heart beat was mounting to a faster and faster rate.

“Any second now...” Alice murmured with a smile. Faster, and faster.

It was now at the speed of a hummingbird. We all watched anxiously. What would she be like? Would she have a special ability? Would she be one of those crazy newborns that Jasper talks about?

Then it stopped.

We all dipped our heads in, looking down at the once lightly tan face. Before, she looked broken, with blood and scars. But without those, I would guess she would be pretty cute. She had a nice light tan, which matched nicely with her golden brown hair.

But now, her skin was pearly white, like ours. She looked very beautiful, like us as well. But with her own personnel beautiful. Like Rosalie was Renaissance painting beautiful, Alice was fashion model beautiful, I was well, Bella beautiful, and her, well. She had almost a rocker style to her look.

Her hair added extremely to that style. It was completely crazy; no hair brush would even dare try to tame it. But it wasn’t tangly crazy, more like messy but soft crazy.

Her face was round, almost square, and from her eyelids I could tell that she had massive eyes. Her fingers were long, and so were her legs. She wasn’t skinny like Alice or me; she had a bit of meat on her bones, but not in a fat sort of way.

I took in all these details while we waited for her to open her eyes.

And then, they did. Her dark eye lashes slowly rose up to show massive scarlet eyes. They stared straight up. We leaned out our heads to give her some space. Her eyes slowly went around in a full circle until they stopped at Jasper, who was at her right side.

Then she slowly rised and sat up. It was silent like this for a minute while she looked over us one by one.

“Uh, Hello. My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. This is my wife Esme and my children Jasper, Alice, Edward, Bella, Rosalie and Emmett. My son Jasper found you in the woods, injured, and uh, other wise bitten” Carlisle began slowly. She faced him and listened attentively.

“You have been, uh, transformed into a vampire. Jasper found you injured in the woods, and also saw three other vampires running away. We will tell you everything about this, but before, can you please tell us who you are?” He asked. We waited and watched as she slowly opened her mouth to speak.

“My name is Jean Harlow Oh’Scarrlet” Jean said in a voice that didn’t sound like bells, but more like a flute. More tuned, you could say.

“Call me Harlow, if you will. I kind of detest the name Jean” she added, amazed at her own voice. When she spoke, she touched her neck.

“Harlow, Jean Harlow, like from that movie star back in the 50’s?” Alice piped in.

“Yes, exactly” Harlow smiled at Alice.

“So, if you can remember, what happened to you?” Jasper asked. She stared at Jasper with wide eyes.

“I looked that bad?” Harlow said shockingly.

“What do you mean?” Esme asked.

“I, I don’t know. I look at you and can see what happened when you found me. Gosh I looked dreadful” Harlow said. We all thought in silence for a second.

“I’m quite sure it’s a gift Carlisle. She can see into your past. She remembers everything that’s ever happened to you” Edward said while staring at Harlow reading her mind.

“Well, not everything. Before your transformation, it’s a bit blurry” She said modestly.

“Ha! It’s sort of like the opposite of Alice’s gift!” Emmett said smiling. It was sort of funny actually.

“Let’s test it. What did I do three weeks ago on Monday?” Emmett questioned.

“You were hunting with Jasper and Alice and were daring them to try to hunt a squirrel” Harlow said with out a pause. But right after she said the last word, her hands immediately went up to her throat.

“Ahgh!” she gasped. “It burns! When I remember you hunt, it makes my throat hurt!!” Harlow gasped out. She looked at Carlisle franticly.

“Listen carefully Harlow. My family are different then other vampire families. We do not hunt humans. We live with them. Instead, my family hunts animals. Now, you have an option here. Either you can join this family, or go out by your self and hunt humans. I am leaving the choice up to you. It is said to be the natural way for vampires, but we believe we can over come that. We don’t have to be monsters” Carlisle said firmly.

She seemed to think carefully about this.

“I never really had a family” she began slowly. “So, I guess this is the best offer I can get” With a smile, she got up from the hospital bed and walked around the room.

“Can we hunt now please?” she said innocently. I walked over by her side.

“I’ll show you how” I said with guiding her to the door.

“Oh, I already know. I remember Edward teaching you” Harlow said as she walked by me. We were all sort of awestruck by this odd girl.

“Let’s go already! I’m starving!!” Harlow said annoyingly while she waited at the door for us. Her emotions seemed to be everywhere. I looked to Jaspers face to see he seemed almost relieved. I felt suddenly relieved to.

We ran out the door and into the woods. Rosalie, Esme and Alice stayed home to put away the hospital bed and put back the furniture. While gliding through the woods, the strong scent of cougars suddenly came from the north and up the mountain. Edward and Harlow were tied for the fastest as we reached the pack.

By the bottom of a cliff, there was a bunch on cougars, lying around, bored. Emmett, Jasper, Edward, Carlisle and I stood back as we let Harlow go first. She slowly crouched down, and crawled over to a tree, meters away from the pack. She got up from her crouch and slowly walked around the tree and walked casually to the pack.

The cougars looked up and got up, growling at the sudden entrance of Harlow. She stood as the cougars slowly started to circle her. Then, she suddenly snapped and jumped at one of the cougars, making a loud hissing sound. She pummelled the cougar down and bit him on the neck. The other cougars jumped to attack her, but she whipped her long leg around and kicked the cougars away. They staggered away, carefully trying to attack again.

She hungrily drinked the cougar, letting blood drip down her cheek. When she was down, she turned around and got up, hunger in her eyes. She casually walked over to the other cougar, which had gotten up and started to circle her. Then, she snapped again.

Jasper and Edward got in and helped themselves, and then Carlisle and I did. We tried to keep our distance from Harlow, because she acted completely different from her usually odd self. When she hunted, she reminded me of Victoria, almost feline like. With a cat like walk, and a sudden snap, she hunted like a tiger.

2 or 3 more cougars later, she stopped suddenly, and put her hands on her stomach.

“I feel kind of full!” Harlow said, surprising herself. She then sped of back to the house, with us following behind her.