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First Year

Carlisle made the difficult decision to change 13 year-old Sunny into a vampire before her cancer could kill her. This is Sunny's first year as a Cullen and a vampire.


2. Chapter 2: Awakening

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When I finally was able to open my eyes, hours after the pain had ended, I was sure that I had been completely wrong in my earlier assumption. I didn’t change into a vampire; I was trapped in some weird dream. Everything around me was too clear, too vivid, and bright. It was surreal.

I was still in the bedroom Alice had decorated for me with its soaring clouds and shining lanterns, but when I looked up at the ceiling, I could see the brush strokes in the paint of the clouds. I could make out each fiber and the intricate texture of the crepe material of the lanterns. I could make out the elaborate lines and hues in the butterscotch color of Carlisle’s eyes.

It had taken me a moment to realize that he was standing next to my bed, sadness and relief both obvious in his expression. My first thought was to jump up and throw myself into his arms but I was already there. It was as if the thought had forced my body to react.

He hugged me with a fierceness that I would never have thought he would be capable of. It reminded me of when I had been about five and had gotten lost in a department store while I was shopping with my mom. I had searched for her for what seemed like forever. I went up and down aisle after aisle then I rounded a corner and there she was. The way she ran to me and yanked me into her arms was exactly the way Carlisle held me now, as if he thought he had lost me and then found me safe and unharmed.

For the first time since I meet Carlisle, he didn’t feel cold and rock-solid to me. It was actually comfortable for me to be in his arms. We were the same temperature. I rested my head against his stomach. He let me rest there for a long time, my arms wrapped around his waist, his arms wrapped around my shoulders. Although his voice was low, it startled me when he spoke. “How do you feel, Clara? Are you still in pain?” His voice broke at the end of his question and I looked up at him.

“No, Carlisle. I’m fine now.” When I reached down to take his hand; that was when the vision came. It was like a slideshow playing itself in my head. The first image was of a man dressed in very old-fashioned clothes holding a blond haired baby. The next image was of a blond boy in a cathedral-like church, gazing up at the same man with complete adoration. When the image changed again, it was of that same boy, now clearly a man, being attacked by a vampire on a dark street. The images came faster: the blond man bending over a sick boy in a hospital bed, the man bending in the same way over a dying woman. That same blond man was in every image. It was Carlisle. I was seeing his life, not just his vampire life, but his human life as well. I gasped and quickly jumped away from him, a growl ripping itself from my throat before I was even aware it was happening.

He approached me slowly, his hands rose cautiously out in front of his body as he stepped slowly closer to me. Emmett and Jasper appeared out of nowhere, their eyes quickly taking in the scene in front of them as I backed myself away, edging closer to the window behind me. “Carlisle?” Jasper questioned softly.

I could feel Jasper’s confusion. I could feel him feeling that confusion from me. It was like an aura around him, it was pulsating off him, reflecting back on me. What was happening to me? I squatted in the corner, curling into myself with my head in my hands. Dry, wracking sobs tore from my chest as my entire body shook.

I didn’t understand any of it, not the visions, or the feelings from Jasper. As Carlisle tentatively stepped forward, I unexpectedly felt something else. As he got closer, I could feel his essence, his innate goodness, his humor, and his patience. I was surrounded by those feelings as he scooped me from the floor, holding me in his arms.

I wrapped myself around him again as my sobs subsided. I still had my head buried against his shoulder when Carlisle’s essence was intermixed with Emmett’s, taking on a much stronger sense of humor and a carefree feel. One of Emmett’s big hands reached up to rest against my back. “What happened, Clara?”

My eyes were still wide with confusion when I turned my attention to him. “I just…” How would I make any of them understand? “I saw something.” I replied lamely. Emmett’s eyes flickered to Carlisle and I felt Carlisle shrug.

“You saw what, Clara, what did you see that frightened you so badly?” I could tell from the tone of Emmett’s voice that he would have beat whatever it was to a bloody pulp if he could. The idea made me smile.

I looked up into Carlisle’s eyes, frowning in confusion again. “Was your dad a priest?”

His arms stiffened around me for a moment and shock filled his features as he stared at me incredulously. He had never explained anything to me about his past. No one had ever really told me about their lives. They had all been trying so hard to act human, be “normal” around me. Edward was the only one who knew that I had figured out their secret. The little mental spy…

“Clara, you saw my father?” Carlisle was gaping at me. So, I was right. It had been Carlisle in my visions. I nodded mutely, too shocked by my realization to speak.

