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Twin Suns

What if the Cullens had not been in Forks when Bella went to live with her father. What if she had the life she was supposed to have with Jacob on the reservation in La Push. What if after several extremely happy years of marriage the Cullens did return to the area and Bella had to interact with them every day. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.


3. Chapter 3 - Dr. Cullen

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I gave Jacob the book I made over a breakfast of oatmeal cooked over our little fire. It was filled with berries and nuts and honey and tasted slightly of smoke.

“Bella, you’re amazing,” he whispered when he saw that the stories were written in both English and Quileute. Over the summer when he was at work I spent a lot of time with Old Quil and Billy working on the translations.

After lunch time we had to return to our children and the rest of the world. Once everything was packed up Jacob phased into wolf form and we were running. Somehow this running seemed more frantic than usual. Was it possible that we were going even faster?

“Where’s the fire?” I asked as we got into the car.

“Billy fell and is in the hospital, he needs stitches.”

I didn’t have to ask which Billy. Our son was just as capable of landing himself in the hospital as I was. Poor Jacob worried himself sick every time one of us required stitching up. Probably because his body could heal a cut in minutes while ours took weeks and left a little scar.

“Who told you?” I asked.

“Sue called Seth. He had only been waiting a few minutes before I phased.”

I stroked his hand while he drove, trying to calm him. When we got out of the car Jacob’s arms were quivering slightly. At first I was shocked, I thought that maybe something had gone wrong with Billy.

“Vampires” was all he said.

“You’re all alone, just come with me to get Billy.”

He shook his head and I knew he was right. If someone got killed because he waited for his brothers he would never forgive himself.

“Don’t let anyone see you.”

He growled, obviously ready to burst out of his skin.

“I’ll meet you in that stand of trees in twenty minutes.”

He ran off and I hoped fervently that he would be okay. I hated Jacob going up against vampires and hated it even more now because he was not with his brothers. Please let there be only one. I couldn’t stand it if there were more.

I went inside and found Billy easily. The ER was small and everyone knew me, I was waved right to his bedside. Charlie was there with Billy. Sue must have stayed home with the baby. A new doctor was giving the after care instructions. He had to be new. All the other doctors knew that Charlie and I were old pros at dealing with stitches. We never even bothered to come back for the removals, preferring to do it ourselves at home.

“Mommy!” little Billy cried out.

“Hello, Mrs. Black. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”

I might not have noticed his name if Jacob had not smelled a vampire when we arrived at the hospital. I looked into the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my life. Dr. Cullen looked like Zeus’ younger, better looking brother. But it was his eyes that were most prominent. They were pale gold, the same color that Quileute legends spoke of. Standing before me was the same vampire who made the treaty with the Quileutes eighty years ago. He was working on my son. It never even occurred to me to shake the hand he offered.

“When did you get here?” I asked coldly.

“Bella!” Charlie said, appalled at my poor manners. “Dr. Cullen just came from Canada with his family. Billy is his first patient in Forks. He’s a very talented surgeon”

“It’s nice to meet you Dr. Cullen. I’m sorry but I must step out for a minute and talk to my husband.” Surely the doctor would notice that my brown child might have a father from the reservation. I hoped that would be enough to explain my attitude. I couldn’t afford any misunderstandings right now.

“Jacob isn’t here?” Charlie asked.

“No, he was very upset when we arrived and he thought it would be best if I got Billy myself. You know he doesn’t like it when we get hurt.” My tone was light but I gave a pointed look to the doctor and he seemed to get the message.

“I’ll walk you to the door, Mrs. Black. I would like to give you some information about balance problems in children. Your son has quite the file here.”

I nodded and he followed me out.

“Would you please come to my office for a minute, I need to speak with you privately,” he said. Against all logic I followed the vampire to a place where he could kill me without arousing alarm.

“Am I correct in assuming that your husband is the grandson of Ephraim Black,” he said when we were alone. He handed me some brochures on inner ear problems to keep up appearances. I guessed he had no intention of killing me at that moment anyway.

“Great grandson,” I replied

“Would I also be correct in assuming that you have heard my name before?”

“I am the wife of the Quileute chief,” I said coldly. Technically that was true. Jacob as the alpha wolf was the chief. It was not a position he wanted but I hoped that in this case it would absolve the tribe. Part of the treaty Ephraim Black made with the Cullens was that the tribe would not reveal them to the pale faces. I was the palest human I had ever met.

“I understand,” he said warmly, wanting me to be at ease. “I was hoping that you would inform your husband of my family’s return to Forks. We arrived yesterday and I was not certain how best to contact the tribe.”

“Of course.” I tried to smile. Knowing that he was not going to harm the tribe because of me made me feel better but I was still concerned about Jacob in the woods as we spoke.

“Your son informed me that you teach at the high school in Forks.”

I nodded, wondering where he could possibly be going with this.

“Five of my family members had intended to enroll there. Would you prefer if I arranged for them not to be in any of your classes? I assure you that they will not cause any trouble.”

“I think I will take my chances. Thank you Dr. Cullen.” Jacob would have something to say about that I was sure.

I turned to leave but he started speaking once more.

“I hope that we can live side by side without any animosity. We fully intend to uphold the treaty we made with Ephraim Black.”

“I have to go Dr. Cullen.” My husband was in violation of the treaty. He was hunting vampires in Cullen territory.

I ran outside to the trees I had indicated earlier. Jacob was there, in wolf form, his clothes strewn on the ground. He looked furious, as if he knew that the vampire was in the hospital.

“Go back to La Push,” I said. “You’ll need to tell the council that the Cullen family has returned to Forks. I knew him as soon as I saw his eyes and you know I don’t have a poker face. He knows that I am married to the heir of Ephraim Black and said that his family intends to keep the treaty.”

Jacob’s eyes burned, as if he wanted to burst through the hospital doors and grab his son. I couldn’t let him do that. Little Billy would be terrified. He doesn’t know that his father is a seven foot tall wolf. Charlie would try to shoot him. As police chief and as grandfather he would feel obligated to protect Billy from a monster.

I grabbed Jacob by the fur on either side of his face and stared into his eyes.

“GO!” I commanded. “We’ll be home in less than an hour.”

I gathered up Jacob's clothes in my bag and walked back to the hospital conflicted. Most groupings of vampires were called covens but Dr. Cullen referred to his family. When he said the word his voice was full of affection. He did not seem frightening except for his golden eyes and abnormally pale skin. But I was concerned about his use of the word “intend.” He did not say that his family would keep the treaty and I wondered about that. I wasn’t sure if Jacob would pick up on the difference. Still, I wanted to like Dr. Cullen, he seemed sincere in wanting us all to live together peacefully. Maybe being married to a werewolf made me more willing to accept that some monsters weren’t monstrous.

I reached the hospital doors just as Charlie and Billy were leaving.

“Where’s Jake?” Charlie asked.

“He went home.”

“Why is your car still here?”

“…Seth came and picked him up.” Charlie would see through the lie like a window but he wouldn’t press it. He had a feeling there was some secret he wasn’t in on and seemed comfortable with not knowing. Anything that would explain Jacob’s uncanny ability to travel great distances quickly on foot was something he did not want to know. He never asked me how I knew to be at the hospital today.

“Should I stop by your house to get Charlie?” I asked, partly to move on from conversations involving Jake and travel.

“Sue brought him to La Push,” Charlie replied. “So I guess I’ll see you later, kiddo.”

“Bye dad.”