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When Bella experienced a grief to big to handle, she changed. Bit her mother doesn't like her drinking and other escapades and sends her to her Father in Forks. Can Alice Cullen get her to open her shields and let her in? And why is Alice's twin brother such a prick to Bella all the time? AU-All Human. Canon pairings (in the end), OOC. Review!

Okay, so this is the first chapter. Hope you like, and i will post a chapter 2 after i get some feedback, ideas are more than welcome. I do not own Jasper, Emmet, Jacob, Carlise or Edward. Or anything else from the Twilight universe. Those are all belonging to Godess S Meyer.

1. Chapter 1

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”Bella, this is it!” my mother barked at me. I had a fairly good idea what this was about, and I was not going down this road without being forced. Seeing that I had my earplugs in, I just pretended I couldn’t hear her shouting. When she stood directly in front of me however, I had to acknowledge her, so I took off my KOSS headset (yeah, I know, it’s geeky, but it gives the best sound) and asked her what it was.

“What the fuck, were you doing at that dodgy tattoo place down town? Elizabeth saw you, so there’s no way you can deny it,” she said fiercely, but there was something in her eyes that were, smug? I knew why, she had me, and she knew it too. I exhaled and surrendered; I had really hoped that this conversation could have waited until Renee at least was tipsy, but no, my usual luck struck again. I sighed and turned towards my mom. “I was getting a piercing”, I said calmly, like it was the most normal thing in the world, throwing in an eye-roll.

My mom blinked furiously at me before settling for a cold, dead expression. She hated piercings at just about the same level as boiling live puppies. To her it was petty, and trashy, and because we belonged to such a classy family, it was not something we would ever lay our manicured nails on. Man, I have heard that speech too many times. Usually I was a really bad liar, but I was getting better, with my mom at least. And what I told her wasn’t really a lie, just a different truth, so that made it easier too. I had gotten a piercing, but that was like a week ago, and the reason for me being at the “dodgy” tattooer's this week was a brand new tattoo beautifying the left side of my lower (like really low) back.

And seeing that she wouldn’t be looking at my butt any time soon, it was safe. “Where?” she asked flatly, barely containing her composure. I stuck my tongue out. I felt the little silver ball roll gently in the hole before sucking it in again. My mother looked as if I had just announced her execution. She was green.

I probably should have taken it a little more serious, seeing that she hadn’t even been this mad when she had found me in bed with an eighteen year-old when I was 15. But she had used that particular threat one to many times.
“Who gives a shit”, I muttered before sticking my earplugs back in. That was maybe a bit stupid.

The plane tickets were ordered the same night, while I trashed my room and screamed. It didn’t help though, and two weeks later I was arriving in Forks.

I was sitting in my father’s cruiser in this drizzly, depressing city. It wasn’t comfortable. I knew I had it coming, I had been acting out for the last, well, too many years, but why the fuck did Renee suddenly believe Forks could magically straighten me out? And now! It was the middle of semester; I had good grades and many friends! It pissed me off. Renee pissed me off. When I was younger we had a pretty great relationship actually, not mother-daughter maybe, but like best friends. It changed over the years it though, along with everything else.

I was seventeen years old, divorce-child and according to my mother; an extremely stuck up bitch, who didn’t care about how many shit-heads she banged or how drunk she got during the week and who had a mouth far to big for her face or form. I knew I was all that. But right now it was who I needed to be, put on a mask and you seem happy. And over time, I found that I didn’t miss who I used to be. A stumbling, blushing, grey mouse who never fitted in anywhere. No, I certainly did not miss her. Sure, when I was nervous, I blushed and stumbled. But that was very rare; I had my bitch slash tease attitude to hide behind. Okay, so I didn’t always tease, mostly I actually gave. Shit, I was such a whore.
But after him, I decided to change. So now I basically went with the rule whomever I wanted, whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted. This applying to sex, booze, piercing’s, tattoo’s and everything. Forks were not going to change that.

I arrived at Charlie’s house two days before school started; of course he had already gotten me signed in. Yahoo. But Charlie was Charlie, the police chief with a serious passion for fishing. We had never lived together, my mom left him with me when I was only months old. I was very like Charlie so we had a comfortable relationship and because he never hovered or acted all clingy on me, I was sure he would be easy to live with.

I had to admit that I was a bit scared to go to school on Monday. What would they think of me? I was obviously an outsider, I was pretty sure that I would land a few guy friends, but the girls were harder. I had one girlfriend in Arizona. Frances.
Everyone called her Baby though. Like in Dirty Dancing. She was an amazing dancer, and we had danced together since the age of four. Amazingly enough I didn’t suffer from my normal disability to walk without stumbling when I danced. I had eventually learned to walk straight to, but it took some time.

