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Silent As the Wind

What if Jake imprinted and then Edward came back. Well one of those things are true, GUESS?!!! READ BUDDY!

Ok so i wrote another silent as the wind and it turned out totaly confusing and retarded so I added a new one.

2. Chapter 2: Valentines Day

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*So this is totally the longest chapter Ive ever written. I think...* HAHAHAHAAHA Hope you love it!!!!! REVIEW !!!!!! ______________________________________________________________________________ Jakes POV + + + + + + I had made a scheme in my head planning on how to get Bella to love me. I contemplated writing her a letter- but that was to mushy right now, I could show her what I mean- but I could be rejected. All of the sudden a picture of Sam and Emily popped up in my head. Sam had imprinted on her! That would be a great idea. I thought to myself. That’s when I heard Bella fall out of her window. UGH! How could I have forgotten. Ever since we had started hanging out again, Bella and I would have this thing where I would catch her in my big arms after she scooted out of her window. Even though I would never say it, every time she fell into my arms it felt as if she belonged there. I got to her just in time and held her in my arms. This would be the perfect time to tell her that I imprinted. I thought to my self- worried that even with that she would reject me. I pulled out my acting chops and looked into her eyes. I gasped for an addition. "Jake what’s wrong?" She asked concerned and breathing heavily. She was so beautiful. WHY COULDNT I JUST IMPRINT ON HER FOR REAL??!!! "I think i just imprinted." I lied, waiting for her to say something. She looked numb and all I could think of was that she was going to reject me. Out of no where she put her hand up to my face. "I love you." She said and kissed me gently entangling her hands in my long hair. It took me a moment to realize what she was doing. I was flabbergasted to say the least. "I love you too." I said back huskily against her lips and she giggled pulling away and looking into my eyes. Oh how I wanted to imprint on her so bad. You know I felt bad for lying to Bella too, I mean she just deserves to be loved. Not by that stupid bloodsucker that left her, but from a nice loving werewolf. I knew she loved me inside, she just needed a little push, ya know? I could finally be with her. What could go wrong? We stayed like this for two months, it was January and things had been going great. I had managed to keep the imprinting a secret and have a great relationship with my pack and Bella. Our relationship had been perfect and she was totally over the bloodsucker by now. Valentines Day was coming soon and I wanted to make this one special. We had been dating for 6 months now and I loved her dearly. It was almost as if I actually had imprinted on her, we were inseparable. I loved her, she loved me. I also got her two other presents, one for Valentines day and one for when we got to Jacksonville. I hoped with all of my heart she would love it. I had spent all of my money saved up on these gifts for her. For the last few days before Valentines day I had cleared everything up with Charlie about the trip- he couldn’t be more happy about our relationship, I called up Renee about where we were staying, I also got reservations to this beach grill in the Florida Keys where I could be giving her the present. I was so nervous I thought I was going to puke. Bella had to work at Newton’s today so it was one of those painful days when I couldn’t see her, so I started working on the present that I would give to her before I gave her the plane tickets. It was really weird for me to be open about how I feel about a girl in a relationship, but I wrote her a love letter telling her how I feel about her. I broke a couple of pens on the way but I knew she would see how I feel about her. She better- It took me 4 fugging days. I went over to Sam and Emily’s that night to talk to Emily about the presents and the how to give Bella her presents . Like I said, it was very awkward talking to someone so openly; I was a guy and guys like me don’t really prefer to show their emotions like little gays. But Emily loved it and she gave me a big hug telling me how she loved when guys are so sensitive and nice and that Bella loved it. She looked over to Sam giving him a 'You should really do stuff like that for me once in a while' look. But little did she know that on Valentines Day Sam would be asking for her hand in marriage. She was going to be thrilled. The next night around 11 pm I headed for Bella’s house to give her, her surprise. _____________________________________________________________________________________ EDWARD POV+ + + + + + “What the heck Edward, I miss her!” An impatient Emmett said, he had been saying this since we left. And every time he mentioned Bella I ignored it, pretending like it didn’t bother me, but all it did was tear open the wound and slashed it deeper. I snapped this time. “YOU DON’T THINK I MISS HER TOO? I LOVE BELLA AND I WANT TO BE WITH HER! BUT WE CANT RIGHT NOW, AND IF YOU DON’T SHUT THE HELL UP IM GOING TO POUND YOU INTO THE GROUND!” I yelled dry sobbing. Emmett backed away and Esme came over and squeezed me into one of her motherly hugs. The months went on and I couldn’t stop thinking of Bella. Oh, how I wanted to hold her in her arms and watch her say my name in her sleep. If I went back now she would never forgive me for giving her so much pain. She deserved happiness. + + *One day before Valentines day* Alice had a vision and came back to me dry sobbing. “Whats the matter?” I said trying to find out what had happened. “I Just had a very blurry vision that Bella was around some type of big animal, near the beach. It was sunny, and then all the sudden you showed up and started fighting."She said, horror crossing my face "It was the worst vision I had ever had. Bella is in trouble, those werewolves are no good.” Alice said, dry sobbing into my shoulder. “I need to see her. She cant see me, but I need to find her and watch over her. No mutts are going to get near my Bella.” I said “I need to leave, now. Tell everyone what happened and that I will be in Forks watching from the shadows.” I said, taking off in a flash. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ JAKES POV+ + + + + I opened the cracked window to get into her bedroom and snuck in. I had a surprise for her, it was Valentines Day in exactly 6 minutes and I needed to give her, her present. “Bella, Babe wake up.” I said softly, seductively. She slowly opened her eyes groggily and a huge smile spread across her face. “Hi Baby, come here.” She said patting the space next to her on her bed. I slowly climbed under the covers and whispered. “Happy Valentines day.” I said, kissing her neck. I took out my papers under the covers so that they wouldn’t get trashed. “What is that?” She said. “You’re Present. Are you ready to open it?” “Jake you know I hate surprises and presents,” She said but grabbed the papers and read. The first was the letter that I had spent all day on confessing my love for her I was really scared she would think it was cheesy, but it was actually how I felt for her. She was the only person on this earth that I would ever do that for. When she was done she looked at me with tears in her eyes and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I was so glad she liked it, but now it was time for her big present. She took out the second paper where there were two plane tickets. She burst into joyful tears when she realized where we were going. I had spent all of my money saved up to get her this and it was totally worth it. “When are we leaving?” She said excitedly. “Today, we need to leave for the airport in 4 hours because our plane is at 6. Do you like it? We get to see your mom! I have everything worked out. Charlie already knows and Renee set us up the guest bedroom. She already told me the rules about not sleeping in the same room and all that stuff” I said in one breath and she giggled. She then hugged my chest & got up and started jumping on the bed. I guess she liked it. “Are you ready for your present?” She said, now fully awake. I laughed because when she jumped down off the bed and ran to the closet she into the door before opening it. I couldn’t control my laughing now and she came out of the closet holding a big wrapped present. Yes! I tore open the box to find a brand new ipod with speakers so that I can put it in my car. I was ecstatic and I pulled her into my embrace. That’s when I noticed something outside. Whatever, its probably a deer or something. I forced it out of my head and thought, only a couple more hours and well be out of here! She started packing and I jumped out her window phasing to go back to my house to get my Volkswagen so that we didn’t show up to the airport with Bella on my back while I was still phased. That would look kind of funny. I kept on thinking about the noise and it kept on bothering me. But that was not important because the important factor was that we were going to be in Florida in a matter of hours! “WOOOOOO!!!!” I yelled running back to my house. This was going to be the best vacation ever! ________________________________________________________________________ DID YOU LIKE IT?!!!! GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS!!!