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All Vampires that Glitter aren't Gold

This is a piece out of Breaking Dawn re-written from Rosalie's P.O.V. Specifically from page 291, at this point, Bella is with-child and this story leads up to her birthing almost-disaster.

It was really different writing from Rosalie's point of view. Hostile and mean and self-absorbed, yet showing the hurt and purity in her head.

1. Things Precious to Vampires are Rare

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Sigh. I knew the silence wouldn’t last long. Not that it was exactly quiet with Edward insisting on following Bella wherever she went like an idiot stalker. You know what? I remember having heard him tell her once when he first met her, that he was not usually so “overbearing” or “naturally a tyrant.” Whatever.

But I was upstairs when I didn’t have to have an exquisite sense to smell to know that the dreaded dog had returned. Him and his idiot senses required Carlisle and Edward to talk so loudly and honestly- I didn’t want to hear it.

“Oh, Edward, is Bella okay? Did she die?” Oh, please, enough with the melodrama. But of course, that’s a vampire thing, I reminded myself of what Jacob Black had said.

I hear Esme greet him as he waltzed in like he owns the place. Alice heard him downstairs now too, and with a grateful sigh ran down the stairs rubbing her temple. As usual, she greeted him all too politely and I heard him stutter in reply.

“Rose?” I heard Bella groan quietly beside me.


“Yes,” she groaned as I heard the toilet flush and she tried to stand up by herself.

“Careful, girl!” I quickly urged as I eased her into my arms. I glanced fretfully down at her exploded belly, but no new damage seemed apparent.

Unwillingly I glided down the stairs where the stink was coming from. I hissed and Bella grinned and wiggled as if to run to him when he came into view. I held her firmly as I continued down toward the waiting doom. My hiss turned into an almost-half-smile, though. What an argument it would be, what a fight, if Bella changed her mind and ran off with the werewolf. She certainly looked happy enough at the sight of him to stir up ideas. Edward had apparently noticed this fact also: his lips were pursed thin and he didn’t look at anyone. Apparently the pet had taken note of this fact, also. Drat him for smelling up the house. Not only did he reek in general/werewolf type way, but recently a new smell had made itself noticeable: feet and sweat.

“Ew, take a shower pup.”

“Hey Barbie, how do you drown a-” he began his stupid obvious joke once again. That kid doesn’t understand the meaning of “enough dog-face!” It was really wearing down my nerves and patience. One day, after Bella died from giving birth and I was bored of watching the dog sob pathetically, I was going to kill him.

“Jake, you must be hungry, running all day and night for us. Seth just left and I think there are leftovers from his breakfast. Esme made it. Rosalie, get him some, will you?” Alice interrupted his childish joke. But my satisfaction turned to horror as I turned to rip out a good chunk of Alice when she said my name.

“Rosalie,” Edward warned sternly. I turned to him, intending to give him a piece of my mind as well, but Esme came in then.

“Rosalie, dear! Don’t be rude, get Jake something to eat!” I stopped, taken aback. What was this, then? A pet store? How about a puppy mill? That I could handle. In fact, I wouldn’t even complain about the smell even once if that were the case.

Jacob was smirking at me and I stomped out of the room. Thinking fast of a way to insult him, or even better-start a fight- I snatched a metal mixing bowl and fixed a dog bowl that read ‘Fido.’ I snorted. Take that you mongrel.

I set it on the floor and tried to just walk away, but the infant wasn’t having that.

“Hey Blondie! What do you call a blonde without a brain?”

“Heard it, dog,” I sneered and jammed the button on the TV remote down to flick the channels quickly in irritation.

“I’ll find once eventually,” he smiled.

I growled. He was so irritating. Couldn’t he just jump off a cliff or sit in a far part of the world to die? What an idiot.

I saw a speculative look cross his eyes, but it faded as Bella claimed his attention in conversation. He was worrying again about her dying. Really, what did it matter? He couldn’t have her, so why bother?

But that though stuck a nerve. Why bother, indeed. He- if it was possible for a dog- loved her, I admitted unwillingly. He wanted to save what he loves. That I could understand. He had made no conscious decision to protect her- he just did it reflexively. Like me with the baby. My heart flipped inward at the thought. If only Bella would die, then I could have him- or her. It was so unfair. She had a happy ending, is willing to toss it away, and now she can have her cake and eat it too! If she came through this I might have to kill her myself, it was too unbearable. Why should she get to have a child, husband, and be a vampire happily ever after? She didn’t deserve it. I do. I was a rich, good, pretty girl, not like her. I have a nearly clean record. Bella isn’t even a vampire and already she’s killing those who love her slowly as she dies herself.

I went through all of this in a second and I could guess why Edward sat so tensely next to Bella and Jake who were still talking about their personal dramas.

