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Moonlit Truths

Fluffy, one shot, missing scene from Eclipse. Occurs sometime before Victoria's return.

Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended.

1. Chapter 1

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Edward loved the night.

His stony cold arms were wrapped around Bella as she laid on her side, her back against his chest. Blankets were twisted haphazardly around her body. He buried his nose into her messy ponytailed hair, inhaling the intoxicating scent.

“I hate giraffes,” she mumbled in her sleep.

He softly chuckled to himself. This was the reason that he loved the night, lying next to the dreaming Bella as she slept. She did not know, but he kept a journal under the bed to record his favorite things that she uttered in her sleep. He was going to miss those human moments after she changed into a vampire.

The night’s sky was so peaceful. Here, in Bella’s bedroom, in Charlie’s house, Edward could protect her. He was not sure how much more time he had to protect her. Alice’s visions revealed that Victoria would attack soon. Too soon. Bella had no idea what danger she was foolishly embracing.

He sighed again and shifted his arms slightly to make her more comfortable. As much as he loved her, the thought of her as a vampire terrified him. He needed to focus because he had a very important task to do tonight. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small delicate diamond ring.

His mother’s ring.

Bella’s engagement ring.

As much as it stressed him to think of Bella as a vampire, her rejection of his marriage proposal hurt him far more. He could never describe the anguish in his unmoving heart at the fact that she did not want to be his wife. He was humbled that she was willing to sacrifice her mortality and all of her humanly comforts to be with him. However, it pained him to think that she was so willing to spend eternity with him in this existence, but not as Mrs. Cullen.



Someday, she will want to marry him and when that moment came, he wanted to be ready.

He leaned in carefully as to not disturb her and pressed his wintry lips to her warm neck, his favorite spot on her body. She incoherently muttered a word that sounded like “Cereal.” He was safe.

His hand slowly slipped the golden band onto her left ring finger. As if he needed further proof that they were meant to be together, the ring’s fit was absolutely perfect. Through the window, the clouds shifted to show a full moon. As the moonlit beams filled Bella’s bedroom, the intricate design of the diamonds sparkled. He stared at the ring for moments.



Finally, he leaned down to plant a feather light kiss on the beloved hand that held his ring before putting it back into his pocket. Bella stirred and turned her body so that her face was now pressed against his chest. He stroked her hair.

“Jacob,” she groaned. Edward’s body stiffened. “I’m glad I punched you.”

With love and suppressed laughter flowing through his limbs, he wrapped his arms around her. As she snuggled closer to him, he wished that the night would never end.