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Just Like Heaven

It's finally the night of their wedding, enough said. I like writing from Edward's POV more than Bella's so this is written from his point of view = )

This is kind of the 2nd part to my story titled, Edward'd Birthday Suprise. You don't really have to read it to understand this one, but it might help a little bit. Enjoy = ) I originaly planned to write this story as it being Bella's B-day, but I decided to write this one firs.

4. The Answer All Along

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I had no idea why we were even bothering to get dressed, it wasn’t like we would be keeping our clothes on tonight. I walked over to my bag and grabbed a pair of my briefs and a comfortable pair of gray sweat pants. I didn’t bother with a shirt because for some strange reason Bella loved the way my cold body felt against her warm body. Just as I finished getting dressed, I heard the bathroom door creep open. I turned around and saw Bella peeking only her head out of the open door.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, “Why are you standing behind the door like that?”

“Nothing,” she answered, “It’s just Alice didn’t seem to pack me any of my pajamas.”

I begin to laugh.

“This isn’t funny.” she scolded.

“Bella, were married now. It’s no big deal, besides we’ve both seen each other naked before.”

“I know that dork, but I would prefer to have some of my old pajamas to sleep in from time to time, not just the skimpy things that Alice bought and packed for me.”

“Well,” I said, trying to hide a smile, “ I had actually figured Alice would do something like this, and I’m quite appreciative to her for it, however I knew you would still want her regular sweats and t-shirt, so I secretly packed some of them in my bag for you.”

I pulled out her tattered old sweats and a dark green t-shirt that smelled of nothing but her.

“Great!!” she exclaimed, “Toss them here.”

“Now, you don’t think I’m going to hand them over that easy do you?” I asked.

“Edward, give me my clothes.” She said.

“If you want them, you’ll just have to come from behind that door and walk over here and get them.” I said teasingly.

“Fine,” she scoffed as she opened the door further and stepped from behind it and in to our room.

What I saw took my breath away. It was a piece of light pink lingerie that barley covered Bella’s superbly perfect body. I could feel myself becoming rock hard just from looking at her like this. Thank you Alice, I thought as I gasped. I didn’t even realize I was staring.

“What?” she asked.

“Bella, you were unbelievably beautiful before,” I answered, “But seeing you in this… I have no words.”

“Really?” she asked, almost as if she was shocked.

“Bella, how many times do I have to tell you how gorgeous you are for you to believe me?”

“Not that,” she said as I took her in my arms, “I already believe that you think I’m he most beautiful girl in the world, I just can’t believe you of all people is at a loss for words.”

I laughed as she I begin to kiss her neck and took in her fresh cleaned scent. I suddenly caught a whiff of her arousal and I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to have her.

“I can’t wait any longer.” I said, as I begin to remove her clothes, if you could call this piece of lingerie clothing at all, she didn’t object as I ripped it from her body.

Once I had her lingerie removed and she was standing there with her naked body exposed, I suddenly had an exotic idea for something we had never tried. It was something I thought she might enjoy, as well as myself. I slowly dropped to my knees and let my hands trace down the sides of her body and begin to kiss the insides of her creamy, soft thighs, letting my hands run over them while making my way back up. When I kissed the spot in between where her leg connected to her hip she sighed, it only gave me even more of an erection than I already had. I moved my lips to the top of her pelvis, and she moaned again. Her hands were tangled in my hair and she pushed me head down lower.

“Please, Edward.” she said, “Kiss me lower.”

It was almost as if she had read my mind. I smiled as I lowered my head to kiss her aroused center, letting my tongue snake out just a little.

She moaned again and leaned her head back in ecstasy as I licked and sucked a little more.

“That feels good.” she said.

She tasted so sweet. She begin to breath more heavy and uneven as I flicked my tongue over her center.

“Don’t stop.” she said, breathlessly.

I slid my hand over her center and begin to rub it with my fingers, while I still licked and sucked on every bit of it that I could. She began to moan and groan more loudly, and uncontrollably. I knew she was close as I gently slid my finger inside of her entrance and pumped it in and out as I continued to assault her with my tongue. Her moans turned in to screams of pleasure as she got closer to reaching her climax.