“Four days about. But we’re not really sure…” Isabella was explaining to the dog. Edward hadn’t said anything. Listening to the thoughts around him, was my guess. But I turned my attention to the reality TV show reruns as their conversation turned to mushy stuff. Yes, we’re all a happy family, whoopdy-doo.

Edward had unfrozen, now, as Bella fell asleep. Ha! I chortled. I bet he’s starting to catch on to the fact that Bella wants Jake to stay just as much as him. Maybe she’ll run away with the werewolf after all… But the drama got boring again as they worried over Charlie- just a human, relax. I mean really, is it really necessary to fight over whether to do what’s better for Bella’s happiness in the long run, or keep her happy now? Oh, the drama! Whatever shall we do? Oh, Edward, get a life! You need one, too, outside of your dying girlfriend here…

But I listened to what they were saying, now, ready to jump in and defend Bella and my side of the plan. Edward had gotten to the part about the mothers dying and they both choked up like idiots.

“Of course no one survived!” I announced angrily. “Did you really think they would? Half of the normal births went wrong- what with giving birth in a disgusting, disease infested swamp!” I snapped. “We have the tools, doctors, and knowledge to make our plan go smooth and perfect. We’ll be fine!” I insisted, but my voice faltered a bit at the look of the Bella-lovers in front of me. For a moment I thought Edward was going to pounce (excellent- I would have rather enjoyed watching Emmett rip him up) but instead he raised an eyebrow.

With my attention adverted, that stupid dog chucked his bowl at my head and hit target. Not that it hurt anything but my patience and pride.

“YOU GOT FOOD IN MY HAIR!!!” I growled fiercely at him and sank into a crouch as did Edward. But Jacob remained indifferent. The only reason I didn’t kill him right there was because Bella had to pick that moment to wake up and I didn’t want to scar her precious infant eyes. I still might have sprung, but then Bella’s eyes glazed over in pain.

“Bella?!” Edward panicked. “Carlisle!” he called.

“Right here,” the doctor reassured, appearing behind him.

Bella relaxed. “Okay… Poor baby can’t hardly move around…”

“Maybe we should induce labor early. What if the baby gets hurt?” I worried. Bella paled and looked up at me at this thought.

“Hmm… no, I don’t think so. At least not yet, because we don’t know how developed his brain is, even if he is physically developed,” Carlisle objected. “If only we could get an ultrasound or even some amniotic fluid…” he said wistfully. But of course, we had already tried all sorts of crazy ways to get at the baby- all unsuccessful, of course.

“He’s growing just as fast as you did, Jake. I wonder-” Bella started, but had ticked him off.

“I have nothing to do with that thing! Don’t compare me to it!” the dog exploded. But Bella had said enough.

“That’s a thought, Bella. I wonder what the fetus’ genetic make up will turn out to be…” Carlisle pondered.

“24 pairs,” Edward speculated.

“You don’t know that,” Jacob protested cockily as usual.

“No, but it’s intriguing to speculate.”

“Whatever,” he dismissed and began to ignore Carlisle and Edward’s conversation- probably couldn’t understand it, too big of words for an animal. I could understand, however, Bella had fallen asleep and Alice was annoying me, so I turned once again back to the TV. Reality reruns had ended and House was on now. Although it was sort of funny, the doctors were stupid people who took nearly the whole show to diagnose a patient when it was so obvious to even me (and I’ve only graduated once from medical school) the issue at hand without seeing their fake test results.

Sighing, I snapped the power off and kicked back the recliner to rest and lay in boredom.

Hours later, when the sun was just beginning to raise, the pup finally got off his lazy butt to go run patrol. This was good, although it meant that too happy Seth might come back, because I could get at least a moment of fresh air.

With the crabby, whinny dog gone and Bella fast asleep, we all fell quiet and still. Alice had left as soon as Jacob did and Carlisle was back to his researching. Edward stared blankly out the window, one arm thrown gently over Bella’s sleeping figure to fight off the fever. I closed my eyes and once again wished I could just fall asleep and not wake up until this whole mess was over. Then I would claim my rightful baby as Jacob and Edward mourned over her dead body.

“Oh, shut up Rosalie, she’s going to be fine,” Edward remarked coldly.

“Get out of my head!” I mumbled back, guessing he’d been listening tensely this whole long day to my thoughts.

“Then you leave her alone! I won’t have your obsession for our baby interfere with Bella living through this!”

“She’ll be fine, Edward, calm down.”

He growled at me and sank into a crouch. I raised an eyebrow, but now I was irritated enough at him that I growled back in response. I was sure he read my mind to see every plot or move I might have planned, but I didn’t want to kill him, just injure him enough so he would have to leave Bella alone.

The next thing I knew, Edward took a small step back from where we had crept closer. Emmett stood defensively in front of me.

“Don’t you dare,” he said dangerously. Hey, who knew? Emmett could get Edward for me and I could stay on Bella’s good side. She’ll forgive Emmett some century.