We were both pretty good dancers, but she was the best. We clashed because we were the same, not really what we were pretending to be. We did everything together; she even made me like shopping. Oh, it was going to be weird to survive without her, her and Shane. Shane was my saviour and protector. He knew everything about me. Okay, now I was getting really depressed. Shane was huge, like, muscle huge. And totally gay, but not many knew besides me. Shane protected me, from overconfident guys, my mother and myself. It would literally suck major ass without him. He was my buffer. He was the one who made up the nicknames, Frances being Baby and me being, well, Lips. I had the nickname for obvious reasons. My lips were my best body part by far. They were Angelina Jolie style, full, red and always smooth. And I bit my lip a lot. When I was turned on, when I was high, when I was insecure and when I was depressed. The boys loved it.

Other than my lips I was very plain. Brown eyes, brown hair, but cream skin. I was slender, but I had boobs, a proud C-cup. And I had hips. I was pretty content with how I looked. And I had worked for it too. I was a vegetarian and I didn’t especially like candy and shit. I liked booze. So my figured held, without much training. Thank God, because other than dancing, sports were really not my thing. I always tripped and fell, so if this mini-city didn’t have a dance-squad or something, I would be very much damned.

After packing out and eating take-out with Charlie I went to bed, crying myself to sleep and probably shouting when I was finally unconscious. I was glad to have the breakdown now, when no one saw it. I needed to be ready for Monday.

When I woke up the following morning, Phil called to let me know he would be there in about thirty minutes. He and a friend had driven my car down to Forks. Renee had refused, but Phil talked her into it, thank goodness. Phil was Renee’s fiancee and obviously wanted to get in my good books. And he was really nice to me, so I was nice back. My car was my soul, my heart and pride, one of my most beloved treasures. It was a Chevrolet Corvette 1957. Red and glossy. My grandparents were loaded and this had been a birthday present last year. I absolutely adored it. With my attitude mask and my car I actually began to feel a bit of confidence at Monday.
Maybe it wasn’t going to be so bad after all. I mean, I was fairly pretty, pretty rich and outgoing; there would be a place for me here, wouldn’t it?

I drove to school early, seeing that I needed to get my schedule and school map from the administration office before going to class. I parked close to the red brick building and glanced quickly in the mirror before stepping out. I didn’t wear make-up unless to something special. It was prettier on my skin this way and I simply didn’t bother. I also loved being able to rub my eyes without worrying about mascara smudges.

As I turned to lock the car doors I surveyed myself in the reflection of the car. I was wearing knitted thigh-highs (I loved dresses, but hated pantyhose’s), midnight blue ballerina flats and an empire waist tunic. It was my favourite, cleavage showing, but not trashy. It fell just below the thigh-highs, so if I stretched my arms, the creamy skin of my thighs would be on display. It was a weapon. So were my shoes, my beautiful shoes. Louboutin Mary-Janes, they are everything, sweet, comfy and of course sexy as hell. I was pleased with my reflection.

As I walked towards the administration building I carefully placed a nonchalant smirk on my face and raised my chin exactly enough to look confident, but not stuck-up. When I pushed the double doors open the rain started to pour delicately down behind me. This was going to be a long day.

After managing to find the right classroom I sat down at a seat in the back, putting my beige Dr. Q hobo and bomber jacket on top of the desk. I had recently found out that if you paired a sweet looking outfit with a kick-ass jacket, it turned heads. And I definitively liked that.

The class seeped slowly through the doors, and quite a few stopped at the sight of me. I stared out the window. “Hi, I’m Mike”, I looked up to see a blond boy with an okay face. I smiled and said hi back. “You’re Isabella right? From Arizona?” he inquired. “Yeah, I moved here just this weekend.” I said, quickly ending the conversation. Or so I’d thought.
The Newton kid, or Mr Labrador as I preferred to call him, followed me around everywhere. In the end I turned to him and told him I didn’t want his help and I really had to go pee. He actually looked a little scared at my cold expression. I inwardly laughed.

My last period before lunch was English, and I was relieved. It was the only class I had ever enjoyed. Sure, I got the rest of them too, but they were so boring! And I had always loved literature. Unfortunately this school didn’t have an advanced program, so everything we were supposed to study this year I had already been through. Hurray. I sat in the back, and picked my old Wuthering Heights copy from my purse. It was another precious jewel in my life. I loved that book. And seeing that I was going to be boring myself to death during the classes this year, it seemed handy to start with my favourite book, and work my way down the list.

I was mentally trying to calculate how many books I would need to get through the year when an exceptionally merry voice reached my ears. I looked up and saw a tiny, like 5 feet tiny, girl with jet-black hair and a smile that would throw Colgate down the toilet. “Hi, you must be Isabella! I’m Alice Cullen, or actually Mary Alice, but I never liked Mary, so just call me Alice. I think we are going to be so great friends, we must go shopping!” she uttered the whole thing in one breath! I was stunned. “Hi, just Bella, please, I never liked Isabella” I smiled at her. Despite the mouth diarrhea, she seemed nice enough. And it would be good too have at least one friend in this godforsaken rain pit.

