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Silent As the Wind

What if Jake imprinted and then Edward came back. Well one of those things are true, GUESS?!!! READ BUDDY!

Ok so i wrote another silent as the wind and it turned out totaly confusing and retarded so I added a new one.

1. Chapter 1: Falling

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Hey hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy writing =]! Check out Jacobs Bella Forever. Its cute. LOVE YOU ALL! -Kerry Author's Chapter Notes: Ok first chapter. This is actually the first fan fic i have ever written. But there is actually two first fan fics that ive been writing but my ADD getts the best of me sometimes =] Hope you enjoy it. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! ARGGHH YE MATIES!! PS chapters will be longer. I just need fuel. And my fuel is Reviews! I LOVE THIS ONE!! + Bella’s POV So Edward really was gone, I thought as I sat in bed scratching my bug bites from tonight’s bonfire with the school kids. I had a really great time. And I saw Jake who kept on holding my hand and putting his arm around me. I don’t want to sound like an attention hog but I have to admit, I really liked the it. And its odd because I think I was growing to have a crush on Jake. Wholly crow I think I like Jacob Black! Wow that was weird to admit. But he is really sweet and really nice. But how can I think of that because my heart still belonged to Edward! Edward… oh great I just had to think of him. And I was so done waiting for Edward. My heart and mind were having a war. I laid in bed and cried myself to sleep. Again. "Bella, Bella are you there" A velvety voice said to me. "Edward, your back! I missed you so much! You came back for me. I always new you would." I said. And jumped up on the bed and screamed from excitement. “You thought I came back for you? In your dreams.” Then he crouched down and lunged at me, teeth bared. Flying through the air when he was two inches away from my face he disappeared. I awoke screaming and crying. It had been just a dream. Edward really wasn’t back, and that just confirmed the fact. I started sobbing as I curled my knees into my chest. Charlie was used to the screaming by now so he barely was affected by it. But this was really loud, and I was crying hysterically but he didn’t even come in to check on me. I needed air. I needed Edward, I had to stop someway, somehow of him ruling over my life. He was probably half way around the world having fun, forgetting me... I couldn’t let *HIM* get me down. He was ruining my life. I really hate him for doing this to me. I hate myself for loving him. I missed him. I missed Alice, my best friend. I missed Emmett, and his jokes. I missed Esme & Carlisle & Jasper, and their kindness. I even missed Rosalie and her breathtaking beauty. I missed them all dearly. I needed to see them. I was good at suppressing bad thoughts but this was the hardest thought I had ever suppressed. Ever. That morning I vowed myself that I was done being slave to Edwards decision. It would not ruin my life. I looked up to my alarm clock and realized that it was 4:46 dang it. I knew I was never going to go back to sleep, and I was done crying so I threw my legs over my bed. All of the sudden my phone started vibrating on my nightstand. Who in the hell is calling me at 4 in the morning? I thought. “Hello?” I answered in a croak from crying. “Bella, hey its Jake I’m kind of outside and I was wondering if you want to go for a ride with me. I’m worried.” He said. “Umm ok Jake but what are you doing outside?” I said; now really confused. “Ill tell you when you come outside.” “Give me two minutes.” You know, if it were any other person in the world I would have told them to F off, but to tell you the truth I really needed a friend., even at 4 in the morning. “Jake, is everything ok? I said as I came out of my bedroom window?” Me and Jake had this thing where whenever he came over at nighttime, I would jump out my window and he would catch me. This time I wasn’t so lucky, I guess since it had been 4 months since we had done this he wasn’t expecting it. I screamed as I fell. I felt like I was falling in slow motion, and Jake who was on the other side of the house ran as fast as he could to catch me. And he did, he caught me and looked into my eyes. He smiled and then gasped. "Jake whats wrong?" I asked concerned. I was so greatful that he caught me I was out of breath. "I think I just imprinted."