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Twin Suns

What if the Cullens had not been in Forks when Bella went to live with her father. What if she had the life she was supposed to have with Jacob on the reservation in La Push. What if after several extremely happy years of marriage the Cullens did return to the area and Bella had to interact with them every day. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.


5. Chapter 5 - Message

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With the message from the council I returned to the hospital under the pretense of having Billy’s stitches removed. To be honest, these stitches were so small and perfect that I would have been afraid of cutting him if I had taken them out at home. Seth was sent with me as protection; the council felt that Jacob would hinder the discussion but he was not letting me go alone. Jacob had made Seth his second in command because he was the most even tempered of the pack, a trait that would be necessary now.

“You’re really brave doing this, Bella,” Seth told me on the way to the hospital. “A council member should be doing this but they are all too afraid.”

“If you had met Dr. Cullen you would understand why I’m not afraid, he’s really not very frightening.”

Seth laughed. “You always underestimate yourself. You know why the rest of the pack never dates? Unless we imprint none of us will ever find someone we like as much as you. You’re amazing and you don’t even know it.”

That was a little disconcerting. I knew that Quil had been attracted to me back when we were in high school but to think all three of them were just waiting for their own Bella was kind of weird.

“If that were true then Jake would know and you would all be dead by now. You just don’t date because all the women on the rez know you’re the three biggest slobs going and won’t have anything to do with you.”

“Maybe your right,” Seth conceded with a smile, but I could tell that he really meant what he had said.

Stupid boys, all you have to do is cook for them regularly and they think they’re in love. I’ll have to arrange a party inviting young people from all over the peninsula just so they can meet some girls.

When we got to the hospital the nurses gave me knowing looks as they ushered us to the exam room. They assumed I was here to drool over Dr. Cullen because I usually removed the stitches at home. Seth’s presence confused them, perhaps they wondered if he was my chaperone to keep me from running off with the doctor. They would have been close. He was here to keep the doctor from running off with me.

“I’m happy to see you again, Mrs. Black,” Dr. Cullen said, coming through the door. “How is Billy healing up?”

“I’m all better doctor. I got better even faster than last time,” Billy said. For some reason Billy adores doctors. I guess this is a good thing because he will be spending a great deal of his life in the emergency room.

Dr. Cullen chuckled.

“You must be Mr. Black,” he said, turning to Seth and extending his hand.

“Seth Clearwater, I’m a friend of the family.” Seth shook the doctor’s hand and I was suddenly glad he was here. The men looked slightly surprised as their hands touched but the gesture was genuine on both sides.

“Dr. Cullen, as you probably know, I am not here to have Billy’s stitches removed.”

“I heard that you generally do that yourself.”

“I am here to speak on behalf of the council.”

“Of course.”

“Before we can agree to honor the old treaty we have to be certain that it has not already been broken.”

“You are referring to Jasper and Alice. They were not with us when we were here last time. They were wanderers and found our family during the 1950s. They have been a part of our family ever since. We have kept our agreements.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” I said, genuinely meaning it. I would have hated it if the wolves decided to fight the vampires. One of them could have been killed and they are all my family. I also didn’t like the idea of Dr. Cullen getting killed. I didn’t know the rest of his family but he seemed like a genuinely good person.

Seth coughed quietly.

“Dr. Cullen, Bella hates to bring this up, she feels it is unnecessary. But it is the rest of the message from the council.”

I scowled at Seth, wishing he would just shut up.

“Bella will be teaching at the high school where many of your family will attend. She will not reveal your secret to anyone unless there is a reason to. She has carried our tribal secrets for seven years. If an incident should occur she may be obligated to reveal some of what she knows to the authorities. The council is concerned that she could become a target. Bella is precious to all of us. Her husband is our chief and her father is the chief of police in Forks. If anything were to happen to her we would not sit idly by.”

Dr. Cullen smiled kindly at Seth. “I appreciate how important Mrs. Black is to the community and assure you that her safety is not in jeopardy. Our family does not make mistakes and we would never harm someone to protect ourselves.

“Now let’s get those stitches out of Billy’s forehead before the nursing staff becomes suspicious.”

The doctor removed the stitches in one swift movement that I doubt he would have made in front of most humans. Even knowing that he was a vampire I was impressed. My initial desire to like Dr. Cullen was strengthened by this conversation. He seemed to truly want us to live together peacefully. Seth looked impressed by the exchange as well. I did not doubt that the pack would fight to the last wolf to avenge my death and I was glad to know that it would not be necessary. Regardless of what Seth said, I am not brave enough to even think of them getting injured for me.

“If the rest of them are like the doctor I don’t think we’ll have anything to worry about,” Seth said as we were returning home.

“I’m still mad at you, Seth”

“Oh don’t be. You know that everything I said was true. We all love you, Bella. They have to know that if anything happened to you it would be war.”

“If anything happens to anyone it would be war, Seth.”

Seth just sighed and we were silent for the rest of the ride.

When we got home Billy went to tell Jacob everything he had missed.

“Daddy, the doctor with the pretty eyes took my sewing out. He did it so fast in one swoop. He’s the best doctor in the whole world. I don’t even care that he smells funny and hurts my nose.”

Jacob looked like he was going to be sick when he heard that Dr. Cullen touched his son again but he bit his tongue.

“And Mommy and Uncle Seth and the doctor had a grown up talk. It was very serious. And Uncle Seth said that he loves Mommy!”

Jacob laughed at that. “So, Seth, will I have to fight you to keep you away from my wife?”

We probably shouldn’t have had the conversation with Dr. Cullen in front of Billy. He is old enough to follow more than we give him credit for. Fortunately, he thought the most important part was Seth saying that he loves me. He could repeat that to whoever he wanted without jeopardizing the tribe.

“Aw Jake, you know we’re all waiting in the wings for our chance.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Seth sounded like he had been joking but Jake’s response didn’t seem lighthearted at all. Maybe Seth, Quil and Embry were all waiting for their own Bella.

I put my hands around Jacob’s biceps and jumped into his arms. It was a move we had perfected because I was too short to kiss him. “Tell your brothers they’ll be waiting a long time, Seth. I think I’m going to stick with the one I have.”

With that Seth left. Our home was so filled with love and contentment that it made people uncomfortable sometimes.

“So Seth thinks it’s okay for me to keep my job but I am willing to compromise with you about it.”

“Are you willing to work on the reservation?”

“No. But I would like to have Sue watch the boys here rather than at Charlie’s house. I think it would be safer.”

I preferred having the boys near me in case of emergencies and I didn’t think the Cullens would be a threat to my family but I did think it would be safer for Jacob if they were here. As long as he thought it was his responsibility to keep them safe in La Push he would be less likely to go running around Forks as a wolf. That would be a violation of the treaty.

“I’m glad you’re finally taking the threat they pose seriously, Bella.”