“So, have you settled everything in yet?” Alice asked, and I thought I heard something off with her voice. “Yeah, my car came yesterday and I didn’t have a lot with me, Arizona and Washington has a slight temperature difference, so most of my clothes I had to leave back home”, “Oh, I’m sorry. It must be awful to leave your clothes behind”, I thought she was kidding, but her face looked very sincere, and horrified at the idea of dismissing clothing. “Well, it was easier to let go of my clothes, than other things.” I stopped talking, home made me sad. I missed Frances and Shane and my school. Alice took my hand. “I’m sure it was hard for you to move, I can’t even think about moving from my friends and family. I hope we can be friends though, and you can talk to me about everything.” Alice was so sweet. I whispered a thank you, and she asked if I would sit with her for lunch. I was grateful, nothing was worse than walking into a cafeteria to sit alone.

The rest of class and as we walked through the corridors, Alice and I fell into easy talking. We discussed clothes, shoes, school and her apparently amazing boyfriend Jasper Hale. I also learned that she had another best friend named Rosalie and a twin brother named Edward. I told her about Shane and Frances. She laughed her bell-like laugh at our nicknames. When she asked me why I had moved I stuck out my tongue discreetly and told her about mom’s outburst. She shrieked at my piercing and then fell into a fit of giggles, and surprisingly enough, I giggled too. I really liked Alice Cullen, and I definitively could see us as friends. I grinned widely as we walked into the cafeteria.

“So, are you like a bad girl, slash slut?” Alice asked me while we were lining up to buy the disgusting cafeteria food.
“No, well, yeah. Probably.” I snickered. “To put it like this; I have done most of what can be done on most areas” I winked at the little pixie, whose already large eyes were now bobbing dangerously out of their sockets.

“Please tell me you don’t have any piercings in your lady area!” She somehow shrieked in a whisper.

“No, I don’t. In my lady area.” I laughed at her boldness. She was fun.
“Oh, OK. WAIT! WHAT? You have more piercings than that in your tongue!?” Ow, my ears.

“Gees, Alice. Hyper much?” I hesitated. Normally I didn’t talk to people about myself in this way. My piercings and tattoos were kind of personal I thought. But I felt this weird connection to Alice. Oh, what the hell.

“Okay, I will tell you were all my piercings and tattoos” another shriek “are, but not here. Later in a more private environment.” I hissed the last part in a whisper. She nodded furiously as she led me to a table at the far end of the cafeteria.

There were three persons already seated there. An extremely beautiful girl with golden curls and a body too match her model face looked up at us. She nudged a big brawley grizzly of a boy in the ribs. He in turn smiled a dazzling smile up at Alice and me. He was really cute, with dark curls and major dimples that made his physique look less intimidating. Next to him were a long, shaggy looking mop of tanned skin, blond hair and striking blue eyes. He was absolutely gorgeous. Recalling Alice’s detailed description of her man candy, this had to be Jasper.

“Hey guys, this is Isabella! She is from Arizona!” She beamed at her friends. The statuesque girl looked me up while the boys smiled at me. “Hi, just Bella actually.” I felt myself getting nervous. I wasn’t very good at meeting new people. “So, this is Rosalie”, Alice gestured towards the model-look-a-like, who in turn looked at me with a bitchy smirk. “This is Emmet”, “Hi there, Bella! How you liking the rain?” He smiled with his dimples again. “Well, not very much actually. I’m a summer type of girl.” I smiled back.

“And this is my hot piece of man, Jasper Hale.” I chuckled and grasped the hand Alice’s boy toy reached out to me.

“So, this is our crew, minus Edward. He is probably out somewhere fucking that bitch Tanya or something.” Alice mused. “Anyhow, you are welcome to sit with us, and I am so taking you shopping this weekend, and then we are going to have a sleep over. Capiche?”

That damn pixie sure works fast. After I weakly nodded, she had our entire time plan for the weekend’s adventures ready to print. I actually felt at ease at the table, laughing and talking about home and Forks. Emmet was like the big brother I never had and Jasper seemed really nice. Sure, Rosalie was a stuck up bitch who refused to even glance at me, but, that was her choice.

As the cafeteria crowd started seeping out Alice got up from Jasper's lap, literally bouncing in place as she looked expectantly at me. Damn, that girl is like a squirrel on speed! I inwardly sighed as I remembered that I was going to tell her about all my body jewellery now. Reluctantly I said goodbye to the guys and nodded towards Rosabitch and followed Alice out in the hall. I stopped and looked at her. “If you are going to have me telling you the stories about all my piercings and shit, we will probably have to skip next class.” I had no problem skipping class, but I wasn’t sure if Alice were just as prone to ditching. She looked hesitantly at her feet while furrowing her perfect brows before nodding confidently. I sighed and we walked in to a empty restroom.

“Okay, where should I start?”