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Forever and A Day

Edward wasn't so guarded with Bella, but he still leaves and later Bella finds out she is pregnant. How will her life fold out? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. Chapter 1

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I stared down at my slightly bulging stomach. How was this possible? I had only done It once, with Edward. Vampires can’t make children! And now he was gone. I flinched at the memory: Edward telling me he didn’t want me, that I wasn’t enough for him. I would have to raise this baby by myself. I knew this wasn’t a normal pregnancy. My small bump was hard and cold and it had grown practically overnight. I couldn’t go to the doctor and I had no idea what was going to happen to me. The only thing I wanted right now was for Edward to be here with me. But I had to be strong; for me and my forthcoming child. I would have to leave. Hide somewhere far away until it was born. It was the only way. I gathered up the few hundred dollars I had saved and rented a small cabin in Canada five miles away from the closest town; I could get food but stay out of the publics’ eye. My pregnancy was short and painful. As my baby grew bigger everyday, my bones began to ache and I found myself lying down longer than I ever had. One day, when I was as big as a house, I heard something snap and I started coughing up blood. I had guessed I would probably die, but I didn’t give up on my hope that maybe I would be able to raise my baby. I felt sharp pains creep up inside me and soon my whole body became numb. I remember there was a lot of blood, and seeing my baby biting me but then pulling back, almost… ashamed? Soon the fire overcame me and I was greeted by darkness. Edward had told me about being changed into a vampire, but words didn’t put a dent into the pain I was feeling now. I just wanted my life back, before a baby and before the pain and before Edward left me! Three days later I woke up with a small baby lying next to me, curled up to my side screaming, probably wanting food. I lifted her up and cradled her to my chest. Riley It had been two months since Riley was born; already she was starting to crawl around our small single bedroom cabin. I didn’t have much money, but it wasn’t too hard to make it by; not needing food and water. We both fed off of animals and I was adapting incredibly well to this life. I already knew what the pain and thirsts of being a vampire entailed, which made it easier to resist the blood of humans. Nevertheless, we stayed as far as we could from any humans. I gracefully jumped over the couch and lifted her up before she could run into the coffee table. I pulled her in close to me as I realized we could never go home to Forks, Washington again. THREE YEARS LATER “Riley Swan, you get your butt down here this instant.” I spoke calmly, knowing perfectly well she could here me. “Mom! Why do I have to go to school? I’m smarter than all of the kids there any way!” Although Riley was only three years old, she had the appearance of a fourteen year old. She really did grow up too fast. “You really don’t want to stay in this small cabin your whole existence do you?” Yes I actually do. She thought smugly, importing that thought into my head. Well then, too dang bad. I thought right back, doing the same thing she did. “Mom! Stop using my power!” she screeched as she darted out the door and climbed into my old red truck. It’s a miracle it still works I thought as I smiled and joined her. We are now two new students at Claremont High. It’s our first time pretending to be students: I am a junior and Riley is a freshman. She was right though, those three years cooped up in that small cabin was spent teaching her every possible thing I could; buying books upon books to teach her correctly. But we needed practice, being around humans that is, and we decided to try it out. We began the long ride, thanks to my vehicle, to school. Riley had put on a classical music CD and began humming along with the tune. She was so much like her father. Of course she had my brown eyes and pink blush; but she also had his bronze hair, love for music, and a similar gift. He could read peoples’ minds; she could insert thoughts into people’s minds. I pulled my truck into a parking spot and killed the engine. I could practically feel the anger rolling off of Riley; I really had no idea why she was so upset. “Honey, what’s wrong?” I asked. Maybe we should have waited another year; then we could be in the same class. “Better not let anybody catch you calling me honey,” she sneered but then sighed. “I don’t know if I can do this Mom, not only that but we aren’t even in the same grade. You won’t be there for me in any of my classes and I’m scared I’ll mess up,” She whispered. “Oh baby, don’t worry. You have better resistance than me.” I consulted, “I know you’ll do excellent.” I softly rubbed her shoulder and then turned and climbed out of the truck. Let’s go I thought and headed towards the front office. I really hate it when you do that mom, it’s my power. She thought back at me. It was soon after she was born when Riley discovered her power; and soon after that, I realized I could use her power. I had guessed I could use another vampires’ power but never had the chance to test my theory. Yeah but this way we can secretly chat! It’ll be like passing secret notes but better! I giggled as I sent that message towards her and busted out laughing when I saw her face. Her eyes gave away her thoughts. Are you crazy? By now we were crossing the large front area of the school. It was still pretty early but enough people where there to notice us, and they began to murmur. I picked out bits and pieces. “They are so pretty…” “I wonder where they are from.” “There’s another family moving in too? Or are they all just one big family?” Huh? The last conversation confused me. Nobody in town had mentioned anything about another family moving in. I brushed it off though, it wasn’t that important. A boy about the age of 17 intercepted us on our way to the main office. “Hi!” he said, a little too excited. “I’m Andrew but you can call me Andy, welcome to Claremont High.” I looked over at Riley and grinned, this might actually be fun. The boy who reminded me too much of Mike Newton stood obviously checking us out. “Hi…” I leaned in and whispered softly as I could. I winked and started walking away. A few seconds later I turned around and saw him standing in the same spot, looking like he had never moved. Mom that was Hilarious! Riley sent towards me. I only shrugged, knowing there was only one person who I would ever want to think of me that way. I pushed open the front office and completely froze. Before me stood the one person I was wishing for. His face was turned away and he was hunched over, filling out paperwork. His siblings must have been out in their car or something because they were nowhere to be seen. A small gasp escaped from Riley next to me as she noticed the exact same shade of hair on the boy in front of us as her own. “Edward?” was all I was able to say.