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Never seen the light of day

When Bella runs into Alice and Jasper after three years of living separate lives, a chain of events is set into motion that holds surprises in store - and Bella's life takes a turn she would never have thought possible... Banner1

My first fanfic in the Twilight universe.
It's been rotting away in my writing folders for a year, now finally it's being rewritten and continued.
I really hope you like it! Feedback/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated :) Disclaimer: The Twilight characters aren't mine. I just borrowed them from Stephenie Meyer to play with. ;)

1. Chapter 1

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1359   Review this Chapter

On and on and on she goes…

(Mando Diao – Never seen the light of day)

Stepping out of my car, I shivered, feeling the cold wind rush over my face and into my jacket. It was already freezing cold tonight, so I had decided to wear jeans underneath the ridiculous black skirt I was wearing. Asking myself once again what the hell I was doing, I sighed, then opened the back door of my Toyota and took out my purse and the large black pointed hat that was supposed to complete tonight’s outfit.

Then I pulled my light scarf farther up over my ears and started walking up to the small bar in downtown Milwaukee where I was going to meet my friend Sarah and her boyfriend Chris for the yearly Halloween party.

I was about to open the bar door when I felt my phone vibrating in the pocket of my pants. I quickly stepped inside the small entrance hall, put my purse securely between my feet and got it out. Smiling, I read the familiar name on the display and put the phone to my ear.

“Hey Jake!”

“Hey Bells! So you’re actually ready for partying tonight, huh? So what outfit is it? The angry werewolf?” The teasing tone in his voice practically shoved the image of his broad grin into my mind. He must have heard the low background noise of the bar, although there was a door separating me from the main room.

I scowled.

“Haha. I’m just going because Sarah practically begged me to come, you know that. And no, I’m a witch.” That just sounded so ridiculous. I wondered briefly if I should have chosen something different, though this had seemed appropriate – nothing too fancy, it didn’t require a lot of preparation.

I stepped into a corner, making space for an incoming couple I knew briefly from school. On the other end, I heard Jacob laugh.

“A witch? Not really the smartest choice, is it?”


“Just in case she was planning to introduce you to one of her boyfriend’s – what’s his name again? – good-looking friends? I’d have done a Morticia Adams or something like that. More - sexy, you know?” Now he definitely was teasing me. I rolled my eyes, not amused at all.

“Jake, please.”

“Seriously Bella,” he sobered up a little. “I think it’s about time you get yourself a nice guy. Not that anyone could in any case match my good looks and manners and everything, but -”

“Jacob, stop it, alright?” I cut him off. Though I knew he was just joking, I was starting to feel angry now, and I really didn’t want to fight with him. But this was a never-ending discussion. It had started as soon as he had come back from his self-imposed exile after having imprinted on Josie almost three years ago. Since then he had made it his private mission to get me into a relationship – though he should have realized by now that I just wasn’t interested.

“Alright. Actually, I only wanted to wish you a nice evening. Have fun, okay?”

“I will, thanks. Hear you tomorrow?”

“Sure. Bye, Bells.”

“Bye, Jake.”

Putting the phone back into my pocket, I once again regretted that my best friend lived almost 2000 miles away. In fact, I could count the times we had seen each other during the last two years on one hand. I sighed, then put the ridiculous hat on and stepped into the already crowded room.

As I slowly made my way through the groups of people, my eyes scanned the room for Sarah or Chris. I finally found Sarah seated at a small table near the bar with Chris standing next to her, talking to a guy I figured must have been one of his friends. He was dressed up as a zombie, his left arm lightly placed around Sarah’s hip. She was wearing a white dress, literally looking like a ghost.

“Hey, good to see you – Miss Potter. Where are your glasses and your scar?” Sarah greeted me, grinning.

“Hey - woman in white” I laughed, then waved at Chris who had turned towards us.

“Hey Bella, how’s it going?”

“Good.” I smiled at him. I really felt good now; maybe the evening would turn out nice after all.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Just a coke, I gotta drive back home" I said, letting myself sink onto the stool facing Sarah while Chris got up and headed towards the bar.

“So, did you get all your reading done for literature class yet?” Sarah asked, leaning over to me, “I really like the collection they chose this semester, but it takes just so much time to get through all of it.”

“Yeah” I agreed. “I haven’t read everything either”. This wasn’t exactly the truth - I just hadn’t read the ones I already knew again.

I really couldn’t have chosen a better program than English, majoring in literature. It was perfect for me, and I just loved it. Well, except for the location – it was just too cold in winter with everything covered in snow for weeks. But it wasn’t like I’d had much of a choice back then when I’d been heading to the first university that had accepted me.

“Here you are.” Chris placed the coke in front of me, the ice cubes softly tinkling against the glass.

“Thanks!” I smiled up at him and took a small sip, looking around at the other guests. They were all dressed up in various costumes: other witches, wizards, ghosts and even a very real looking Freddy Krueger. I quickly looked away from him; that one creeped me out. Funny, considering the experiences I had made and the things I’d seen before – in another life that almost seemed unreal, like a dream now. But there was this slight twinge in one small corner of my heart whenever some of those memories came up which reminded me that it had, indeed, been very real.

“Oh. my. gosh!” Sarah suddenly turned her head towards the corner next to the entrance, pointing her chin towards a blonde girl that was standing in a corner. “See Carrie over there? Look at her, she’s dressed like a bitch!” she added, whispering excitedly.

I followed her glance. I barely knew Carrie, but she had a bit of a reputation – and this was another proof of how and where she got it from. She was wearing a very special nurse outfit: a tiny white leather skirt barely covering her backside, and a large red cross attached to the front of a too tight blouse.

“You think so?” Chris asked teasingly. “It’s a nice outfit.”

Sarah didn’t answer, just elbowed him in the ribs.

“Guys” she sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Yep” I agreed. “Just look at that poor King Kong next to her, he’s all but swooning.” Turning my head back towards Sarah, I let my eyes wander once again over the room – and froze.

In the entrance door, two new guests had appeared. The girl was small, her short black hair placed carefully in elegant waves around her head, matching her 19th century dress. Her date wore a black, elegant tux, his blonde hair combed back. The girl let her peculiar eyes scan the room as if she was looking out for something – or someone?

I stared at them, recognizing their familiar features at once.

Dracula and his bride - how fitting.

“Bella? You alright?” Sarah’s concerned voice woke me from my stupor. My heart was racing as I nervously reached for my purse, ducking out of the way. The immense hat almost knocked over my glass in the process.

“Yeah sure.” I replied, quickly readjusting it on my head. “Listen Sarah, I think – I think I need to go to the bathroom.” I jumped up from the stool, my skirt getting caught in the chair leg. Stumbling slightly, I rushed towards back of the room, escaping the faces I had been sure I would never see again in my life.