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Twin Suns

What if the Cullens had not been in Forks when Bella went to live with her father. What if she had the life she was supposed to have with Jacob on the reservation in La Push. What if after several extremely happy years of marriage the Cullens did return to the area and Bella had to interact with them every day. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.


1. Anniversary

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When I was a senior in high school I traded a lifetime of servitude for a fifty cent box of conversation hearts. Today I am putting the finishing touches on the perfect gift to celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary to Jacob Black. Who would have thought when I moved to this cloudiest part of the continental United States that I would find my own personal sun?

That’s what Jacob always has been to me, even in the beginning when we were just friends. He is just a naturally happy person and his happiness spreads to everyone who is near him. When I came here to give my mother a chance to be happy in her new marriage I figured I would just get through the last year and a half of high school and return to the warmer, sunnier parts of the country. I tried that but I soon learned that Jacob made me warmer than Phoenix ever had.

Tonight the children will be staying with Charlie, my dad, so that Jacob and I can have some time just for ourselves. I have no idea where we are going but it is quite the surprise. Jacob and his wolf brothers have been working secretly on something for me for two months now.

For years I listened to the old Quileute legends about their origins as spirit warriors and men that could transform themselves into wolves in times of trouble. Knowing they were true, that my own Jacob was a wolf, made them precious to me. For our anniversary I collected these legends into a book, written, illustrated and bound by me, thanks to the mandatory art credit needed to get through college. The younger Quileutes are not learning the stories by heart as their grandfathers had and I was afraid that they might be lost. At least Jacob will have them to pass down to our sons.


What did little Billy do this time? The boy looks exactly like the grandfather he was named for, brown and sturdy with eyes that are wise beyond his years. Of all the things he could have inherited from my DNA, he got my clumsiness. With his fourth birthday recently past he stumbles more than baby Charlie who at two and a half is already trying to help Jake fix cars at the shop.

"I'm coming, honey," I call, hiding the finished book in the small overnight bag I packed for myself.

In the living room I find a mess but no injuries. It looks like little Billy fell into the box of blocks, spilling them all over the floor. I can’t wait until he is big enough to take care of this kind of mess all by himself.

"Come play the clean up game with Mommy," I said, lobbing blocks into the box. Billy loves this game and the doctor said it would help with his coordination. Mostly he tosses the blocks into the general direction of the box while I put them in.

"I helped, Mommy!" he cried, proud of his accomplishments as I put away the last block.

"You're such a good help, Billy," I replied, wondering if he would still be so eager to help when he was big enough for it to be useful. "Now go get your Grampa bags and choose a toy for tonight."

The boys had special bags for when they spent the night with my dad and Sue. It made getting them ready easier if they knew they were going. Nothing was more exciting than a sleepover with Grampa. I know Charlie spoils them rotten but no one tells me what goes on at these sleepovers so I can't complain.

"Lug nuts," the baby called, dragging his bag and holding a stuffed car the size of his torso with oversized lug nuts. Jacob's friend and wolf brother Quil got it for him for his last birthday and now Charlie doesn't go anywhere without it. His favorite car parts are the lug nuts because he can hold them in his hands. I shook my head, smiling and marveling at how Quil managed to find such a perfect gift.

Billy came out with a puzzle to play with Grampa. For all of his clumsiness on his feet, when sitting still Billy could build block towers, put together puzzles and make interesting play-dough sculptures. Jake was the same way the year he grew to seven feet tall. He and I tripped through life together but he could sit and do the most intricate things with his oversized hands. It was beautiful just watching him. Since his wolf transformation Jacob is ridiculously graceful and strong which sometimes makes me feel fairly useless. It’s hard living surrounded by supernaturally gifted individuals.

"How's my beautiful family?" My young husband came through the door sweeping me up into his arms, making me feel like a child as he lifted me high enough to kiss me.

Jacob also lifted the children, holding his entire family in his outrageously strong arms. I always feel safe in Jacob's arms. Between my propensity for injuring myself and the occasional vampire that threatens our small part of the world it's good to have a husband who is strong enough to protect the family. I buried my nose in his neck inhaling his scent, woodsy and musky mixed with grease from working on cars all day. He smelled like home.

"Let's get this show on the road," he said putting us down. There was a gleam in his eye and he was near bursting with excitement at whatever he had planned for us tonight.

Jacob gathered the kids into the car, actually Charlie's old cruiser which we were able to get a great deal on when the Forks police department replaced it with a new car, while I gathered up our bags for our night away from our little house.

By the standards of the reservation our house was actually quite grand. Between my teaching job at Forks High and Jacob's successful auto repair shop we had enough money to add a front room to the three room house that was the norm around here and we placed a finished attic over the entire structure. It gave us room to have Quil, Embry and Seth, Jacob's wolf brothers, come for visits, which was often because they all like my cooking. They all live together in Seth Clearwater's childhood home which they inherited when Sue, Seth's mother, moved in with Charlie a few years after her husband died.

Seth's sister Leah and her husband Sam prefer to stay in our attic when they visit from Seattle where Sam got a job after college. They would be more comfortable at Charlie's but Leah still doesn't approve of her mother living with my dad and she can't bear how the boys keep her mother's house, complaining about the smell every chance she gets. Leah isn't the easiest house guest but our kids all get along great.

Growing up as an only child in Phoenix with my mom I never dreamed that I would be surrounded by so much family. My life is filled with people I love and tonight I'm going to celebrate five years of marital bliss with Jacob, my Jacob.