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Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! When looking for his friends, Jasper stumbles on to a vampire fight, a dead girl and one severly injured. He brings the injured one back and the Cullen family befriends the girl in a heart beat. But how'd she end up so injured? Who were those vampires? The girl slowly tells the story. This is Harlow's story.


4. About

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“How was it dear?” Esme asked as we got back in the house. The rest of us looked a bit fluffed but all around clean. Harlow, on the other hand, looked like a mess. Twigs in her hairs, blood stained in her dress, dirt on her white arms, but her face was smiling and complete.

“Marvellous” she said while casually walking into the house. Then she realized the state she was in.

“Oh my gosh! The dress, my hair! Oh I did it wrong!” She cried out miserably.

Alice walked in with a bag of clothing.

“Not at all, and we will have you fixed up in no time” She said while summoning Harlow upstairs. Harlow smiled thankfully while zipping up the stairs at vampire speed. When she and Alice were gone, the rest of us went to the kitchen.

“Esme, you should see her hunt, she’d casually walk in. The cougars would look up and before they knew it, bam!” Emmett went on.

“She’s pretty weird” Rosalie retorted.

But even through all that, she was pretty nice.

* * *

Harlow was one of the oddest people I’ve ever known.

Whenever we went out to hunt, she’d run at a normal human run. She’d only run fast if she had to.

“It’s better to take life slow than quick” Harlow’d always say.

Her fashion sense would make Alice scream. Unmatching colors, lots of rings, vivid colors, dark mascara and she didn’t ever seem to brush her hair. Yet she seemed so sure that she was the best dressed out of all of us. And she was beautiful.

Harlow, Jasper and Emmett went out to find her bag of belongings that she left by the river. Her bag was a large canvas bag that had the recycling sign on it. In it there was 10 000 dollars (money Harlows great aunt gave to her), oil paints, watercolor paints, oil pastels, inks, paper, clothes, jewlery and books. So many books.

She would paint everything. We all had at least 2 portraits each. One day, she told us all to sit in the living room so she could paint us. It took all day, but it was one of the funnest days ever. We could have left because she could remember how we looked like perfectly, but none of us had anything else better to do.

We talked and laughed, and in the end, the painting was beautiful. It was hung up in the living room. It looked like you were standing there.

Sometimes when it was sunny, she’d sit on the back porch and paint her toenails and listen to music, while shining in the sun light.

Whenever it rained, she’d bring everyone out and play football. Of course, Rosalie didn’t even walk out the door, Alice watched a bit then left, but I stayed and watched. It was Harlow and Jasper versus Edward and Emmett. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Running at vampire speed, they tackled and pumled each other. At first, the boys didn’t tackle or try to get in the way of Harlow because she was a girl. But after she tackled Emmett in the mud, it really got interesting. When we came back, Harlow and the boys were soaked, brown from the mud, and were trying to trip each other. Rosalie dropped a glass vase after looking at the mud ridden Emmett.

Since she had the ability to remember everyones past almost perfectly, and herself included, we asked her multiple times about how she ended up by the crazy river half dead. But whenever we brought up the topic, she’s burst into a massive rage, screaming at us to mind our own business. After when she kind of calmed down, one of us would take her out hunting to calm her down.

But besides that, she was the most happy vampire I knew.

She annoyed Alice with her ‘Be Green’ t-shirts, she bothered Rosalie with her random outbursts about how Emmett is a push over in football, she pestered Jasper to repeat his story about how he met Alice, she embarresed Emmett when she won in GrandTheftAuto, she constintaly asked Edward to play the piano, she borrowed Carlisle’s car alot because she said that she liked the color, and she constantly drew Esme.

Yet we all loved her so much.