Edward ignored the threat and was set off by something else that enraged him. He leaped quickly high over Emmett for me. Annoyed that I had to focus on Edward, I pranced out of his way, but he was already where I planned to go, and lunged at me. Emmett and Edward came crashing to the floor and were a snarling tangle of bodies. Emmett snapped at him and Edward dodged toward me.

This time he took me by surprise and he got his teeth into me, but by then Emmett had recovered and tore him off of me. I rubbed my lower neck, venom stung. Emmett didn’t even get at Edward, dang it.

Bella suddenly screamed in pain. Edward, Carlisle, and I were instantly at her side, our fight all but forgotten. Bella’s frail body lurched and a crack was audible. Edward looked paler than usual and sick with worry. Carlisle closed his eyes.

“Okay,” Carlisle said routinely. “Let’s take her upstairs.” Edward made a move to pick her up, but I beat him to it. He growled at me.

“Rose, why don’t you let Edward carry her?” he said compassionately. Edward shot him a grateful look of a mad-man and took her from me. I fumed up the stairs behind them.

“Bella? Are you okay?” Edward asked anxiously. She just groaned in response and clung to Edward closer. Carlisle took over then, taking Bella into his arms and starting up the X-ray machine.

I heard a noise and soft whispering downstairs. Oh, great, the dog has returned. He was fretting over Bella obsessively again as usual.

Carlisle announced that there were no new broken bones.

I gloated. “See Edward? I told you I didn’t hear a crack! You need to get your ears checked.” I saw him fume at me even more. I wonder how long it would take before he attacked me for all of this.

Edward shot me a murderous glare and picked up Bella who clutched a fresh cup of blood. Of course, Jacob was waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs.

“Carlisle, we went halfway to Seattle. There’s no sign of the pack. You’re good to go.”

“Thank you Jacob. This is good timing. There’s much that we need.” Carlisle glanced at Bella with wrinkles in his face. He looked older. And of course, Edward blamed me for that.

“Honestly, I think you’re safe to take more than three. I’m pretty positive that Sam is concentrating on La Push,” the dog suggested. Of course he would want more of us gone hunting. It would make me and Bella more vulnerable to lose my baby. Surely Edward saw it this way too.

But Carlisle, as always to trusting, nodded in agreement. “If you think so. Alice, Esme, Jasper, and I will go. Then Alice can take Emmett and Rosa-” No way was I going! How dare he even suggest me leaving! Bella would stand no chance against all the death-wishers around here. They’ll kill my baby!

“Not a chance!” I hissed. “Emmett can go with you now.”

“You should hunt,” Carlisle said in a gentle voice, trying to reason with me. Why has my world even come to this? I used to be the good girl, and now I’m the one who has to be reasoned with? From the way Edward shifted his expression carefully, I could see he understood some of what I was going through. Not that that changed his decision. He loved Bella beyond acting for family. Bella was all he cared about now.

“I’ll hunt when he does!” I cried, jerking my head in Edward’s direction with unnecessary violence. I knew I won when Carlisle sighed. He motioned for himself, Jasper, Emmett, Alice, and Esme to leave, and they ran out the backdoor. In pain, I went over to the TV, which I had been watching way too much of lately, and tried to focus on the show rather than my undead-life.

I couldn’t believe it. That fool of a dog still couldn’t just keep to himself, could he? He flopped down noisily on the couch with his head by Bella and his feet by me. I growled and ground my ceramic teeth.

“Ew. Someone put the dog out,” I complained, trying to keep my composure.

He grinned ridiculously. “Have you heard this one, Psycho? How do a blonde’s brain cells die?” Crap! I didn’t know this one. Not that he would know that, but Edward would probably betray me. Like I said before, family means nothing when you have Bella. RightEdward? I saw him flinch out of the corner of my eye and focused harder on the TV.

I heard Jacob lean over to Edward and whisper loudly, “Well? Has she heard it?” Here it comes, the family betrayal…

“No,” he didn’t move his eyes of Bella, of course.

“Awesome. So you’ll enjoy this, bloodsucker- a blonde’s brain cells die alone.”

I decided that this joke-of-a-kid needed a not so empty threat. “I have killed a hundred times more often than you have, you disgusting beast. Don’t forget that.”

“Someday, Beauty Queen, you’re going to get tired of just threatening me. I’m really looking forward to that.” So was I. Which was exactly why I didn’t attack him just then: because that’s what he wanted.

“Enough Jacob,” Bella said weakly. She was still awake. “You look tired.”

“Dead beat,” he replied too cheerfully.

I’d like to beat you dead,” I muttered loud enough that I knew he heard me, but Bella didn’t. I continued to stare hardly at the TV trying to forget that Jacob’s foot was in my face. I was glad for the excuse to leave when Bella asked for more blood. While I was being unnecessary noisy in the kitchen, I was listening to the commotion that was going on in the living room.

