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Snow fun with the Cullen's

A one-shot about the Cullen's having fun in the snow.

Me being random. This came to my mind as it's been snowing here all week and it's been very white.

1. Snow with Emmett

Rating 5/5   Word Count 518   Review this Chapter

“Edward where are we going?”


“Why?” I yelled. He pulled me out the door and I realized what was going on. The world of Forks was no longer green. It was white. Something fell onto my hair. I touched it and it was wet.

“Snow! Edward, you know I hate snow!” I protested.

“Well, today you’re going to enjoy it. Emmett wants to have a snowball fight and Alice wants to make snow angels”


“It’s no use arguing!” said Alice, appearing by my side.

“Please Alice! I don’t do cold or wet!”

“We’re cold!”

“Alice…” she shook her head and seized my arm. She propelled me into her Porsche and shut the doors. Edward was in the back seat already. Alice sped down the road towards the Cullen’s house.

“Edward, go away now!” she ordered. She led me upstairs.

“Are you going to make me over?”

“For the snow? No way! I’m getting you into your snow outfit” she looked at my jeans and blue sweater before giving me a warm jacket, gloves, hat and scarf.

“Okay, everyone’s outside” she led me outside. Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Edward, even Carlisle and Esme.

“Hey Bella. You ready?” Emmett asked.

“For what?”

“Our extreme snowball fight!” he said. I groaned.

“We need to pick our teams first”

“Do we have captains?”

“Of course! I’m captain of one team. You be captain, Bella”

“What?!” Rosalie and I yelled in unison.

“Umm…I don’t think I’ll be very good”

“Try Bella,” he said.

“I pick Rosalie,” Emmett said.

“Okay, I pick Edward”





“We’re all ready. Now, your team stands up by that flag. My team stands up by this flag. You have to get to the other set of flags. If a person from your team does then you go back to the start and you get to throw one of the other team members off. The team that loses all its players first loses”

“That doesn’t sound like a snowball fight. Where does the snowball bit come in?”

“Okay, Snow-dodgeball instead then”

“Okay” we lined up by our flags.

“Hey, you guys can run faster then me!” I complained.

“Well, tough!” yelled Emmett. Alice smiled at me. I assumed that she had had a vision.

“Okay! THREE, TWO, ONE! RUN!” Emmett’s loud voice echoed over the field. Everyone took off. I had a sudden brainwave. I crouched behind a wall of snow. Edward was beside me.

“Hey, Edward. How about we break off this game and all throw snowballs at Emmett” Alice was next to us.

“I’m in” she said, “I’ll get to Jasper and Rosalie. Edward takes Carlisle and Bella get Esme” we ran. I saw Esme crouching behind another wall.

“Hey Esme, we’re going to bombard Emmett with snowballs!” I whispered. She nodded.

“Find a hiding place and when I yell, throw” she nodded. Edward reappeared by my side. He picked me up and carried me to our hiding place. We quickly assembled several snowballs. Then we watched as Emmett approached our line of flags.

“WHOOO! I’m the king! I crossed the line!” he looked around “Where is everybody?”

“NOW!” I yelled and plunged my hand in the snow. The snow flew threw the air from all directions at Emmett. He was pelted. He fell to the ground.

“Emmett, you were right! This is a great game!”