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First Year

Carlisle made the difficult decision to change 13 year-old Sunny into a vampire before her cancer could kill her. This is Sunny's first year as a Cullen and a vampire.


4. Chapter 4: Specter

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Bella’s POV

“Where’s Edward?” I asked cautiously. Ever since he had returned from our nightmarish separation, it was impossible for us to stay away from each other. I knew that he never would send Alice to pick me up in his place without a good reason. I had just seen him not even a full day before and his eyes had been a light golden brown. He wouldn’t need to hunt so that excuse was gone.

Alice didn’t look at me and the car never slowed from its break-neck pace as she answered. “He’s with Sunny.” Her tone had been too careful, too light. Something was wrong.

“What happened to Sunny?” My eyes narrowed with suspicion as my heart started to race.

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed at me, finally giving me her attention as the car sped along toward her home. “She’s fine, Bella. She just had a rough night. Edward was concerned; you know how he can get, so he decided to keep an eye on her. That’s it.”

I still wasn’t convinced. “What do you mean by ‘a rough night?’” I knew it had to be pretty bad for him to not want to leave her side, not even to come get me.

Alice groaned dramatically. “Sunny slept.” She threw a glare at me before I could speak again. “Yeah, I know…I know. Vampires don’t sleep and that’s really weird and not good but Carlisle is looking into it so don’t worry, ok?” She eyed me critically until I nodded.

When we finally pulled into the Cullens’ garage, it took every ounce of willpower I had not to jump out of the car and race into the house. Knowing me, I would fall on my face and then Edward would have two people to worry about instead of just one.

I had barely opened the door to the main house when three things happened at the same time. First, Alice gasped and became very still. Then I heard a shriek and Sunny shout, “No, Edward! She wants me! I don’t want to go!” The next thing I knew, I was being grabbed around the waist and seated in Edward’s car.

By the time I had a moment to catch my breath; Alice was wandering over to join the rest of us. She opened the back passenger side door calmly and got in to sit next to Sunny. Both her and I locked our eyes on Edward at the same time. “Would you like to explain or shall I?” Alice inquired with a smirk.

Edward threw a glare at her before turning his attention to me. His eyes were wide with shock. His complexion seemed paler than usual. He was gripping the steering wheel so tightly that I wondered how it was that it didn’t break apart in his hands.

“We saw my mom!” Sunny exclaimed. The look Edward threw her was furious. Sunny immediately looked chastised and dropped her eyes to her hands as she fidgeted with them in her lap. “Well, we did,” she whispered to herself but Edward had turned back to stare blankly out of the windshield in front of him.

Alice sighed in exasperation when Edward didn’t speak. “Sunny thought she heard her mom’s voice in her dreams but when she woke up she actually saw her mom standing in her room. Edward saw Beth through Sunny’s thoughts, freaked out and now here we are.” Leave it to Alice to make such a tense and anxious moment seem so trivial.

“I want to go back,” I heard Sunny whisper to Alice. Edward’s jaw twitched but his eyes never moved. “No.” His voice was flat and his tone was final.

Sunny was now the one who was furious. “Oh yeah? So then what are we going to do, Edward, run away? She…is…a…. GHOST! She could just follow us if she wanted to! And it’s me she wants, not you! If you’re so scared then you don’t have to be there.”

This time when Edward turned to her with the same furious expression as before, Sunny didn’t turn away. She glared right back at him. Edward closed his eyes for a moment, clearly trying to calm himself down before he spoke. “I don’t want you going anywhere near the specter…”

“It’s my mom, Edward!”

He sighed. “It could be a trick.”

Sunny laughed. “How could it be a trick? Who would do that?”

Edward seemed to think about this. “I won’t have you in any situation that we don’t understand. Trick or not.”

“And what if she comes back when you’re not here? Alice can’t predict when she might show up again. What then?”

Alice looked mildly offended by this. Sunny shrugged at her. “You don’t know my mom and you’ve never been a ghost so it’s probably a pretty safe bet that you won’t be able to see when she might come back. No offense, Alice.” Alice looked slightly mollified and turned her attention back to Edward.

Edward closed his eyes again, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, struggling to remain in control of himself.

I reached out to gently pry his fingers loose, holding his cold, hard hand in mine. I knew that the uncertainty of the situation was killing him. This was his little sister, after all. His brotherly instincts were on overdrive.

“Maybe if you just let me go back and talk to her…” Sunny’s tone became tentative as she watched Edward’s reaction carefully. “Maybe then she won’t come back.” She could see Edward was about to protest and quickly continued, “You can be there, and I won’t let go of you once, if you want, ok?” Her voice became sad, pleading. “Please Edward. I just want to talk to her.”

“Honestly, Edward, I don’t see anything bad happening. Beth just wants to talk.” Alice’s voice was gentle.

Edward’s expression was strained. His eyes flickered from Alice to Sunny and then me before he sighed. “Alright, but only if you stay with me the entire time.”

Sunny nodded enthusiastically and made to open the car door until she caught Edward’s frown. She stayed put until he came and opened the door for her. The moment she was out of the car, he had one hand on her shoulder, guiding her back into the house.

Esme was sitting on the couch when we walked in. She got to her feet, approaching Edward and Sunny with concern written all over her face. “Are you sure this is a good idea, Edward? With so much change happening right now…” Her voice trailed off as her eyes feel to Sunny.

I knew that she was thinking what we all were thinking. What would talking to Beth do to Sunny emotionally? Would she become catatonic again after Beth leaves her a second time? Would we lose Sunny again? None of us had the answers.

Sunny approached Esme and took her hand. She didn’t speak for a long moment but her expression filled with sadness as she stared into Esme’s eyes. “I promise you won’t lose me. I just have to say good-bye.”

Esme smiled sadly, hugging Sunny to her tightly before turning to the rest of us. “Please keep an eye on her. If the situation seems to be too much…”

“We’ll pull her out immediately, Esme. Don’t worry.” Alice reassured her.

Esme gave Sunny one last hug. “Listen to your brother and your sisters, Sunny. They know what’s best. When they tell you to leave I want you to come right back down here, alright? No arguments.”

Sunny nodded firmly then turned and walked back over to stand beside Edward and Alice. I caught the apprehension in Esme’s expression as we all ascended the stairs.