“So then you see ghosts?” Jasper inquired. He took one careful step towards us from across the room, his eyes locked with mine. A feeling of peace bounced between Jasper and I as he tried to calm the tension in the room.

I shook my head at his question. I knew explaining this wouldn’t be easy. “I saw a man holding a baby and then I saw a blond boy in a church watching a sermon.” I frowned as I concentrated on remembering the pictures in my head. I wanted to be as clear as possible. “I saw the blond boy after he grew up and he was a man and he was attacked by a vampire on a dark street.” The words began to pour out of my mouth as everything became clearer. “I saw you change Edward and Esme.” I looked up at Carlisle briefly before turning away. “That’s it. After that I freaked out and you guys came in.” My eyes traveled from Emmett to Jasper before I dropped my gaze to the floor, studying every thread and fiber in the carpet as I waited for someone to react in some way to what I had just admitted.

Emmett’s booming laughter would have given me a heart attack if my heart were still beating. “Wow! You’re one special little kid!” He grabbed me from Carlisle, pulling me into a bear hug. My fingers brushed against his neck as I tried to wiggle out of his grip. I got a quick flash of a massive man with curly, dark hair being mauled by a bear and I gasped.

“Is that why you’re such a big teddy bear, Emmett? Because you were almost killed by one?” I laughed at his expression until he growled, frowning at me with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Hmmm…what else can you do, I wonder…” He was slowly edging towards the window as he spoke, his eyes flickering from me to the ground outside with a smirk. I had to think fast.

“She can feel the energy behind my ability when I access it, for one.” Jasper’s words froze both Carlisle and Emmett in place. I’d have to remember to thank Jasper for that one later.

“Yeah, I can feel you using it. When you came in, I could feel your confusion and then I could feel my confusion from you when you felt it from me. It was bouncing back and forth between us for a while. Now that feeling of peace that you’re putting out is bouncing around, too.”

Jasper shook his head in amazement. “Two abilities. It’s remarkable.”

I shook my head. “I think there’s three, actually. When Carlisle came closer to me to pick me up off the floor, I could feel his patience and his sense of humor and I could feel that he’s a good person.”

Jasper’s face held a strange expression. He was frowning very intensely, his eyes still locked on my face as he thought about what I said. The sense of peace that he was willing into the room didn’t change but his face looked troubled. He must be good at controlling his ability. Was he mad at me because my ability was too much like his? Was he thinking that maybe this meant he wasn’t special and unique anymore? Just the idea of it made me sad.

Jasper rushed to my side when he felt my sadness. His hand rested comfortingly on my shoulder. It seemed like he was being careful not to make contact with my skin. He posture seemed stiff. “Why the sadness? What are you thinking?”

Could I tell him the truth? “Jasper,” I began hesitantly, “my ability really isn’t like yours, you know. I don’t feel everyone’s emotions and I can’t control anything. You’re still unique.” My voice trailed off. That didn’t come out right and I knew it. I sighed as I waited for his reaction.

A grin broke out on his face and he laughed. “You were sad because you thought I didn’t feel special anymore?” He grabbed me from Emmett’s arms hugging me to him tight. “Clara, I was merely assessing the situation, just as I always do. I was thinking of you, of how this all could be possible. Granted, you were a remarkably intuitive child as a human. You have always been able to figure out so much without any hints or clues. However, this… this is remarkable. Just…uncanny.” He was shaking his head in awe now.

I let out a huge sigh of relief and reached up to put my hand to Jasper’s cheek. Emmett snatched me from Jasper’s arms before I got a chance to touch him, growling at me again as his expression became stern. “No! You must never try to see Jasper’s life, Clara. I mean it, not ever! Not until he’s explained what you would see. Understand?”

I’ve never heard Emmett so upset, so freaked out before. I nodded at him, my mouth hanging open in shock. “Yeah, I got it.” I whispered.

Emmett’s expression immediately changed when he realized he had scared me a little. “Awe, I’m sorry, Clara. I didn’t mean to startle you.” He hugged me again and I felt the tension leave my body.

I smiled, hugging him back. “It’s ok. You just surprised me.”

A noise from outside suddenly grabbed everyone’s attention. There was a rustling sound, the sound of twigs breaking and brush being kicked. Something was wandering the woods. That was when the smell got to me. There was a very distinct, sour odor mixed with a scent warmer and more mouthwatering than cinnamon.

I lost all control, my senses completely took over as I leapt from Emmett’s arms and bounded out of the closed window. I was barely aware of the sound of the glass breaking as I hit the ground, running.