“Did you say something?” Edward asked stupidly. No, of course no one said anything. I knew his ears needed to be checked. He leaned over Bella, his expression suddenly tense in a whole different way, black eyes focused on her face.

“Me? I didn’t say anything,” Bella responded after a second.

“What are you thinking about right now?” What, could he hear her thoughts now? Huh?

“Just… Esme’s island. And feathers. What’s going on?” Ha! Esme’s island? I didn’t get the feathers part, but I could guess what she was thinking of.

“Say something,” he whispered.

“Like what? Edward, what’s going on?” She was totally confused, but I was slowly starting to connect the dots as I reentered the tense room. I suddenly gasped, as the dots connected completely. He put his hands on Bella’s round stomach.

“The f-“ He swallowed. “It… the baby likes the sound of your voice.” I could see Jacob was as lost as Bella, but he was starting to build up a fury at how Edward had said “the baby” with an adoring, loving voice. Was he coming over to my side?

“Holy crow! You can hear him!” Bella shouted, then winced.

Edward gently rubbed the spot where the baby had kicked her. “Shh… You startled it… him.”

Bella’s eyes widened and full of wonder. “Sorry baby!”

“He loves you. He absolutely adores you,” Edward whispered, sounding dazed. And that was the end of the line for Jacob. He probably couldn’t take it that everyone but him loved this baby, now. He was such a party pooper. Edward tossed the Aston Martin Vanquish keys to him and told him to leave. Jacob ran into the garage thankfully. I heard the engine growl out of the garage just as fast as I drive. Maybe he would crash. Or drive off a cliff. Maybe even on purpose.

He was gone the rest of the day. My nose almost even started to stop bleeding. I hung up air fresheners. I could leave Bella for a little bit at a time, now that I was sure Edward didn’t want to kill the baby. Around noon when Bella was sleeping, a stink gradually became apparent before it burst through the door. But it wasn’t Jacob. Or Seth. I couldn’t believe it. Why do I have to handle another werewolf today? As if one or two isn’t enough? I stalked into the living room to be surprised. It was Leah. And Edward wasn’t there. Well, he was just appearing out of the kitchen. If Leah had been able to get him to leave her for a minute, she must be really good at hiding her thoughts, because there was no way Edward would have let her go at Bella like this.

“YOUR SELFISHNESS IS KILLING JACOB!!!” she was saying. Bella was crumpled on the couch in tears. “YOU TOLD HIM NO, BUT YOU WON’T LET HIM LEAVE! YOU WON’T LET HIM TRY AND GET OVER YOU EITHER! YOU DON’T EVEN TRY TO REFRAIN YOURSELF FROM HIM. YOU PROBABLY THINK THIS IS ALL A BIG JOKE AND LAUGH AT JACOB’S PAIN. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS IS ALL HURTING HIM, BUT HE STAYS ANYWAY, BECAUSE HE THINKS THAT HE MIGHT STILL WIN YOU OVER!!!” Leah went on and on. Edward all but literally ripped her to pieces and chucked her out the door. Finally she stomped out the door and phased, running hard and fast away from here. Good. Maybe the fresh stink would go away by the time Jacob came back. Maybe he wouldn’t come back… I pondered hopefully as I hung up another air freshener.

Unfortunately, by dusk the dog did return. The car pulled into the garage not quite as fast as it had left. But still. Edward got up, reassuring Bella he’d be back soon, and went to talk to Jacob. He was chewing him out about Leah. And then asked for permission to turn Bella into a vampire so it wouldn’t start a war. It’d be interesting to hear that answer.

Edward hurried into the living room again. Jacob sauntered in slowly.

“Finally,” Alice groaned, her temple un-wrinkling at last. Bella’s lips puckered. She was trying not to cry. She started to say how sorry she was, but Jacob put his hand over her mouth. Ew. But it would’ve been my excuse to kill him.

“You can talk when you’re not being stupid,” Jacob said. Bella nodded like a good girl.

“Sorry!” she finished quickly. They laughed and I saw pain in Jacob’s eyes. I don’t know what Jacob was thinking, but he probably was letting Edward know that he could change Bella without violating the treaty, because I heard Edward say thank you too quietly for anyone else to hear.

Then Bella had to go to the bathroom. She did drink two gallons of blood in the last hour, but still.

“Can I walk? My legs are so stiff,” she asked, starting to sit up. She started to walk towards the door, but she dropped the almost empty cup of blood. “Whoops- oh, no!” She lurched out to catch it, but the all the vampires in the room caught it before she even saw it fall.

Then a cracking sound came from her body and she gasped in pain before falling into mine and Edwards arms. She screamed.

“Bella?” Edward panicked anxiously. Then Bella vomited a fountain of blood.