I have to admit, I was turned on by the fact that I was able to please her this much. It made me feel good to know that although, I couldn’t give her a child, I could give her every erotic pleasure my mind could conjure up.

Once she reached her orgasm I kissed my way up her body, stopping at her exquisite breast. She never removed her hands from my hair as I flicked my tongue across one of her hard nipples, letting my tongue make a trail all the way over to the other one. I gently sucked and nibbled on it while fondling her prefect breast with my hands as she moaned at the touch.

I moved my lips up to her neck, and then to her lips. I picked Bella up and gently placed her on to the bed. I removed my sweats and as I went to start removing my briefs, Bella suddenly sat up on the bed.

“Wait.” she said.

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at her confused.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I watched her climb out of the bed and stand in front of me.

“Nothing,” she answered as she look up at me with a seductive smile and slowly slid down to her knees, the same way I had just done. “I want to do this part.”

I suddenly realized what she had in mind, and I had no objections to it.

She removed my briefs and I was now naked and exposed in front of my perfect wife. I noticed she looked at my exposed erection the same way she had the first time she had seen it.

“Lay down.” she said as she pushed my chest.

I laid back on the bed as she requested. She started to gently stroke my penis from the base to shaft. I begin to moan at the touch.

“You have no idea… how wonderful… that feels.” I said breathlessly.

She continued to stroke me faster and harder for several minutes, and then she suddenly let her tongue slip out and licked the tip of the head of my penis. I realized I wouldn’t be able to hold on to it much longer. I didn’t want our wedding night to end like this.

“I can’t take it anymore, it’s been to long.” I said, as I sat up and pulled her on to the bed with me., “I have to make love to you right now.” I added as I gently used my knee to nudge her legs apart and positioned myself between them.

“Don’t forget, if I get to rough…” I started

“Edward, just make love to me damn it.” she snapped at me.

I smiled as I kissed her lips and pushed into her. She gripped my shoulders tightly and let out a sigh.

“Yes,” she cried out as I thrust harder and faster into her.

“I’m.. not hurting you… am I?” I asked, just to be sure.

“No, Edward,” she answered, “It feels… better than… it ever has.”

She began to dig her nails into my shoulders, and I knew we were both about to climax. I started to push even hard her faster into her and as she reached her climax she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself closer to me.

“Oh god… Edward!” she screamed out as she bit my shoulder.

When she did that, it sent me over the edge, I had no choice. I let out what I meant to be a groan, but it came out as more of a growl, as I released myself inside of her.

I rested my head into her neck as both of our breathing returned to a steady pace. I gently kissed her neck and then her lips before rolling over to her side. She pulled herself closer to me and rested her head on my chest as I took her in my arms.

“Wow,” she said, “Is that what it’s life for all married couples?”

I laughed.

“Well love,“ I said, “I honestly don’t know. Although I have been around for over ten decades, I’m just as new to this whole marriage and sex thing as you are. I would hope it’s like that for all married couples who are as much in love as we are.” I answered as I kissed her hair.

She looked up into my eyes.

“I don’t think it’s possible for any couple to be as much in love as were are.” she said as she pressed her lips to mines and rested her head back on my chest.

“Well, I think you right about that.” I answered as I stroked her hair, “Sleep now love, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our eternity together.”

“I’m not tired.” she grumbled.

“Then what do you suppose we do?” I asked, knowing where this was leading.

“I can think of something.” she answered as she picked up her head from my chest and kissed my lips.

I wrapped my hand around her back and rolled over on top of her. We made love two more times before she finally had enough and slipped into a peaceful sleep in my arms. Are naked bodies pressed against one another.

While watching her sleep I suddenly realized something. The whole week we had made love while Charlie was gone she slept peacefully, just as she was now, with no nightmares or tossing and turning. Who would have thought that sex was the answer to her sleep problem all along.