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Symbols of love

Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.

HERE"S CHAPTER 3 NOW!I own nothing but my characters that i made up, and the plot. Stephenie meyer owns the rest.

2. Chapter 2

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2 months Later~

My stomache is really showing now. I am 4 months pregnant. No one knows I am pregnant but me. sigh. I know I am going to have to tell Charlie. Might as well get it over with. I glanced at the clock 5:30 p.m. Ok good enough.

I got up and went downstairs. Charlie was watching a baseball game. So I sat down. When it was finally a commercial, I decided to make my speech.
"Dad? I need to tell you something."
He looked at me a minute and he saw the tears in my eyes and started to panic.
"Yes Bella, Whats wrong?"
"I..I..I'm pregnant with Edwards Baby."
Charlie got up turned off the TV and walked up the stairs. He didn't say one word. He just left. I stayed on the couch for about another hour just thinking. Thinking about what i would do now.

Abortion was out. Even if this little baby is going to remind me of Edward. It's not the baby's fault.

Edward does deserve to know that I am carrying his child. I guess. But how do I find him. Hmmm...Denali. Those other vampires that live in Denali Alaska. Maybe they know where he is.

So it was settled I am going to find them. And I want to know why Edward left, again.

I went upstairs and packed everything I would need. I went to Charlie's room and found him sitting on the bed. "Dad? I'm leaving. But only for a little while ok?"
"well whatever Dad. Bye. I love you."
I ran out the door and went back to my room. I picked up my mattress and got all my money out. I had 1,000 dollars. Thats not going to be enough. Then i remembered my college fund. Well college is so out. So I grabbed all my bags and all my money and drove to the bank.

I walked in and walked up to the desk. "Hello mam how may I help you?"
"umm..yes, I would like to withdraw all my money from my account, please?
"ok, just fill out this form, and if you are under 18 you need an adult to sign. Bring the form back to me and i will give you all your money."
"Thank-you" I took the form and filled everything out and gave it back to her. I showed her my license and I got my 25,000 dollars from her.

See Renee started this account along time ago. I just never used it thinking I would go to college some day.

I walked back out to my truck and tried to start it. But it wouldn't start. I knew it wouldn't take me to Alaska but I was hoping it would at least take me somewhere I could buy a new car.

Well about a mile from here there is a Honda car place. I will buy one of those. I started walking and was there in like 20 minutes. I had to be very careful not to fall.

I walked in the doors and a man walked up to me. "Hello miss, Looking for anything imparticular?"
"umm..no actually. I just want a new car. Could you help me get a good one. I would also rather it be used."
"sure, right this way."
So about 3 hours later I was on the road again only this time in my Ivory colored 2002 Accord coupe EX V-6

I still had 11,000 dollars left. So I went to the mall. I didn't want to but I needed some maternity clothes. I wasn't fitting very well in my regular clothes now.

I walked in and bought some clothes then walked right back out. After putting my bags back up into my new car I went back into the store and bought a map of Alaska.

Then I driving down the road. But not for long, because it was close to 10:00 when I got back on the road and after my day I was tired. So very very tired. I was also very grateful when I saw a motel 6. I went in and got a room. I was asleep right when I hit the pillow.