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Silent As the Wind

What if Jake imprinted and then Edward came back. Well one of those things are true, GUESS?!!! READ BUDDY!

Ok so i wrote another silent as the wind and it turned out totaly confusing and retarded so I added a new one.

3. Chapter 3: Oh HAL No!

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Jacob POV + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + When I saw Jacob coming out of my Bellas room and Kiss her goodbye I freaked. I tried to calm down but then something else happened, he transformed – into a DOG! That’s when I lost it. I screamed out in pain and I promised myself that he would never be around Bella again. I would not let him ruin her life. I needed her; I knew then that leaving her was the worst mistake of my life. And I would do ANYTHING to get her back. I needed to talk to her but now was the wrong time. So I resisted all temptations to go and kill him right now, and take her away. I didn’t even know if she would forgive me for goodness sakes. I let out a dry sob and pulled my knees into my chest, just as Bella used to do when she was sad. I went hunting quickly when I found the scent of a deer 15 miles away but soon came back when I was done . She was still packing and when she was done she fell asleep, I watched her the whole time and wispered her name over and over again hoping that she would dream of me. Jake came back in his car 3 hours later and they both left to go get breakfast. It broke my heart into a million pieces when I saw that they were holding hands and then he kissed her on the nose just like I used to do. Then I heard his mind; I saw him thinking about the past, about how he told her that he imprinted and she was overjoyed. But deep inside; he was sad because he had lied to her. The dog had told her that he had imprinted when he hadnt, and my neive Bella believed it. That mutt lied to Bella and based their whole relationship on that lie. Jacob Black will die. I promised myself that, Jacob will never hurt my baby again. I started running behind their truck and followed them to a dinky little waffle house on the way to the airport. I would have taken her to a much nicer place, a place she deserved. She did not deserve his filth. He was such a Pig, I was disgusted by the way he ate and I could smell him all the way from the trees. DISGUSTING! I thought in my mind as I clenched my fists hard. And then he had the audacity to rub her leg under the table. I growled as my heart (figuratively speaking) broke into a thousand pieces over and over again. When Jacob got up to go to the bathroom I jumped up from my seat and wispered “Bella” softly into the window, just loud enough so only she could here it. Then I walked by the window which she sat by and I ran at top speed making her jump as she saw my shadow. She freaked out and started crying at the table. “Are you ok Baby” He said softly into her ear when she screamed and he ran out of the bathroom in a snap. “Y-Yes Im F-F-Fine.” She said weakly, and he escorted her to the car. She never took her eyes off of the space where I walked by. It felt good to know that she was thinking about me. I ran all the way to the airport and found that they were landing in Jacksonvile Fl. I was having a battle in my mind deciding if I should go on the plane or not. OK so if I go on the plane the Dog might be able to smell me, but if I don’t then the dog might make a crude move and do something that I might have to kill him with. Not like I wasn’t going to kill him anyway, but I don’t think it will help my family if there is a fight on the crouded plane and we reveal ourselves, anyways I would not let him transform right in front of Bella. He could really harm her. I thought to myself, jaw clenched. If I could cry, I would have. So I decided that it might be the right choice to run to Florida and just meet them when they get there. It will give me some time to think. Which is what I need right now, so I started running and a flood of doubts flew into my head. What if she won’t forgive me? What if she doesn’t want me back? I thought Oh, I needed to make sure none of those things happened. I would do anything in my power to make her mine once more. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bellas POV + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Jacob took me to a stupid little waffle house for breakfast, I loved it. But I couldn’t help but think of how Edward would have taken me somewhere much nicer for breakfast. For the past couple of months I had been comparing Edward to Jake. I knew I should have completely moved on after the whole Edward thing but I couldn’t help myself think of how things might have been. Edward Won over Jake. I have to admit, if Edward came back I don’t know if I could NOT resist him – but he wasn’t coming back and that was a fact. So I ordered some hash browns and some bacon and Jake ordered 8 stacks of pancakes and 4 orders of hashbrowns, and then finnished off my bacon when I was done. I was used to it; it didn’t gross me out that much anymore; since I had been to so many La Push bonfires at Emily’s house. After we were done eating he started to touch my leg under the table and I couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched. He felt the awkwardness and got up kissed my forhead and went to the bathroom. I could feel in my heart that I still had feelings for Edward and my thoughts were interupted when I heard a velvety voice wisper “Bella” In the distance, and then in a flash something went next to the window. I knew it was Edward, and I was not dreaming. I broke down crying and Jake ran out of the bathroom and curled me up into his arms and took me outside. I needed Edward, BAD. We drove to the airport and I watched out the window the whole time, answering “mmmhmm” to every lame question Jacob asked me. I tried to be happy, really I did; but I couldn’t help but think about Edward. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to forget about Edward and about ther relationships once he imprinted? I was starting to doubt what Jacob was saying. I mean, Jake is a very nice guy, a very good kisser, he protects me, he takes care of me… But it was different. When I kissed Jake I didn’t feel those butterflies in my stomach, my heart didn’t flutter every time we touched- things that used to happen when I was with Edward. I fell asleep in the car and when I woke up we were on the plane, the sun just rising. “Hey babe,” Jacob said taking my hand in his. “How did I get on the plane? Where are we now, how long until we get there?!” I said like a little two year old, squeezing his hand excitement flooding over me. It felt like I was holding hands with a good friend, just a friend. I felt bad because I know that he truly did love me. “Calm down! Weve got about two hours left and then we get there! Oh and I carried you the whole way,” He said popping his collar rediculously. I laughed as he finnished “Its kind of funny how you just black out, your so weird.” He said while squeezing my hand lightly so that he didn’t break my hand. “Oh, and I just wanted to tell you thank you, this ipod suuuuuuuuuure has been comin’ in handy.” He said in a country acent as I giggled. “I recon you,” I said in a country acent then changing my voice to normal as I finnished “ARE A BIG DORK!” I said so loud that people were snickering and looking at me funny. We both slouched in our seats laughing not able to control ourselves. See, this was how I liked it- where Jake and I could have a good time as friends. I must be messed up in the head for not liking Jake that way; he was going to be a good catch – he just was not right for me. When the heck was this imprinting thing supposed to start to work anyway? Maybe its all mental, its not working now because I’m thinking about Edward- and in the beginning I was just thinking that because Jake felt this way that I HAD to feel this way about him back. Whatevaaaaaa. But I was going to enjoy myself this weekend. It would be a soul searching weekend. I was really excited. I could feel like this trip was either going to make or break our relationship, and Edward was going to be a big part of it. Sometimes I think I have ESP or something. =]