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Forever and A Day

Edward wasn't so guarded with Bella, but he still leaves and later Bella finds out she is pregnant. How will her life fold out? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


2. Chapter 2

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“Edward?” was all I was able to say. I saw his whole body stiffen as he slowly turned around, his beautiful golden eyes staring into mine. This couldn’t be happening. Edward had left me; I was never supposed to see him again. Seeing him again gave new life to the ever nagging thought that always passed through my mind. He didn’t want me. Riley, get out of here. I sent towards my daughter and almost instantly we headed straight out the door, into the cold blowing air that I could barely feel. I knew he wouldn’t follow me, why would he? He’s free from me now, free from all the distractions and conflicts I caused him and his family. That’s why it startled me so much when I felt a soft grasp wrap around my elbow, pulling me back to the person I loved. “Bella? Is it really you?” he asked, either in shock and awe or disgust, I couldn’t tell. Why was he talking to me? I couldn’t figure him out. I stared up into his eyes and lost all my train of thought. “Mom?” I heard Riley ask, so quietly I barely even heard it. But that one word caused both mine and Edwards head to shoot up and look over towards my daughter, our daughter really. We gazed upon her and soon the red tint filled her cheeks, probably as a result of the staring. Edward was frozen in place, unable to move or so it seemed. He couldn’t have guessed so quickly. I’m sure he didn’t even think it was possible to create a child like mine, let alone be the father of one. I didn’t know what to do. Should I run away, should I try to talk to him, should I go find the others? All these questions poured through my mind. So I waited: I waited for Edward to say something first. And he did. After a few minutes he turned to me with questions in his gaze. “Bella, what happened to you?” I was puzzled by that question, was there something wrong with me? I’m sure he could sense the hurt I was feeling because he quickly backtracked. “I mean,” he looked down then, almost nervously, “I came back.” I didn’t get what he was trying to tell me. Where did he go back to? “Bella, I couldn’t live without you. I came back.” He was practically pleading now, “I made a mistake. I thought you would have a better life without me in it, but I was driving my family insane. I could never be happy without you. But when I came back, you were gone. I looked but couldn’t figure out where you had gone to. I thought,” he paused, “I thought you had died.” He whispered. I couldn’t move. I stood completely frozen, I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not. He seemed honest, but then again I thought he was being honest to me that night in the forest. I shuddered. “Mom,” Riley repeated louder, pulling me out of my memories. Who is this guy? She sent to me. I couldn’t tell her, I couldn’t tell him; I didn’t know what to do. So I ran. I grabbed my daughters hand and ran as fast as I could, pulling her alongside me. We ran all the way back to our cabin, leaving my old truck behind. While dashing though the trees, Riley was sending me frantic messages. What is going on? Who is he? I couldn’t answer her here so I continued to run, the forest passing me by in a blur. When we reached the porch of our small cabin I sat down on the steps and sobbed. Why did my life have to be so complicated? I loved my daughter: I loved Edward. So why couldn’t it be just that simple? “Mom, I think you need to answer a few of my questions.”